You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

It has been said, “History is written by the winning side.” That statement is true. It can further be stated that the “Winning Side” writes the laws and controls the public’s perception of truth.

In 1933 the Nazis came to power in Germany through an election. They had won. They then set about to rewrite history and alter the public’s perception of themselves and the Jews. They presented themselves as Arians who were superior to all other races and vilified the Jews. They did this through law and control of the public schools, the entertainment industry and the News Media. The result was World War II and the Holocaust. They had won. Who was going to stop them?

When the Allies won World War II they set about changing everything the Nazis had established. They took over the making of German laws. Furthermore, they now controlled the public schools, the entertainment industry and the News Media. They showed the moral depravity of the men whom the Nazis had exalted. They replaced Nazis heroes with Allied ones in the eyes of the German public. They had won. Who was going to stop them?

The winners of the American Revolution were God-honoring, Bible-believing men who exalted virtue and freedom and the God of the Bible. They controlled defining the law as well as the public schools, the entertainment industry and the News Media. The result was a nation of people whose flesh was restricted and controlled by Bible preaching and Bible-inspired laws. Our Congress was made up of men who feared God and wrote laws inspired by Scripture. Thus, murder, abortion, homosexuality, treason and such were made crimes. They had won. Who was going to stop them?

Furthermore, over the years, these winners exalted men like George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Douglas MacArthur, to name a few. Even movies were patriotic and presented biblical moral lessons. Hard work, honesty, duty and character were exalted and every American wanted to rise to incorporate such virtues into their character.

Then came the ’50s. The big push of the ’40s & ’50s was to replace all Bible-oriented, patriotic, moral college professors with Bible-hating, treasonous, immoral ones. Slowly but surely this was accomplished. These professors then set about to attack the religion and morality of every student they had. They destroyed their faith, patriotism and morality and replaced it with godlessness, Marxism, immorality and selfishness.

Then came the ’60s. The college students of the ’50s became the public school teachers of the ’60s and brought with them their immoral, anti-American mentality. The biggest push of the ’60s was to kick God out of public school and put the Government in His place as Supreme Moral Authority. (Now, there’s a joke!)

I won’t try to define each decade as it declined. Suffice it to say, as slowly as the tide, godless Liberals have taken over most of the law-making bodies of our country, from municipal to federal. Beyond that, they now control the public schools, the entertainment industry and the News Media. They have “won” so they have rewritten our nation’s history. They love to write “revisionist” documentaries that tarnish the images of the men we look up to. They “expose” them as racists, libertines, criminals, charlatans or any number of unflattering images. In turn, because they’ve won, they exalt the lowest of individuals. They lionize queers (Oop! Did I offend you? Quit bowing down to your TV!), perverts, (just watch the TV Guide channel) low-life, God-hating, self-serving people. So now, the entertainment industry presents pieces of scum like Larry Flynt as a “crusader for free speech rights.” (What? Did you just say, “I disagree with what he says, but I’ll die for his right to say it.” You Idiot! That quote was placed in your brain by Liberals! Did you ever hear a Liberal say they would die for our right to disagree with them? Duh!) Scumbags like Stoop Dog (I know!), P. Diddy and Ice Cube are now revered by our young people more than our nation’s Founders.

Look at yourself. Is the individual you exalt in your mind a sports figure or entertainer? Most Bible believing Christians think more highly of entertainers and sports figures than they do their own pastor! They’ve won!

Now we face an election that may be our last. (But I doubt it.) You are about to see a “full-court press” by the News Mafia to get Barak Hussein Obama in the White House. They only need to control you for the moment it takes you to flip a switch in a voting booth. Remember how Bill Clinton got elected. Ask someone why they voted for him and they will say “I was mad at George H. W. Bush.” Why were they mad at him? Because a six month News Media campaign told them to be mad at him. Now, all the Marxist Hussein can say about John McCain is, “He agrees with Bush” and the News Mafia presents that shallow thought as a reason to vote for the Marxist.

Did you know what the totalitarian, Marxist, Obama, will do just to your gun rights if elected? If elected he will:

Ban the use of firearms in home defense.
Pass Federal laws (Remember! The “Winners” makes the laws!) eliminating any right to carry firearms.
Ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.
Attempt to close 90% of the gun shops in the country.
Ban ammunition used for hunting and sport shooting.
Increase the federal taxes on guns and ammunition 500%.
Restore the voting rights for five million criminals even if they used a gun in the commission of their crime. (Call that a giant new “Democratic voting block.”)
Expand the semi-automatic ban to include millions more legal weapons.
Institute a government-issued license for permission to purchase a firearm.
Appoint anti-gun, anti-freedom judges to the U. S. Supreme Court as well as Federal courts. (Remember, before they can take your FREEDOM, they FIRST have to take your gun.)
How can you stop them? Don’t let them win!

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