When Will It Happen?

Well, we ducked another bullet. Yep, that fateful day June 6, 2006, better known as 06-06-06 has come and gone without the “end of life as we know it.” It joins the ranks of those other “ends of life as we know it” dates that were also much heralded washouts. There was the great revolution of 1976. “Everybody knows no country has lasted more than 200 years.” Really? Ever hear of England?

Then, of course, life was going to end in 1982 when all the planets lined up. Sure enough, the planets lined up and …nothing happened! Well, almost nothing. Something did happen. All the “Doom sayers” (both Christian and Lost) jumped to the next coming crisis without blinking.

Along came the Stock Market crash of 1989 and…here we are, doing fine.

Then the Halle-Bop comet came and went with nothing more than the loss of thirty-nine idiots who packed their bags and took poison. Do you suppose just as one of them passed out he wondered, “Now how are we going to carry these bags to the comet?” Of course not! Because such people don’t think. They are convinced “the end is near.” Thus they are suckers for the next “The Sky is Falling” scenario that comes down the pike. They aren’t deceived. They believe! All they need is something to focus their hopeless faith on. And there are plenty of people in Christianity, or in a cult, or in the News Media who can manufacture the end of the world over lunch. Plus, since we now have the “World-Wide-Web” (Hmmm? Do I sense a conspiracy here? A Web!!!?) such doom-filled prophecies travel at the speed of light.

The “Mother-of-all-rumors” was that great air bubble called Y2K. (Have you eaten all your freeze-dried pizza yet? Have you ever started your generator?) Both lost and saved went screaming into the year 2000 with visions of death and disaster only to have nothing more happen than the date on their electric watches need reset. (See! I told you there would be an effect!)

Of course there have been those “concentration camps” that “They” have which have been waiting for years, no decades, for their occupants. By now I should think they are so deteriorated from age that we should be able to escape by sneezing on the walls.

The Internet was one of the devil’s best tricks. Right? Although there is plenty of wickedness accessed through the Internet it has also proven to be a two-edged sword which has worked against the forces of evil with devastating effect. Examples?

The News Media would have buried the story about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky but it was disseminated over the Internet and couldn’t be contained.
Dan Rather’s fake documents about Pres. Bush were exposed via the Internet.
New York Times’ reporter, Jason Blair’s plagiarism was exposed through the Internet.
The Swift Boat Veteran’s for Truth’s allegations against John Kerry couldn’t be swept under the rug.
The horrible murder in Tieniman Square couldn’t be hidden by China or the News Media.
Despite Christian doom-sayer rumors that, “They’re going to quit printing King James Bibles.” the Internet had made it so it would be impossible to prevent the downloading of the word of God.
Don’t you realize that when Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 that Christians of the day were predicting he was the Anti-christ and “the end is near!”? Furthermore, when Israel occupied Palestine in 1948 the Lord’s return was just “six months away”?

No. No! Forget that! Don’t you realize that the smartest thing the devil can do is keep Christians inactive by rumors of “the end” and arguments that “We can’t change anything.”? While we are preaching the “gospels” of “Don’t eat meat!”, “Don’t get vaccinated!”, “Don’t get a driver’s licence!”, “Don’t put your child in Sunday School!” the devil’s crowd has been using their time much more productively. They got God kicked out of school, made baby killing an industry and intend on forcing homosexuality on all of us. Are they more powerful than we are? No! Is their god stronger than ours? No! We are more powerful! Our God is stronger. But our force, our energy has been either wasted trying to “save” each other from some manufactured threat or stored in the garage of hopelessness.

So I ask you, When is “It” going to happen? No, not “it” the next stupid, cowardly, time-and-energy consuming “end of life as we know it” threat to be foisted on us. (Beware “Terminal Acne” is coming!) I mean “IT.” When will you realize you have, although well intentioned, been either hiding or expending your energy wrongly due to your misguided desire to see the Lord come back so badly that you fall for every phony new threat. (“Watch the Mideast! The end is near!”)

When are you going to quit jumping on every “End of the World” bandwagon and start using your energy to accomplish something for Christ?

Why don’t you take a lesson from what Israel is doing in Lebanon and declare war on the devil’s crowd and direct your efforts to stop them? Why? To “bring in the Kingdom?” Of course not! But we were ordered to “Occupy till I come.” We were ordered to be salt in this world. If we claim to be the “army of the Lord” then we are duty-bound to resist and thwart the devil’s plans just because it will be a fulfilment of our Divine mandate.

When is it going to happen? When are you going to give up on the “world is going to end next week” mind set and decide to make a difference in our world for Christ? When are you going to stand toe-to-toe with someone on the devil’s side (rather than torpedoing your pastor) and force them to give ground instead of always slinking away like a coward because “it doesn’t matter anyway?” Are you at all embarrassed at always being fooled by the newest “end of the world” scenario? What if you expended your energy trying to make a difference instead of trying to save the world from the latest conspiracy?

Look at how many times you went around yelling “The sky is falling!” only to have another day dawn. Look at how many times you were sure that, “This time this is it!” and it wasn’t.

Why don’t you join in fighting for this country against the enemies of Christ? (No, that’s not what you’ve been doing.) You’ve been panicking at every rumor that came down the pike. You’ve been trying to save people from “Them.” You’ve been wasting your time and efforts while looking like a fool.

Instead of griping about your local city council or school board why don’t you get on it and be a force for God? Why don’t you target something for Christ and make a change? We’ve already been here longer than you thought we would. We may end up being here longer than you think we will be. Why not try to make a difference instead of making noise?

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