This May Be the End!

America has been descending into Hell so fast that every election for the past several have been described as, “The most important of our time.”, “A matter of survival” or any number of desperate sounding themes. I don’t believe anyone was exaggerating to get support for their candidate. The Democrats have offered continually more leftist candidates. (Remember when we thought Jimmy Carter was the bottom of the barrel?) They cursed us with Bill Clinton and then gave us an outright Communist/Muslim/America- hater in Barak Obama. Now they and their News Media handlers are trying to force the Queen of Corruption on us. She may not be as vile as Obama but she will definitely do all she can to overthrow our Constitution.

But there is a possibly fatal factor in this election that has never been evident before. Obama and the News Mafia have made tremendous strides in their war against our country. In spite of pervert marriage, transgender bathrooms and open borders there is an even greater and more dangerous success they have achieved. They have succeeded in convincing Liberals/Blacks/perverts, and any other of the groups they manipulate to the benefit of their anti-American/anti-Christian agenda, that they now have a right to riot and to kill anyone that disagrees with them. The tactics of Bernie Sanders’ followers are no different than those used by the Nazis during Hitler’s takeover of Germany. Black Lives Matter can openly murder police officers and our self-appointed “Defenders-of-the Constitution”, the News Mafia, only encourage more. Obama has placed his ARMY of Muslim “refugees” across the country as if to await a signal to attack and “kill the Infidels.” Liberals have shamelessly defended Muslim murderers and not suffered for it. White Americans are called “racists” daily and Hellary can rip-off a line of vile names about Trump supporters with impunity.

On November 8, Americans who care to try the save the country will elect a new president. The News Media keeps trying to assure itself that their fellow-leftist, Hillery, is a shoe-in. But her rallies are poorly attended, they can no longer hide her health problems and Trump keeps blowing the walls out of every venue he appears at. Liberals have gone into full “Call-them-everything-you-can” in hopes to bully Americans into obeying them but it simply has lost its impact. Americans don’t even care about being continually referred to as “racists” because they have finally awakened to the fact that those using the term don’t believe it. They simply use it as a whip to get the slaves back in line. They’re not getting back in line!

As I have said before, a Communist only recognizes the authority of the election that puts him in power. If Hillary wins Obama may voluntarily leave the White House in hopes of securing the seat of Secretary-General of the United Nations. If he gets that and we get ANY Democrat in the White House, said Democrat will surrender the sovereignty of the USA to the United Nations. (If you just flippantly said, “They already have.” you have no idea what that action will mean.)

Personally, I simply cannot see Barak Obama, filled with the deep-seated hatred he has for all things American or Christian, turning over the keys to the White House to Donald Trump. We have all been afraid he will trigger some kind of phony “National Emergency” either before the election or in the days between Trump’s election and inauguration in order to stay in power. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t.

Another frightening option for this self-righteous murderer-of-America would be to simply DECLARE the election null & void. He will, in his usual self-righteous manner, state that Donald Trump would be bad for the country and that he is “duty-bound” not to surrender the power of the presidency to him. He may then declare Martial Law. If too many in our military remain loyal to their oath to protect the Constitution, not a rebellious president, he may call for the support from all the “Rent-a-Riot.” groups in the Democrats’ arsenal. Black Lives Matter, Bernie’s murdering thugs, every other “We Hate America” group, and of course his loyal fellow Muslim murderers. You think it can’t happen? Look at the country today and identify all that has happened that you didn’t think could happen.

What I am saying is that before the next president is inaugurated this country may be involved in the most violent, vicious, murderous civil war the world has ever seen. The America you now know will be gone forever and you will probably never know another peaceful night’s sleep in your short miserable life. Americans who have grown effeminately soft from their affluent lifestyle will die by the droves or simply kill themselves in grief and mental anguish. We will, for the first time in our lives, understand the meaning of words like horror, treachery & merciless. The hordes of Hell released by Obama will kill without compunction or mercy. This country will never recover.

You may wake up one morning to hear of anarchy and when you try to contact the person you look to as a leader they will have disappeared in the night, one way or another. Should you be ready with guns, food & medical supplies? Sure. But DON’T TRUST THEM! Never forget that “Safety is of the Lord.” The moment you put your trust in your own preparations and plans you are trusting a fool.

If you are one of those self-righteous idiots that say, “Good, America deserves it.” you only say that because you think you’ll escape God’s judgment because you’ve been “true” when all the rest of Christianity has gone apostate. Don’t kid yourself! And if you’re so stupid as to say, “I don’t care if I don’t escape as long as America gets judged.” you will soon discover the fallacy of your stupidity. When people you love die and there is horror in the streets every day and you can’t figure out why God isn’t giving you the special protection you feel you deserve it will be too late to undo the death and destruction you wished on…everybody but you.

What am I proposing you do? Nothing. I believe there was a time when we could have prevented what’s coming but it may be too late to change what’s coming. Maybe we had a chance a decade ago but were too busy enjoying the party called “America.” Our country may have finally run its course. The resiliency of the United States has fooled both friend & foe alike and maybe, just maybe, there is still some stability left. But liberals have never been so full of themselves as they are now. They have never been so unrestricted and hateful. They have never been so assured that they will not have to answer for any crime they commit against those who dare disagree with them. Even the FBI has been successfully corrupted by the Democrats. Liberals no longer have a reason to restrain themselves and if Trump is elected and they decide to start shooting people the result will be fatal for the country we love.

It truly will be “every man for himself” and the group, organization or plan you have will last about five minutes and then it will be a life of horror and pain. Oh, you have a group that will unite and turn it all around? Can you say “tanks and airplanes?” How many of those do you have?

I am sorry if my words scare you. I’m not trying to get you to do anything except be prepared for your own safety. The country’s already doomed. What? You’re going to pray that I’m wrong. Good, I’ve been doing that for years. I don’t want to see death in our streets and war everywhere we turn. But Democrats have never been so bent on total control and the destruction of all who won’t bow to them. They control everything but you and me…and that may be coming. (No matter what you just said.)

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