We LOST, Deal With It!

Across the country, people are still shocked and stunned that the Muslim was re-elected President. They cannot believe that, in light of the fact that this man buried us in a terminal national debt, has excused every Muslim terrorist’s action, failed to act in the best interests of the United States, shackled us with his totalitarian healthcare bill while exempting himself and Congress and is poised to gut the last visage of strength from our military, that he actually got voted back in. They are claiming “voter fraud,” which is probably true. They are pointing to the popular vote, which means nothing. They are threatening secession from the Union, which gains nothing. They simply cannot accept the re-election of a man who is: a Muslim, a Kenyan, a liar, a Communist and has visions of being our Dictator.

Never mind that, once again, the back-stabbing Republicans nominated the most liberal, most unelectable candidate they could. Romney wasn’t as bad as John McCain but he was the most liberal in the field. It was obvious from the beginning of the primaries that he was “anointed” to be the Republican candidate. Every time a candidate beat him in a primary everyone, including Fox News, refused to even entertain the idea he wasn’t the guy. They would say, “Oops, well it looks like it’s going to be a ‘brokered’ convention.” I remember one Fox news commentator musing after Romney’s nomination at the Republican convention, “Maybe now he’ll be able to unite the Republican Party.” Duh! He couldn’t “unite” the Republican Party during the primary process! How could anyone with a brain actually think he could do it as the Candidate?!

Yes, Romney got nominated because the Republicans are just as liberal as the Democrats. They fear the Tea Party and Conservatives far more than the liberal, God-hating, America-hating Democrats. Just as they did four years ago, they sold us out, confident that we would vote for the “lesser of two evils” and “broadened their tent” to encompass the Left they are so comfortable with.

But with the re-election of the Kenyan, it is evident that the electoral process in America is dead. There will never again be a free or fair election. The corruption is terminal and the United States of America will pay for it with its existence. If you voted against Obama, or sat home and did nothing and hoped for the best, you now have to deal with a horrible truth: the nation has now been taken over by the Liberals and it will never be restored. On Nov. 6, the people who live in the United States, (I didn’t say “citizens” or “legitimate voters”) voted Barak Hussein Obama to be our last president. His re-election was the result of a 50-year process that began in our colleges in the ‘60s when students were led into radical liberalism by their communist professors. Then God had to be expelled from public schools so innocent American children could be morally corrupted and turned into what we have today. TV programs like “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” turned even Christians into covetous, greedy, selfish hedonists. Hollywood corrupted our morals and made Americans choose between God and Hollywood. America chose Hollywood. Lotteries and reality TV taught us that “we can be rich TOMORROW!” and now all Americans want money they don’t have to work for. Obama is the logical choice of such people.

For 50 years while our attention was on the “front porch” because “the Russians are coming!’ the Immigration & Naturalization Service quietly opened the back door. They imported anyone who wasn’t Christian and positioned them in strategic locations around the country to alter the voting demographics. And they succeeded! The imports came through for their Democratic, liberal masters and wrested the country out of the hands of legitimate Americans. You can claim it was voter fraud. It doesn’t matter, it just shows we are powerless to prevent voter fraud. You can say it’s the liberal News Media. So what? It just shows that the Liberal News Media has the power to install a Communist in the White House and we can’t stop them. They are more powerful than us!

In case your head is in the sand you need to notice that also on Nov. 6, several states legalized marijuana and homosexual marriage. Why? Because they won! Those people that hate God, the Bible, Christianity, morals, and freedom now own the country! And like any conquerors, they will now begin to enjoy the “spoils of war” and exercise their dominance. The war on God, the Bible, guns, free speech and our other liberties will increase and prevail. They won! They own us! We are powerless to change it! No vote, no petition and certainly no gun is going to reverse the process that has decayed the American people into becoming a bunch of pajama-wearing, sex-craving, money-loving, environmentally self-righteous, simpletons. A people too public-school-retarded and TV-intoxicated to be able to preserve their freedom or to be worthy of possessing it in the first place.

If you take heart in the secessionist movement you ought to try thinking instead. Take Texas for example. If our newly anointed king were to actually allow them to leave the union what would happen? Are they going to expel all the illegals and liberals from their newly declared country? What about the military equipment that belongs to the United States? Think the U.S. is just going to give its tanks & planes to Texas? How will Texas defend itself if the Mexican army invades? And if other states secede then Obama still wins because he has succeeded in shivering the country he so hates!

Please don’t be so foolish as to think you’re going to “march on Washington” and “throw da bum out!” No one is going to change this country for the better with an armed revolt. The first casualty of any revolution will be the United States Constitution and I can assure you it will never recover, even if the revolution itself were successful. America would fall into a civil war (not like the last one) that would make Somalia look like a good place to take a nice, safe vacation.

But the worst is that Obama may well be God’s man! God called Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, who dashed Jewish babies to death in the streets “my servant.” (see Jer. 25:9 & 43:10) He was God’s “anointed” instrument to carry out His judgment on a people who had become “worse than the heathen.” Now there is another nation that once served God that has become “worse than the heathen.” We are an arrogant, unrepentant people. Barak Obama may well be the man God has chosen to punish this nation. If he is then there is no fighting against him.

I know, I know, you say, You sound like it’s hopeless.” Nope! It’s only hopeless if your “hope” is in saving the United States. It is only hopeless if you actually believe that conservative politics can turn this country around. It is only hopeless if you are hoping-against-hope that the party called “America” will continue and you won’t be “inconvenienced” by the judgment of God. No, the only hope is the “Blessed Hope” of Christ’s return. Your only personal hope is to throw yourself at the feet of God and beg His mercy and hope that He will deal kindly and mercifully with you in the time between now and the Lord’s return. (A little repentance wouldn’t be bad right here.)
Oh, and if you aren’t saved, now would be a good time to pitch your pride and trust Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. Then you can partake of the blessing of the Blessed Hope when He comes back.
All else is futile!

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