The War That NO ONE Will Win

I believe that only a miracle from God will save our country from a civil war. You may not agree but it is obvious that the hatred Obama spawned during his time in the White House has infected all Americans, conservative and liberal alike. Both sides are angry and possess a desire to hurt and punish the other. And, in that insanity that precedes all wars, both sides think that once the war begins their side will win in the initial battle or soon thereafter. They forget that every generation before them thought the same thing. People thought the Civil War would end the same day it began. They even took picnic lunches out to enjoy the event. The world thought both World War I and World War II would be over within six months. The same thing for Korea & Vietnam. Millions are dead because of these misjudgments.

Conservatives think Liberals are a bunch of transgender fairies, wearing pencil pants & purple hair who will melt down when the first shot is fired. Liberals think conservatives are a bunch of half-witted rednecks who will most likely fall down and hurt themselves on the way to the war. Neither view is correct! Don’t be stupid! I can guarantee you that there are ex-military people in both camps. These are bold people with a will to do serious damage to the other on both sides. No one has a corner on courage or martial skills!

If the United States degenerates into a civil war it will devastate the country. No one will win except the country that invades us just when it looks like one side is going to win. (You think our international enemies aren’t watching the Antifa thugs and planning for a civil war here?)

But civil wars are more than just army versus army in set-piece battles. Rebel forces always have a distinct advantage. They don’t have to kill any enemy soldiers or win any battles to claim victories. All they need to do is disable the country’s infrastructure. They can blow up bridges, destroy water & sewer plants and disable electrical and gas distribution and cause untold grief and confusion.

As we have seen from the antics of Antifa, destruction, and confusion is their forte. While the nation’s patriotic defenders are waiting for that set-piece battle, the rebels need only go to a power plant or water department and destroy everything in sight. The resulting confusion would be devastating. What I am saying is, if there really are civilian militias practicing for a possible civil war they might do well to practice defending public utilities and food sources.

Such an idea is not very romantic but it may be one of the best things that could be done to prevent confusion and suffering. Food will get very scarce if civil war breaks out. If power & water supplies are cut rebels will have achieved a great goal at little cost to them. Burning farmers’ fields will deprive the general population of the ability to feed themselves. Believe me, if a civil war breaks out you will be restricted to eating what you grow locally. Forget about specialty foods shipped across the country.

Citizen armies will be necessary to defend the county’s freedom if a civil war breaks out. But protecting utilities and food sources may be a battle lost if it is not considered in advance.
Pray that God spares us from a civil war.


  1. Kurt Lining on March 4, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Food is the core problem!

    PS: I like to read letter number 138, where do I find it? Never defeat Communism? Hence, are contains of the letter by US Presidents.

    However, my no. 138, maybe wrong-but is what I remember…
    Thanks, Kurt

  2. Kurt Lining on March 4, 2019 at 1:14 pm

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  3. Laura West on March 16, 2019 at 12:36 am

    I and my husband have been watching your sermons in Australia for years (decades). They are to this day a blessing to both of us. I want to thank you for your ministry, particularly in defense of the King James Bible.

    There is no substitute for teaching based on that Wonderful and Pure Final Authority- a fact brought home more closely by the passing of that beloved ‘Junkyard Dog’, Dr Peter S. Ruckman.

    The remnant who remain have not yet bowed the knee to Baal.

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