What Happened to Thanksgiving?

When I was a kid there were three holidays we looked forward to once school started; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These three days were valued in the order they came; Halloween was just a fun night when we went Trick-or-treating; Thanksgiving was the family getting together around a turkey dinner and remembering all God had done for our country and Christmas was the Lord’s birthday. (No. Don’t send me your dissertation on Baal’s birthday.) No one decorated anything for Halloween while turkeys and Pilgrims adorned our house for Thanksgiving. The holiday to decorate for was Christmas, with a manger scene, a tree, wreaths and various other special decorations.

The sad fact is that we emphasize whatever our masters in the News Media program us to emphasize. As you know, the Liberals who have kidnapped our “Free Press” despise all things, Christian. They hate the Bible and did their part to help it get thrown out of public school. Look at those schools today! These same Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it had the entire Nation focused on humbling itself and thanking God for His provision over the years. It had to go!
First, they tried to “refocus” Thanksgiving. They did this by doing what they do so well…lying! They tried convincing Americans that Thanksgiving wasn’t about America thanking God for His help, but that the Pilgrims were actually thanking the Indians for their provision. Ah yes! Yet another reason for Whites to be humiliated and subservient to “people of color.” But this sales pitch was so lame even Ridlin filled school students didn’t buy it. So, what to do?

The answer came easy for the “Master of Persuasion.” They would simply, once more, reprogram the thinking of the television intoxicated Americans and train them to think that Halloween was much more important than we’ve been allowing and then go into “Silent Mode” on Thanksgiving until it was pushed to the back of our minds.

Suddenly, as Halloween approached you started seeing houses with cute little devils and spooky grave markers in them. Orange lights appeared in trees and more and more “Haunted Houses” appeared in communities. “Just harmless fun.” Right?

Somewhere along the line retailers were brought into the loop. It was explained that there would be fewer Thanksgiving decorations available. But, since there was going to be a massive increase in Halloween decoration sold it would more than even out at the cash register.

Of course, a generation of Americans who had been taught by TV, Hollywood, college and their school to be self-centered and fun-oriented saw nothing untoward and went along with “the fun.” They got “into” decorating for Halloween. No one seemed to notice how easy it is to think up ghastly and ghoulish ideas that involved murder, blood, demons, vampires, witches, and devils. It’s almost like there were spirits just waiting for them to “open the door” and let them take control of their actions. It’s amazing how much easier it is for people, even Christians, to give themselves to being gory rather than holy. It seems much easier to exalt the devil than God.

As Americans became preoccupied with the new “fun day” of Halloween the powers-in-control dialed back any mention and promotion of Thanksgiving. (Out of sight, out of mind.) Now, you go into a store and see a huge selection of Halloween decorations next to a huge selection of Christmas decorations with an anemic looking Pilgrim holding a scrawny looking turkey by the throat in between them. You can’t excuse this by saying the Thanksgiving decorations will appear after Halloween because the Christmas decorations are right there with the Halloween decorations. Thanksgiving has simply sidestepped to be forever forgotten.

You may think that the sad part of this is that Thanksgiving is being deleted from our Nation’s mind. Actually, there is one thing even sadder; the fact that this so well illustrates the irresistible power the News Mafia has over the minds of our citizens. Christians, as well as lost Americans, have their thinking regularly programmed by their TVs, all the time thinking they are not susceptible to the will of the World. It simply is not so. American Christians are just as given to the will of their TV sets as are most Americans.

What can you do about all this? Several things:

1. Don’t “celebrate” Halloween! – What are we doing celebrating a day that is dedicated to the devil!? Yes, there was a day, many years ago when, in innocence, we enjoyed the cuteness of the old Halloween. But Christian! How can we call ourselves servants of Jesus Christ and partake of a day dedicated to His enemy? 1 Cor. 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

2. Restore Thanksgiving to it esteemed place – Cook the grand meal, set the table and sit your children down and explain what this day is all about! (More than pumpkin pie & football!) You are allowed to actually do some reading on your own and pass that information on to your family. Make this day more special to your children than the devil’s day.

3. Forsake your Deceiver – I don’t believe for a second that you are going to get rid of your sacred TV. But, would you at least approach it with the same caution you would a rattlesnake? Quit seeing it as your friend just because it gives you every dirty little pleasure you desire. Every drug dealer gives his product away to his victims until he has them hooked. The God-hating Liberals running your television, and you, know what your wicked heart desires and are more than happy to provide it to get you addicted.

Most Americans, including Christians, are far more loyal to their entertainer, their TV, than to their pastor. Say something against their favorite program and watch out! Say something against their pastor and they’ll say, “Amen!”
You need to establish just who is your family’s friend and who is your family’s enemy and act accordingly. There is far more than a holiday at issue here. There is the control of your thinking. You will submit to the input from your TV or from your church, but not both. Can you do a check of which you follow and let it guide you and be honest enough to admit if you see that your television wins most of the arguments? Probably not.

Television has taken over the thinking responsibilities for most Americans. How else can you explain Christians who watch vampire movies and defend it by saying, “It’s just innocent entertainment.”?

Are you going to lay down and join the mindless mob and let your television be the deciding vote in all of life’s decisions? Trust me, Thanksgiving is the least of our problems if Christians have decided to surrender themselves to the will of their television set! If they have decided that they will defend those who hate them and their God just because they get an occasional laugh…God help us!

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