What Now?

As of November 4, 2008, for all practical purposes, the United States of America ceased to exist. This nation willingly elected a freedom-hating Communist. On November 5, for the first time in 20 years, I quit praying for God to pardon & revive the United States. I feel that putting “Obammie, the Commie” in office was His answer and I refuse to resist His will in that respect. Even if we throw Obammie out in four years he will have installed so many liberals in Federal & the Supreme Court that they will rule overwhelmingly against God, free speech and life in general. Also, Obammie will have weakened our military to the point that we may be vulnerable to conquest by any one of several godless nations that hate us. They may attack and we will be destroyed simply because our military is too weak.

I am resolved to the coming destruction of a country I loved and gave everything I had to deliver from the judgment of God. No, I did not say I’m quitting the ministry. I will continue to do what we have been doing for 38 years, preaching the Word!

But, in light of the fact that it seems God has written the U. S. off, what should we do now? Here are some suggestions.

Make things RIGHT between you & God – I have often said that the United States enjoyed the “Corporate Blessing” of God. That meant that, if you just got within our borders you could benefit from the special treatment God has shown to the U. S. over the years. (Obviously, millions of immigrants, legal, and otherwise, recognized this!) I have believed that if America did not get right with God He would someday withdraw this national blessing. When this happens it may well be “open season” on the United States. When that happens you…I said YOU, had better have a personal relationship with the Lord because all that will matter is His “Personal Blessing.” (If you are convinced you are “all right” you’re probably in a world of danger.)

You may soon be praying, “Give us this day our daily bread.” You don’t want your personal relationship with the Lord to be so lacking that He ignores this request as stubbornly as you have ignored every one of His in the past. We Americans have become so enamored with what we think our government owes us that we think God owes us. You may soon find out how very wrong this viewpoint is!

We no longer have the “luxury” of wasting His grace. Now would be a good time to reclaim your heart from the World and get all accounts settled with God. Money, sports, sex, fun, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” no longer apply. Forget about “quality of life,” entertainment, fun or even revival. I believe the pressing issue of the next four years will be survival. Again, if you think you are “all right” you’re a fool!

Make thing right with your spouse – In the dark days ahead no one will be able to support you like your husband or wife. (Sorry, but many of our children, even though raised in Christian homes, may choose the World over sacrificing “fun” just to live for the Lord. German public school educated children turned their own parents into authorities in Germany under Hitler.)
Whatever past problems you have had between each other you may be better to “forgive & forget” because your friends may not be there when you need them but the one you’re married to will.

Work while you can – We may not be free to witness, pass tracts or even go to church for much longer. Muslims are about to become another group we are forced to worship, just like liberal Blacks, liberal women, Queers, bums and every other America-hating, God-hating group.

You should witness, pass tracts and support your church and send money to missionaries (I didn’t say “Sam Gipp!”) at a higher rate than you were because your days to serve the Lord may be numbered.

Resolve yourself to God’s will – I know! I know! You already have. No, you probably haven’t even thought about the change coming to our country.
If I had been on the Titanic I would have been bailing as fast as possible in hopes of saving the ship. But, once I was told, “It’s going to sink.” I would have stopped bailing and sat down on a deck chair and enjoyed an ice tea. I would advise you to go out to eat with your wife and enjoy America while it still functions and you aren’t in jail. I did not say go out and sin! I said enjoy a good restaurant and walk in the park with your spouse. When the government runs everything, soon nothing works right. Get ready for reduced efficiency in health care, law enforcement, government services as well as the more humble things like “on time delivery” and poor food/grocery store service. Get ready for nothing to work right.

Thank God – Every morning you don’t wake up in jail because of some “hate crime” you should pray and thank God. Thank God for every blue sky you enjoy. Thank Him for not being locked in a cell…yet. Thank Him for every drive in the country. For every night you sleep without being afraid of someone attacking your home. (Wait until 12 million illegals are out of work! What do you think they’re going to do? That is, if Obammie doesn’t make them part of his secret police.)
We are poised to see injustice for the first time in our lives. All the liberal clap-trap about past “injustices” by Americans are so much theatrics. I am telling you that you are going to see people persecuted at the whim of totalitarianism and there will be nothing you can do about it. (You can forget about your gun saving you. They will simply kill you and then your family will be at their mercy… and they have no mercy. You will be surprised how many Christians will sell out to the World to sustain their safety or medications.) This crowd would have killed our Founding Fathers.

Appreciate how good we’ve had it – Guys, if the whole thing goes south tomorrow stop and think about how many steaks you’ve eaten; how many laughs you’ve had; how many picnics you’ve enjoyed. We have been wealthy with the blessings of God. We should thank Him for how long it has lasted.

Pray – No one in the Colonies said, “Guys, if they tax tea we’re going to revolt!” Nope. England, drunk with overconfidence, pushed the Colonists too far and something popped. The rest is history. You may be surprised at the people who voted for Obama who may rise against a dictatorship, even if it’s run by liberals. But don’t expect amateurs to whip professional soldiers and the Gestapo.
Don’t comfort yourself with the thought that a revolution is the answer. If such a thing were to happen and the liberals were overthrown, America would still be changed permanently for the worst and life as we have known it will be forever gone. We will learn about fear, and hunger, and death, and horror and destitution and many emotions you’ll wish you never experienced.

It is no longer in our hands. This is no longer the country we were raised in. With all my heart I hope I am wrong. But if I am not, you can’t go wrong instituting any of the above recommendations in your life.

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