We’ve Been “Headed Off At The Pass”! by Dr. Samuel Gipp

We’ve all seen an old Western movie where the “Bad Guys” ride out of town only to have the “Good Guy” say that, “We’ll head ’em off at the pass.” To be frank, I never understood how you could leave town two days after someone and still “Head them off at the pass.” That is, until I went out West my first time. Out there you can have an area 50 miles wide by 50 miles deep and still only have one way in and out…the Pass. If Someone left town ahead of you in the wrong direction, you could leave days after them, go straight to the pass and be there waiting for them when they get there.

“The Pass” was usually a gap in a ridge of mountains. It was the only way across the ridge. It was a bottleneck that everybody had to “pass” through.

We have a modern day equivalent to the pass…a college education. You see, we have all been told that our children need a quality college education to be successful in life. The World knows we believe that because it is the World that convinced us of it. So there you are, facing an impassable mountain ridge. On the other side is “Success.” The only way to get through is through “The Pass,” a college education! The World knows this and has taken over “The Pass.” They really don’t care what you’ve taught your children because they know that you will soon give your child to them to educate. If your child wants to reach “Success,” they must go through “the Pass” which they control. All they have to do is wait.

This explains why colleges require certain classes for graduation. Classes that have no bearing whatsoever on the student’s career choice. Why does someone who wants to be an accountant need to study Psychology? You see, the college officials know that their accounting courses are not going to “de-Christianize” your child. Without a class on psychology, your child might make it through college without losing his morals. They can’t have that! So they require them to take “Psychology,” and it is in that class that their morals, their Christianity, their common sense is attacked and replaced by the humanism, or Satanism, depending on the teacher.

You spend 18 years teaching your child about God, the Bible, and morality. Then you send them off to college to study some benign subject. Suddenly they come home and start spewing out disgusting humanism and challenging the faith you taught them. They’ve been taught to hate God, this country, and you. They have been “enlightened,” and they want no more of your intolerant beliefs. How did it happen? It was simple. Humanists control “The Pass.” Your kid entered “The Pass” and got bushwhacked. (“Thanks, Dad & Mom.”) But wait! There’s another “Pass” that you’re sending your defenseless kids through on a regular basis. This isn’t a “Pass” that they must go through to be a success in life. But it is one that they get pushed through at an early age until they only think that they can’t live without it. It is your television set.

The people who write, direct, and produce every program on TV hold beliefs that are 180 degrees opposite of yours. These people are no different from you. When you teach a child in a Sunday School class, you try to instill your values into them for the brieftime you have them under your control. The folks running your TV are no different. They’re going to try to instill their values into your child during the time they have them under their control. Unfortunately,the television has the attention of our young people for a great deal more time than a mere one-hour Sunday School.

So here’s your child. Raised in a Christian environment. Yet they have seen naked women writhing in a strip joint, heard foul four-letter words used on a regular basis and heard “Homosexuality is a valid lifestyle…” until it is riveted into their brain. The people producing the television programs are simply trying to make your child just like them. They simply want your child to have their values. And it’s working!

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that nothing happens by accident in a movie. Every “spontaneous” line, every view of background nakedness, every foul word is written down on a script and practiced over and over again until the scene is exactly what the producer wants your child to see and hear.

Remember, the people who teach your child through their TV programs have different beliefs than you. They believe in evolution. They believe that homosexuality is good. They worship Gaia, the earth goddess. They hate the Bible, Jesus Christ, and America. So you should not be angered or offended when they promote these values to your child. In fact, you are a willing accomplice in the corrupting of your child every time you let them watch television.

But here’s the crazy part! If you get rid of your TV, you deprive your child. If you keep it, you corrupt them. Isn’t it amazing that you would rather corrupt your child than deprive them?! By your actions you would rather your child be corrupted by TV than be deprived of it. (“Deprived” of corruption?) Isn’t it amazing that you stick your child in church for an hour or two per week so that they’ll learn about God and then stick them in front of your TV for hour after hour per week so they can learn about the devil?

Maybe “The Pass” that so threatens their purify and wholesomeness isn’t a college education at all. Maybe it isn’t really the television either. Maybe “The Pass” that is so deadly to your child is you. For how could either of the other two corrupt your child without your assistance?

Poor kid! He never had a chance!

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