What Happened At Littleton?

From every angle, the school shooting at Littleton, Colorado, was a tragedy. Innocent kids were killed. Innocent kids were wounded. Countless others were scarred in ways that will never be rectified. Plus, the kids that did it were victims of a society that taught them that they were never wrong and, trained to kill by their computer games, they carried out a vicious plot. Then, the vultures landed. Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings & Co. were quick to alight on the still warm bodies in hopes of turning the carnage into political capital to be used to advance their anti gun agenda. Shame, a word unknown to the News Media, never stopped reporters from ripping open every wound they could in hopes that a Pulitzer Prize was lurking just beneath the surface.

While Liberals were busy serving their own cause, the truth was run over by vans sporting satellite dishes and TV cameras. But something was wrong! The public wasn’t buying. Rather than be misled or guilt tripped, people began to be vocal about bloody news coverage, Hollywood’s professional violence and vicious computer games. So what really happened?

Several items in a recipe for disaster came together:

1. A generation has been raised on Dr. Spock. Never told “No!” or “You’re bad.” So here were two kids whose personalities were unrestrained.

2. Psychology told these kids they should have good “self-esteem”. They were inherently “good.” Thus, anyone who didn’t like them was “inherently bad” and deserved what they got.

3. Video games trained these kids to walk down hallways gunning people down without remorse. In fact, the more blood they spilled, the higher the score!

4. God wasn’t there. He hadn’t been in public school in years. He was expelled in 1962 for offending a worthless life-form known as “atheist”. These kids had heard no Scripture read over the PA system in the mornings like we did. They had no prayer and heard no preachers peel their hide for their wickedness.

Saddest of all, nothing will change because Liberals have ruled out the chance that their theories on education and child rearing could be wrong. Guns will be vilified. Parents, teachers and police will be castigated for not having done more. Somehow we’ll end up with less freedom. But more kids will die if God isn’t let back in the school. Schools need to have preachers in who will “blister their britches” and help to suppress students’ natural wickedness. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Then there was the real villain! In the midst of the chaos and carnage there was one individual who shamelessly inflicted more damage on students than the killers’ bullets. For in the midst of the turmoil a teacher had the gall to tell her students to pray. Right there in public school! There is no telling how traumatized some thin-skinned atheist was by this assault on their Constitutional right to be stupid. This teacher needs to be punished. Nothing less than burning at the stake will suffice. Then we can collect the guns, tell the kids they’re all “good”… and wait for the butchery to start all over again!

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