You Can’t Take It! (Neither Can I)

Because we were all raised on the unrealistic world of television, all Americans have a truly unrealistic view of life. We have watched TV heroes get beaten to a pulp and then stand up and win the battle they’re fighting. We have watched “the Good Guys” sleep out in the elements and awake refreshed. We have seen people faced with the possibility of sudden death and handle it coolly as though it were a daily occurrence. Sadly, we watch these antics and then superimpose ourselves into the part of the hero and end up with an “I can take anything, I’m indestructible” view of ourselves. Our movie heroes always handle imminent destruction with a smug, off-handed one-liner so we think, I don’t need to be prepared, I simply need a good one-liner.

Real life is not a TV fantasy. It is horrifyingly different from this state of “TV intoxication.” The fact is that Americans are soft. That is not an accusation against my countrymen. A benevolent society just naturally takes the hardness out of living and thus just naturally eliminates the mental toughness those hardships instill in its citizens. If you think you’re tough because you jog or play a mean game of sandlot football you are really drugged!
There are a multitude of things that could turn the United States into a Third World nation in approximately 30 days; the collapse of our dollar, the loss of a war by a military that is fighting an enemy that has 21st century weapons using our own antiquated mid-20th century weapons, the loss of our technology (one nuclear weapon detonated 300 miles in space above our country will destroy every computer chip in the country), the “Occupy Hell” generation which was raised to not work but still demand the rewards of labor, or our president staging a coup in which he makes himself our Last President and First Dictator. (If you don’t believe this is his desire you need to start taking drugs so you have a reason for being so stupid!)

With this many fatal bullets heading towards us RIGHT NOW one of them has to hit. As a nation, we have ducked a lot of bullets up to this point but it is impossible to duck this many. One of them, or, another one we do not yet see coming, is going to hit and bring us down.

I am going to describe some possible scenarios of the possible coming destruction of the United States. If at any point while you are reading this you flippantly say, “Then I’ll just do this!” it will reveal how stupified your television has made you. Sorry Boys, there are no “one sentence answers” to the problems coming our way!
If our nation dissolves into the Third World chaos that the News Mafia desires it to you will, in just a few days of horrific transition, find yourself living in an environment so violent and vicious that you will not be able to deal with it. One day you may awaken to a world that is as “warm & fuzzy” as a “Mad Max” rerun. The easy part will be the elimination of cell phone and internet communication. Can’t happen? Right, and the Twin Towers couldn’t be knocked down, either. After the fall of this country, you will wake up every morning wondering how you’re going to eat. Food will no longer be sitting on grocery store shelves. What?

Oh! You’ll just go hunting. You and several thousand others who have the same idea at the same time. In fact, there will be two kinds of hunters out there: the ones who stumble around the woods ten feet away from another first-time hunter and shoot blindly into the bushes and the ones who don’t even bother going into the woods. They will simply wait for you to shoot something and rob you when you drag it to your car. (“Over my dead body?” Exactly!)
What will you do when you no longer have running water? What about electricity? No medication for your child’s chronic condition? What will you do when armed gangs realize that 50 to 100 of them can band together and sweep through a neighborhood stealing at will? Oh, I see. You have a gun! Yep! And I’ll bet you kill one, two maybe even three before they kill you and do what they want with your family. (You showed them!)

How will you take it mentally when nothing works like it’s supposed to and shortages and hours of waiting become “Standard Operating Procedure?” How will you provide for your necessities when you have to worry about running into gangs and deadly roadblocks every time you leave your home?

After the fall we Americans will, for the first time in our lives, understand words like: “desperation,” “treachery,” “horror,” “destitution,” “fear” and several others too horrible to mention. What will you do when your sick child needs medicine and there’s a $100 reward for every gun you report to authorities that someone else owns? What will you do when you are afraid to get in your car and drive into town for fear of hitting a hostile roadblock. (If you just said, “It’s already like that.” it shows how disconnected you are from being able to think. Thank your television for that.)
If this nation falls, and I see no way for it to be saved, there is nothing you can think of that can keep you safe. Don’t put your confidence in your “bunker” house, your guns, your stored food, your friends and certainly not the government. There will be blood in the streets as we Americans have never experienced.

Furthermore, don’t off-handedly declare, “Well, the Lord will take care of me. I’m one of His.” It was “His” people the Jews who saw their babies’ heads smashed against stone walls when He judged Israel and sent Babylon to execute that judgment. It’s going to take more than a little church going and belief in the King James Bible to get through what will happen.

There is only one hope for survival, the mercy of God. We had better start asking God now to show us His mercy in the dark days ahead of this country. Remember, He owes us no mercy. We deserve Hell and it is His mercy and grace that provided salvation through Jesus Christ. He owes us nothing TODAY let alone in the future judgment of a nation we have done so little to save.

The godliest person you know may not survive the future of this country. I can think of no one that I would say, “I’m certain God will protect them.” There are people I love. There are people I respect. There are people I pray for but there is no guarantee of His protection once judgment has begun. He will spare whom He will spare and not be wrong in any of His actions. (Or non-actions.) He is a holy and righteous God and He must be tired of this nation’s unrepentant wickedness and the “tailgate party” attitude of American Christians. It has to end sometime.

Don’t go to Him with a list of all the good things you think you’ve done for Him. Don’t tell Him how He owes you His mercy or bewail your children or grandchildren. My advice is simply to throw yourself at His feet and beg for His mercy. You’ll be doing it sometime in the future. Why not start now and avoid the rush?

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