The REAL American Idol

There was a time when Americans worked all day and then watched a little TV at night for entertainment. Those days are gone! Television is no longer a source of entertainment which we can take-or-leave. It has become an integral part of the lives of Americans. What I mean is that it is as much a part of life as your job, family or marriage.

Here are some of the symptoms to watch for to tell if you have been addicted to your television.

1. “Must see TV” – If there is a show you simply can’t go without seeing you are addicted! Don’t take that lightly. It’s as dangerous as being addicted to cocaine. I don’t care if it’s the “History Channel,” you are a slave to your television.

2. “Can you believe it?!” – People now talk about their favorite TV shows as if they were as important as their children. They discuss what is happening on a fictional program, to a make believe person, as though it effected their lives like the price of gas or groceries. They are as upset at what happens on their favorite show as if they had lost their job.
Or, they are caught up in the lives of real people who hate the Lord and are against everything the Bible and their church stand for. Some of you are caught up with Anna Nicole Smith or the adoption antics of Angelina Jolie as though they were members of your family. Your emotions have been kidnaped by godless, Christ-denying producers from Holywood (sic).

3. “Perverted compassion” – You have “compassion” for wicked people and their immoral standards but contempt for your pastor and his biblical standards. When I say something about murderous Muslims or perverted homosexuals or the slut, Anna Nicole Smith, some of you ignite in anger. Of course, you can’t admit that you have been perverted by your TV god so you have to complain, “Gipp just doesn’t have any ‘Christ-like compassion’ for these poor sinners. Hate the sin, love the sinner is what the Bible says. I’m ‘Christ-like’ because I have ‘compassion’ for these people.” Sure! Take that statement, put it between two pieces of bread and you’ll have a baloney sandwich! Why?

1. You can have “compassion” for the horrendous wrongs of these individuals or groups but have none for my smaller wrong of not having the same perverted “compassion” for them. If you can condemn me and not condemn them with the same indignation, you are a fraud and your so-called “compassion” is really worship that you willingly perform because you can’t bring yourself to do, say or hold an opinion contrary to your god, television.

2. “Compassion” doesn’t “sit in a chair.” You compare yourself to Christ because you claim you have “compassion” on these wicked people. Wrong! In the Bible when Christ had compassion, it said He was “moved with compassion.” In other words He actively relieved their burden. He didn’t defend their sin with cheap lip service. If you really have “compassion” on Muslims, homosexuals and Holywood’s whores you need to actively take up their cause and quit pretending to be on the side of God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.

3. “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” Here, you are right! Because the Bible truly does say this (although in 201 times through it I’ve not found it yet.) You are correct. I repent! I’m going to join you in this truly biblical, truly Christ-like point of view. I have been accused of not having compassion for Muslims, queers and Anna Nicole Slut. But now I do, I do, I do, I do have the same “godly” compassion that you have for them. I fact, to quote an old poker term (I now have compassion for poker players too. You do. Don’t you?) “I see your compassion and raise you.” Examples:

A. Recently a poor helpless misguided sinner by the name of John Couey was convicted of kidnaping, raping and burying alive a helpless, innocent nine year old girl. Oh well, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” I hope none of you have said anything negative about this poor sinner. I hope you have “Christ-like compassion” for him.

B. Recently Michael Devlin, a quiet, hard-working “innocent-until-proven-guilty” upstanding American citizen was charged with kidnaping and sexually assaulting a young boy for four years. I hope none of you have said anything unkind about this poor, misguided lost soul. I hope you haven’t been judgmental of his actions. Now really, through the enlightenment of psychology, we all know it was his father’s fault anyway! But no! Don’t worry, I, “Christ-like” individual I have now become, even have compassion on his worthless, miserable truly guilty father.

C. Recently a mother sold her baby for a car. This one’s the easiest of all. It’s George Bush’s fault! He owed her a car. And a house. And a job. And, most important of all, dignity. I am sure you fellow “Christ-like compassionators” join me in forgiving this worthless scumbag and condemning George Bush for his failure to provide for her as the Constitution says (somewhere?) that he should. We also condemn any Christian who says she did anything wrong. Shame! UnChristian! UnChrist-like!
Words fail to convey the light-hearted righteousness I feel now that I have purged myself of my former “unChrist-like” judgmental attitude and espoused your more biblical, “Christ-like compassion.”

4. Defending the ungodly – If you defend the actions of your favorite movie star or TV persona but can still manage to criticize a preacher you are what James calls, “A friend of the world.” You excuse and defend the wrongs of those you love and condemn the “wrongs” of those you hate.

5. Environmentalism – If you have given your heart and brain to your TV god you will begin to agree with the environmental agenda. You will do this for the same reason TV & movie stars do. You can be as immoral and ungodly as you wish and still fake self-righteousness as a self declared, “Good Steward” of Mother Nature.

6. Instant anger – If you find yourself instantly angry at anyone who criticizes your TV watching; if you are quick to defend your television and your addiction to it, you are hooked!

I would tell you what to do to overcome this addiction but no, it would be a waste of your time & my words. If you have shamelessly given yourself to TV worship you aren’t about to forsake your god for the real God or His Book. I would advise you to show your unwavering loyalty to your god by kneeling before it right now to worship. Then throw this letter on the floor and dance around it and condemn Sam Gipp for his “un Christ-like” attitude and thank your TV god that it has “saved” you from such intolerance of perverts, sluts and murderers. And whatever you do don’t read your Bible or it may corrupt you as it has me.

But whatever you do. Don’t bother writing me to tell me how unbiblical I am and how “Christ-like” you are. I am hopeless in my “unChrist-like” and judgmental attitude about your love for and loyalty to the world and the worship of your cheap, electronic god. I’d advise you to simply thank your god for its deliverance from being like me. Just as I thank my God for His deliverance from being like you.

“Have a good day!”, “Be careful out there.”, “Love your enemy.” (Even if he’s a preacher!)

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