This Election

For as long as I can remember both Democrats & Republicans have said, “This is the most important election in the history of our country!” about whatever election it happened to be. I believe this election is very important but not the “…most important election in the history of our country!” Why? Because I believe the United States has gone so far away from God, morality, good sense and any virtue whatsoever that it is beyond voting its way out of its problems. Most likely we are doomed. Don’t happily cry, “Amen!” By that I mean there may be a great deal of tumult, horror, death, and instability on our future if God decides to abandon us as we have abandoned Him nationally and being a Christian won’t exempt you from it.

Everyone in this country thinks their sole purpose for existing is to enjoy life. Christians who used to think they were here to live to God’s glory now refuse to separate themselves from anything in our society in sacrifice for a life lived for Christ. Christians are as sold out to the “Let’s Party!” philosophy as is the World, but they think that because the party they want wouldn’t be a booze/sex/dope party that they’re different from the lost world. Nope, the desire of both lost and saved is self-gratification, not the glorification of God. Therefore I don’t believe whoever becomes our next president (IF Obama doesn’t find a way to stay in office) is going to “Save America.”

But I must say this has been the most enjoyable election in my lifetime. By their actions, the Republican Party has confirmed that they are every bit as liberal as the Democrats. This is the Party that said, “Give us the House & Senate and we’ll undo the damage Obama has done.” America gave them what they asked for and they have changed nothing! The leaders of the GOP see the Tea Party & conservatives as a bigger threat than they do the Democrats. Every four years they work hard to pick a candidate that cannot win the presidency in order to assure a Democratic win. They did that with the following: George Bush, his victory surprised everyone; John McCain, who was farther Left than many Democrats and Mitt Romney, who no one really wanted. They used their standard template this election cycle also. Spread the name of their “anointed” candidate (this time, Jeb Bush) and have the News Mafia start calling him “The Frontrunner” before there were any other “Runners.” Jeb Bush was pre-chosen to be the next LIBERAL Republican candidate. Conservatives were to, once again, be steam-rolled with the ancient, soggy argument, “If you don’t vote for the candidate we shoved down your throat you will be responsible for forcing another Democrat on the country.” It was all going as it always had, and then….along came Trump!

Please don’t misinterpret what I am going to say as an endorsement for Donald Trump. I’m not for Trump, I’m for what’s he’s doing! If you can stop fuming long enough to think you will admit that, if Trump hadn’t kidnapped the primary race Jeb Bush would already be the next Republican anointed loser.

I, like so many others, have been waiting for Trump to implode, but every time he says something that everyone figures will prove fatal to his presidential bid…his poll numbers go up! So many Christians are lining up to let everyone they know they’d never vote for Trump that none of them will give him his

due for what he has done for this election:

1. He stole the right of picking the Republican candidate from the two power-brokers who have always done it, the Party Elite and the News Media, and thrown it directly into the hands of…the Citizens. (Can’t you say, “Thanks, Donald.” for that?)

2. He has spoken so plainly that every time a cheap politician starts talking like …a cheap politician, the public automatically turns him off. (“Thank you, Donald.”)

3. If Trump didn’t have such a huge silhouette to hide behind the “Big Two” would have recognized Ted Cruz for the threat he is to their monopoly and shot him out of the saddle long ago. Now, he’s too powerful to dismiss. (“Thanks, Big D.”)

4. Trump is the single only reason Republican voter turnout has been so high. If any other Republican candidate did that they would be dancing in the streets.

I hear Christians boldly declare all that is wrong with Trump. Hey, Stupid! We’re voting for a President, not a Pastor! They bellow their high moral standards as to how they can’t accept such a man. Unacceptable problems can be found in any candidate, including the one that you prefer. If you look back at someone you did vote for I’ll bet you can see where he was unfaithful to your principles.

There are still many of us who remember Christians instantly surrendering their vote to a candidate just because he said, “I’m born again.” (Jimmy “The Leftist” Carter) and then watched him do more damage to this country than any president before him. (Although Clinton and Obama have eclipsed him.) As much as I like Cruz he could let me and every other Christian down if he got in. And Rubio would start his first day in office with a call to Republican Headquarters and obediently ask, “What do you want me to do, Master?” I hate to be realistic in a romantic, idealistic world but, they’re all flawed.

Do I want Donald Trump to be president? No, he is not my choice. But I’d take him if our established political system puts him in the White House. I’m amazed that we all trumpet how “a boy can rise from poverty to become president” yet a rich man can’t. Oh yes, I entertain a silent fear he’ll get into office and repudiate everything he’s claimed during this campaign. But, how many times have we had Republicans promise to stop the slide toward socialism our country is in only to have them get into office and start acting like a Democrat? (Can you say “Boehner?”) But imagine if he got into office and actually did the things he said he would?! Like him or not, you’d like what he was doing.

Trump has given the Republican Party the things they always wanted, high voter turnout, excitement in a candidate and a chance to actually change things…and they are plotting as you read this how to get rid of him. I can tell you this if the GOP finds a way to eliminate Trump & Cruz and force another “moderate” (liberal) candidate on the common people it will be the death of the party.

I entertain no fantasy that the next president is going to save America. This election is important because it may decide whether we Christians become actively persecuted or if we can stave that off a little longer before the Lord comes back. Beat your chest about not being afraid of being a martyr for the Lord, but once it starts you’ll wish it hadn’t. Maybe if the next president ceases our national subservience to Islam God will spare us a little longer.
I have often said that if I had been on the Titanic I would have been bailing as fast as I could. Not because I believe in the power of positive thinking but because I simply couldn’t go down without at least trying to stop the inevitable. I wouldn’t stand around pontificating on the moral, political or intellectual shortcoming of the captain. I’d do so because I don’t want to tread water!

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