Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Since the “November Revolution” when the Communist Party took over our government and began its conversion to “GODvernment” the old United States of America is gone, replaced by a new entity: the United Socialist States of America. Here are some of the differences between these two countries.

The USA was a Republic. The liberals who control the News Mafia, public schools and Hellywood so hated this form of government that they refused to admit it was our true, constitutional government. Therefore, they always referred to the USA as a “Democracy” even though it wasn’t. In a Republic everyone is represented. In a Democracy only the majority rules.
The form of government the USSA will have will be neither. It will neither represent everyone nor the majority. Instead, it will start out as an “Oligarchy,” which is ruthless rule by a select group of people. (Liberals) This is the government of China. It may later morph into a “Dictatorship” which is ruthless rule by one individual. (Obammie, the Commie) We may never again see a free and fair election in this country.

The citizens of the USA believed in hard work. They believed you had to work hard to get ahead in life.

The citizens of the USSA believe they are going to strike it rich overnight. This is not their fault. They have had 45 years of the “no God” philosophy taught them, while being shown the lives of the rich & famous. They have had fun, sex and pleasure subtly forced into their bloodstream until they cannot think of anything else. They never knew that their school teachers were addicting them to the drug that would destroy them. (“Sworn to Fun! Loyal to None!”)

The citizens of the USSA also have been indoctrinated to believe in “GODvernment.” Where the citizens of the USA turned to GOD in times of crisis the citizens of the USSA have been taught to turn to the “GODvernment” in times of trouble. So, if they have a financial crisis, or feel they have been discriminated against, or have storm, flood or fire damage they look to their infallible, all-knowing-all-loving “GODvernment” to right their wrong. Why turn to God? He might expect you to live righteously. “GODvernment” rewards unrighteousness. It is our real friend!
In the USA people who worked were looked up to. If they managed to become rich because of their labors they were held up to the public as examples of the rewards of hard work.
Thanks to countless movies that have portrayed all corporate executives as being greedy and corrupt and years of the vile Democrats portraying anyone who was “The Rich” as deserving to be taxed out of existence, the citizens of the USSA all assume that anyone with money came by it dishonestly or unscrupulously and deserve to have it taken by the “GODvernment” and redistributed to “The Poor,” a mythical group used by Liberals as an excuse to steal money from citizens but who never get any of the loot.

Citizens of the USA loved it! They knew their country as an innocent, God-fearing nation that helped other countries and fought for right. Its families were pure and its conscience was clear.
Citizens of the USSA have been corrupted. They believe there is nothing pure or good about their country. Filthy Liberal college professors and school teachers, along with Hellywood and the News Mafia, have convinced them that every father has molested his children; every white person is a racist bigot; every company is corrupt; every preacher is a money-grubbing womanizer; every police officer is on the take; every politician is crooked. Citizens of the USSA believe that everything in their country is inferior to that of the rest of the world. Their health care is inferior, their food is inferior, their water is inferior, their cars are inferior; their motives are dishonorable; their desires are corrupt and every hero has a sinister secret. In fact, where men (I said MEN!) were willing to go out and die for the USA, citizens of the USSA believe that the entire nation deserves to be punished and that there is nothing pure worth fighting for.

In the USA the purity of a young lady was almost sacred. Anyone who violated it was vile and should be shamed by all who met him. Any girl who gave herself away was a “whore” and was ostracized.
In the USSA all young girls are taught in school and by Hellywood that they are to be whores! The only goal of all young men and women is sexual pleasure. Anyone who disagrees is to be destroyed. How long will it be before some Hell-deserving Liberal says, “There are no jobs in this country. If we legalize prostitution our young women will all be able to find work.”?

Believe it or not, in the USA television made heroes out of those who were, “brave, courageous and true.” A hero was good and a villain was evil.
Television in the USSA exalts anything abstract from that which is normal, pure and good. That vile pornographer, Hugh Hefner is exalted as a hero. Daytime television seeks out the lowest forms of life and exalts them as good and acceptable. In the USA homosexuals, psychics, witches, vampires, wizards, sluts and whore-mongers were portrayed in a negative light. Preachers, Police and parents were exalted as good and people to be emulated. In th USSA these vile people are upheld as honorable while the “Three-Ps” are vilified. The framers of the USSA hate anything pure or moral or good.

There was free speech in the USA. People said, “I disagree with what you say but I’ll die for your right to say it.”
There is no free speech in the USSA. Working as subtle as the Devil who guided them, Liberals decried “Hate Speech.” Then they outlawed it. “What moral person could be in favor of Hate Speech? Who would dare defend such a horrible practice?” Strangely though, when a friend of those same Liberals, such as the Muslims, spewed hatred with every word, the two-faced, hypocritical Liberals defended their “free speech rights.” In the USSA only “GODvernment-approved” speech is free.

The citizens of the USA had little but where happy. The citizens of the USSA have much but are unhappy. They seek more but cannot get enough. Where those of the USA where gracious and kind, those of th USSA are mean, selfish and dangerous. “GODvernment” apparently hasn’t made them a happy people.

The citizens of the USA went to church. Even if it was a church of impure doctrine it generally taught some sense of righteous living and decency.

Citizens of the USSA have been addicted to pleasure and fear the restraint any religious teaching might force on them. They like to call themselves “Spiritual but not religious,” a term subconsciously inserted into their seldom-used brains but which they think they thought of themselves. They shun churches. They now have “Wedding Chapels” so they don’t have to darken the door of a church to get married. They have “Funeral Chapels” so they can avoid church as their last defiant act. They have replaced God with the earth and define righteousness simply as anything they do. They set up shrines along the roadways to illustrate to the world their “pain” and worthiness of eternal life. While they will deny themselves nothing for God they deny themselves nothing in their quest for pleasure.

Citizens of the USA and USSA agree on one thing. They both think their country should only be inhabited by legitimate citizens. Illegals must go! Unfortunately, to citizens of the USSA, citizens of the USA are considered “illegals.”

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