“Who’s the Baddest of Them All?” by Dr. Sam Gipp

Whenever men gather to talk and the discussion turns to things military there is always great debate about which country has produced the greatest fighting men. I’ve heard about the American Indians, the Malays, the Waffen SS, and a horde of others. You can believe whatever you like but the facts of history testify plainly that the greatest military in history is that of the United States of America.

Shortly after declaring our independence, our tiny nation defeated the greatest military power in the world, England. Then in 1812 we did it again. The American Indians, fierce fighters that they were, were no match for the U.S. Cavalry. In 1917 World War I was a stalemated meat grinder until “the Yanks were coming” and then it was “over, over there.”We heard that the Japanese were the world’s greatest jungle fighters and Germany’s elite Waffen SS was unstoppable. But America took 18 year old boys off of tractors and in six weeks turned them into the men who would destroyed them both. In the frozen hills of North Korea the bodies of China’s modern day hordes were literally stacked up like cord wood and used for parapets by the tough U.S. Marines they outnumbered 10 to 1. The vaunted Tet Offensive was a military disaster for the North Vietnamese and only the lies and distortions of a traitorous News Industry could spin it into a victory.

In more modern times we heard about Cuba’s Angola hardened veterans who melted before the U.S. military machine in Grenada. Then there was the myth of Iraq’s famed Republican Guard who were incinerated along with their vehicles of the “Highway of Death” in Kuwait.

Most recently we heard the hollow rheteric of the self-important Taliban and their much feared (and overrated) “Jihad.” Yet, once again the U.S. military took the war right to the front door of their cave. As I write this Usama Bin Laden hasn’t been nailed yet. Maybe as you read it he is hanging in the sun. But you can bet he felt safe and secure in Afghanistan when he planned his treacherous attack on American men, women and children. He was sure there was simply no way that America could reach him. Yet, once again, the fighting men of the U.S. military have displayed their ability to handle any situation. When this military machine gets in gear there is simply no place on earth that is safe for America’s enemies.

What made/makes our military so uniquely fierce? Fierce in that they can charge and destroy an enemy fortress and five minutes later be giving a candy bar to a kid. Very simply put, it is God and the influence of His Book, the Bible. (Certainly not the Koran!) In our War of Independence it was plainly the gratitude of a God Who appreciated our worship that carried the day. America is the only nation in history that chose the God of the Bible at it’s inception. (Israel didn’t “choose” God. He chose them. And they are still His chosen people.) Every nation in history was pagan and had to be “Christianized.” Only America was Christian at it’s inception and had to be “paganized.” The paganizing of this country is the goal of the News Industry, the entertainment industry and the public education system. (But that’s another story.)

When our Founding Fathers wisely chose to found our new nation on the God of the Bible He was so blessed that He protected us through two wars with the greatest military power in the world, England. After that, the Bible became the main textbook for schools and its moral teachings were engrafted into the characters of generation after generation of Americans. This biblical morality gave our society, and consequently, our fighting forces a moral superiority to any and every adversary. Thomas Jefferson said, “The Bible is the source of liberty.” The Bible simply puts it, “Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” This ingrained liberty allowed every American to fully develop their personality traits and thus God could fully use them. This pinnacle of personality development produced a warrior who was fierce and fearless. He was innovative and daring. He was morally determined and spiritually dedicated. The world has never (and will never again) see the like.

In Vietnam the Viet Cong dug tunnels in Cu Chi. They placed death pits in them. They had trap doors over head that would open allowing snakes to fall on their pursuers. The entrance was a straight drop of about fifteen feet. Many times, just as a GI’s feet touched bottom a VC would impale him with a lance. Impregnable? Nope! There were free thinking American GIs who lived to slither into that inky blackness with nothing but a flashlight and .45 pistol and take the enemy by the throat. Don’t tell me about Arab fighters! Don’t wax romantic about the Germans, the Japanese or any other good but over rated fighting force. There has never been anything like the U.S. fighting man. Even while boasting of his drinking ability his ingrained Bible principles made him morally superior, and thus militarily superior, to anyone on earth.

Bedroom Bill Clinton, like so many enemies of America, sought to weaken our military by cutting, cutting, cutting the military’s budget. He tried to fill the ranks with protected perverts. And then held the military to a moral code that he himself couldn’t live up to. Today our military desperately needs an infusion of cash. The Air Force has been cannibalizing planes to keep others in the air. The average age of our aircraft is twenty-five years. The Marines have been running around on bald tires. The traitorous actions of Billy the Clinton must be reversed.

But there is another, more pressing need which our military leaders fully recognize. There is a need for Chaplains who truly know God to instruct and encourage our boys. The U.S. military is advertising asking for such men. Never have they been more needed. No one is more qualified than a Bible believer. Yet never has there been a dereliction of duty like that of cowardly Bible believers.

Bible believers are the world’s best talkers. They can clearly delineate every short coming of our country. They can cheer and shout out their “love” for this country. But when it comes to actually doing something they are usually noted for their absence. They usually have too many convictions to allow them to actually help the country they love. They somehow equate trying to help this country with being apostate . They certainly wouldn’t want that! They can criticize and correct their wayward country. They can stand on a street corner and rip the faces off of passers by that they “love.” But if it comes to dirtying their hands and actually doing something that might change the course of their country they all “just bought a field and must needs go see it.”

As an American you can be proud, and thankful, that we have the greatest military in the world. We always have. You need not be impressed when someone boasts about the military prowess of other countries. Please understand, there are some tremendously efficient soldiers in other countries. But the best are your American military men. They are willing to lay down their lives for people they don’t know and don’t even like.

What are you willing to do? Talk? God help us! We already have enough talkers!

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