There Was NEVER a “Patriotic” News Media

We have all seen copies of the headlines found on the newspapers across the country on Dec. 8, 1941,…“Japs Attack Pearl Harbor!” in which the Japanese were vilified for their cowardly, unprovoked attack. We have also all witnessed today’s News Media bend over backward to justify Muslims for their cowardly attack and instead shift the blame to “racist” Americans. Some have said, “If the News Media of 2001 had been around in 1941 they’d have had us apologizing to the Japanese. At least back then the News Media and Hollywood were patriotic.” I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. There has never been a “patriotic” News Media or a “patriotic” Hollywood. I will also explain how the Korean War became known as “the Forgotten War.”

I will readily admit that both Hollywood and the News Media produced pro-American materials during WWII. If they weren’t being patriotic then what were they doing? And how did they change from being so pro-American during WWII to being so anti-American during Vietnam? The answer is simple to see if you answer only one question about any war, “Who were we fighting?”

We all know that both Hollywood and the News Media are dedicated to Communism. They have always done all within their power to defend and advance that ideology. Now, look at World War II, Korea and the Vietnam wars in that light.
World War II, Germany – Fascism and Communism are sworn enemies of each other. Hitler’s Nazi Germany was a threat to Stalin’s Communist Soviet Union. It was in the News Media’s best interests to have Nazi Germany destroyed to protect the USSR.

To this day the News Mafia still uses the “Nazi Stereotype” whenever they wish to vilify any person or group. Did you know that of the American POWs captured during WWII only 4% died while in German hands but 37% died while held by the Japanese? Yet the News Mafia still covers up Japanese atrocities while hitting anyone they want to bully with the “Nazi Stick.”

World War II, Japan – Also, just back in 1909 the Japanese had fought and defeated the Russians. When Japan and Germany joined forces there was a legitimate chance that they would wage war on the Soviet Union and win. Someone had to be enticed to fight them which would relieve the threat to Communism. Hollywood & the News Media rallied, not to the cause of the Allies, but to the cause of the group fighting the anti-communists.

Hollywood went to great extremes in making pictures that showed the need to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese threat (to Communism.) Young boys rallied to the call and went off to defeat the News Media’s enemies. They did a good job all the while fooling Americans into thinking they were on our side.

The Korean War – World War II was the last war we fought to a decisive victory. Because the Korean War was a war against Communist aggression the Leftists in our own government never sought to utterly defeat either the North Koreans or the Communist Chinese.

Fresh from its “I Love America” campaign of WWII the News Media couldn’t jump right in against their true enemies (the Americans). But have you ever wondered why the Korean War is called the “Forgotten War?” That’s very simple. No one likes to talk about their defeats and the Communists (the News Media’s choice) got their backsides kicked all the way to the Chinese border. Thus, once the war ended they simply never talked about it again! Think about it. The News Mafia has soft-pedaled the Murderous Muslim attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and went mum on Korea, but we have never heard the end of…slavery! In other words, they will emphasize that which benefits their agenda and ignore that which hurts their agenda. Their side lost in Korea so they simply quit talking about that war.

The Vietnam War – Needless to say by the time the United States got involved in Vietnam the News Mafia was unashamedly on the side of the Communists. Their coverage never even hinted at being objective. They labeled all American soldiers as “Baby Killers” and did all they could to help the Communist cause.

Gulf War I – The heart of the country was plainly against the News Mafia’s choice during both Gulf Wars. The swift defeat of Iraq and working in a new type of environment (Muslims) caught the News Media off guard. The Muslims counted anything American as bad and this lead to the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl. The News Mafia had to find some way to inform the Muslims that they too were against the United States. Strangely, several news journalists were then “kidnapped” and held for a brief time and released. Were they educating Al Qaeda in how the two could work together? Well, shortly after that there were American news journalists going along with Al Qaeda snipers and filming them picking which American soldier they wanted to kill! Of course, nothing was done to these traitors.

Once the first Gulf War was over the News Mafia began their latest and greatest war against the American military. They manufactured and promoted “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and spread it to every American fighting man they could. In interviews, they always ask if the soldier “feels bad about all the killing.” They never praise our troops for their courage. Instead, they do all they can to put questions in their minds so that they will lose the war they won. They seek to make them mentally unstable because they hate our troops.

Gulf War II – The News Mafia was ready for President George W. Bush out of the gate. First, they toted the “Shock & Awe” phrase until they wore it out and then declared it a failure. Then, always on the lookout for any incident that will help them in their propaganda war against American troops, they took the Abu Ghraib prison incident and painted every American soldier as a perverted monster that revealed in torturing helpless (Muslim murderers) prisoners. You have never heard one word of indignation from the News Mafia about the evil that Muslims do to their prisoners but they wax righteous about any infraction by their sworn enemies, the Americans.

So with GWII, the News Mafia spins all US troops as sadists while relegating them to mentally wounded through its Post Traumatic Stress campaign.

So you see, there has never been a “Patriotic” press. Only a shrewd enemy that has bided its time until it was able to vilify all Americans with impunity. This is the same News Mafia that cultivates and controls racial hatred and uses it whenever it is to their advantage.

This is the same News Mafia that kept quiet about all the many reasons that Barak Obama should never have been allowed in the White House. This is the same News Mafia that is now waging war on all gun owners in this country so they can be disarmed and enslaved.

The number one enemy to this country today is the News Media branch of the unholy trinity: The New Media, Hollywood, and public education. Their intention is to turn the former United States into a socialist dictatorship…and they’ve already got the dictator in office!

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