Will the 3rd American Revolution Succeed?

No, the spoiled, unspanked, socialist college punks trying to burn down the country are NOT trying to start the 3rd Revolution. They represent the 2nd Revolution. We who want to “Make America Great Again” are the representatives of the 3rd American Revolution. Here’s what happened:

The 1st American Revolution: 1776-1783 Other than recent public high school graduates who have been intentionally dumbed-down by their teachers, we all know about the 1st Revolution. It officially began on July 4, 1776, when the 13 American Colonies declared their independence from England.

It officially ended September 3, 1783, when both parties signed the Treaty of Paris. Following that, the new “independent states” formed a constitution and the rest is history.

The 2nd American Revolution: 1948 – 2008 It is difficult to put an exact date on when the Socialists began the 2nd American Revolution which was designed to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and turn the United States into a socialist country.1948 is the year the Supreme Court began dictating law rather than following the Constitution; so I’ve used that date as roughly the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution. This revolution wasn’t as overtly violent as the 1st Revolution although there were attacks like those of the Unibomber and street riots as first seen during the anti-Vietnam War protests. This revolution took place mostly in courts and classrooms and was greatly aided by the socialist movie-makers in Hollywood. Some of the revolutionaries’ greatest victories were: getting prayer out of public schools, legalized baby killing, (known as abortion,) and getting Americans to accept the “New Morality.”
It then expanded to include numerous spurious “causes” which actually had only one goal, destroy the United States. These include the environmental, animal rights and pro-homosexual movements. Although proponents of these so-called “grassroots” movements would like us to believe they sincerely embrace these causes their actions betray their hypocrisy.

1. Environmental Movement: While environmentalists wax religious about their zeal and love for the earth they are lying every time they talk. Why? Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, dumped raw crude oil into the Red Sea and set hundreds of oil wells on fire causing horrendous environmental havoc. A real environmentalist would have gone ballistic declaring Hussein “World’s Greatest Villain.” But environmentalists were totally silent. Why? Simple. Condemning Saddam Hussein wouldn’t advance their agenda of destroying the United States. They couldn’t have cared less about the earth’s environment!

2. Animal Rights Movement: These boneheads would have us believe they care about all animals. False! It shouldn’t seem amazing that they hate…cows! Why? Because of the meat, dairy and leather industries, cows have a huge impact on our economy. Thus while phony animal righters are busy pretending to love all animals they hate everything about cattle…even their methane!

3. Homosexual Rights Movement: First, let’s be clear…(I said “CLEAR”) sexual perverts don’t have any special rights under the Constitution. The goal of this movement is to break down the moral strength of our country and thoroughly corrupt our society. Muslims throw sex perverts off of rooftops but the “Homosexual Rights” groups say nothing, Why? Because a pervert flying through the air in Iran has no effect on their agenda in the United States.

When Barak Obama was placed in the White House in 2008 it signaled the successful conclusion of the 2nd American Revolution. There’s an old adage that states, “History is written by the winners of the war.” Thus, way before Obama occupied the White House, the “Revisionist” historians had begun to change the history of our country by deleting historic information and focusing it on Black’s, women’s and even homosexuals’ “contributions to making America great.” The maximum push in this effort was Obama’s hellish “Common Core.” This was the Socialists’ celebration of victory.

Obama’s arrogant gloating concerning this victory wore thin on all. But, he KNEW they had won and victors don’t have to be humble. Imagine a German or Japanese citizen following their defeat in World War II whining that the Allies were being arrogant about their victory! You bet!

Whenever a nation is conquered the “Law of the Land”, it’s constitution, is abandoned and the laws of the victors are imposed on its citizenry. We saw this happen at the conclusion of the 2nd American Revolution when Obama negated our Constitution and said over and over “I won’t enforce that law.” Then he “ruled by decree” like any other dictator as he simply proclaimed new “guidelines” that took more and more freedoms away from the losers, the citizens of the United States. He was simply enjoying his rightful spoils of war.

I have always chuckled when someone quoted the true but worn out adage, “If you turn up the water temperature just one degree at a time you can boil a frog alive cause he won’t feel the change and jump out of the pot.” What’s so funny is that the very people repeating this are being boiled alive one degree at a time! And this is where Obama’s greed and arrogance betrayed him. He was so arrogant and so impatient that he turned the temperature up too many degrees at once and the frogs started jumping! In fact, they jumped right on down to the polls and voted the victors of the 2nd American Revolution right out of office! They replaced them with a man who said he would basically throw out the socialists and return America to pre-2nd American Revolution laws.

The 3rd American Revolution: 2016-? The 3rd American Revolution began with the election of Donald Trump. Don’t deceive yourself. His was not a victory over the socialist, one-worlder Democratic Party. It was a victory over the socialist, one-worlders that run the Republican Party as well. That is evident by the back-stabbing he has suffered (Ryan, McCain, Graham & Co.) since taking office.

Some in our crowd still don’t like Trump and secretly hope he really will be impeached because they think Mike Pence will continue to “drain the swamp.” Don’t kid yourself. The Republicans did not grow a backbone when Trump won. He won in spite of the Republicans, not because of them. He is the sole backbone of the Republican Party and if he is eliminated from the picture in any way Pence and the rest will instantly retreat back into the sniveling, compliant professional politicians they are.

I understand the need to bolster our military, rollback Obama’s socialist regulations and “Make America Great again.” But there are two absolutely essential things that Trump must accomplish while he is in office:
1. He must break the stranglehold the liberal News Media has on our society. I hear some very good men say, “OK, he won, now he needs to lay off his petty bickering with the News Media and get busy leading the country. No! The defeat of the News Media is even more essential than the defeat of ISIS because the News Media will still be around subverting our Constitution after ISIS is history. Trump needs to do everything in his power to break the power of the News Media.

2. Trump needs to take over the Republican Party and install leadership that is truly conservative and “America First.” If he doesn’t, I can assure you that the Republicans, not the Democrats, will see to it that another Donald Trump type conservative never wins the Republican nomination let alone the election.
What can you do to help?

1. Pray for Donald Trump: If we knew how much evil is working against him at this moment we would tremble. Pray for him and his cabinet and God’s mercy on our country.

2. Get active: Do what you can to fight in this 3rd American Revolution. If you are one of those self- righteous brethren that can’t wait to see God judge America because you actually think God will spare you & your family you are a fool. If this boat sinks you & your family will go down with it. Consider going to the Capitol Connection in DC March 12-14, 2018, to see how you can help.


  1. Marc on May 17, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Dear Sam:

    I hope this reaches you. Finding you has been a blessing of the LORD. I found out about you while looking for ammunition in regards to the KJV debate. It is truly refreshing that there are brothers in the faith that realize what is truly going on. The Word of God is under heavy fire, as well as our country and a good majority of Christians seem to be attacking the Word as well, while they also seem to secretly cheer for the attacks against the country. It would be truly frightening, if I wasn’t tightening my hold on Christ. This essay spoke to me in such a way that I thank the LORD and you for it. I do not wish to speak ill of fellow brothers of the faith, but I cannot help but share with you my frustration with a known preacher in America who seems to bash America, her history and her spiritual fate when the subject present itself. I may not be deep enough in my spirituality and I know Romans One enough to understand it, but what is the point of judging the country for its present state if you are not going to help fix it? Am I wrong? I don’t want to see God judge America and His will be done, but if America falls we all loose. Why don’t they see that?

    Thank you for your time.

    God Bless!

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