“The Presidency is Dead! Long Live the Dictatorship!” (NOT!)

By now we all know that the Democrats outsmarted us at every turn and managed to pull off the greatest act of voter fraud in history. (If you actually believe Biden won the election I suggest you do two things:

  1. Stop reading now and throw this letter away. It will have entirely too many multi-syllable words for you
  2. Don’t eat with anything sharp.)

For those of you who think “We’ll win the next election!” The system will have had 2 (mid-terms) and 4 (national) years of the Democrats increasing their control of how votes are cast and counted. If they beat the system in 2020 they will have absolute control over it by 2024. Not to mention the legalization of 12 million Illegals, or the massive number of new immigrants Biden will import. (Watch for about half-a-million Muslims. Democrats like Muslims because they’re willing to kill the two groups they want eliminated the most: Jews and Christians.

If you just said, “We’ll rebel! We’ll Secede!” you aren’t thinking. I don’t care how tricked-out your AR-15 is it won’t stop an M1A, Abrams tank. Nor is it much use against an Apache helicopter.

I look at the 2020 Rip-off election like this: Imagine you have been fighting terminal cancer for four years. You tried everything there is to try, from natural to medical solutions. After four years of trying your doctor says, “Sorry, everything has failed. You’re a goner!” What do you do? You go back home and live your life like “normal” and wait for the inevitable. And keep in mind that God can change anything, anytime. (Even though He hasn’t during your previous four year long fight.) Since the Democrat takeover of our government Kathy & I have figured we’ll just do what we’re supposed to do; live for Christ and wait for them to come and take us away.

If that sounds fatalistic, it is! Wait, someone reading this just said, “Well, we won’t have long to wait because it’s obvious the Lord will return soon and save us from all this.” Yep, He certainly could. But I’m sure there were Christians in Germany in the 1930s watching their nation become a dictatorship who said the same thing. Most likely there were Russian Christians that said that in 1917. Do I believe He’s coming back soon? Absolutely! Have I given up hope that He will come back soon? Nope. I just think the Lord will come in His own time, not just because we wonderful, godly, all-loving Christians are in a tight spot.

Either the Lord will come back soon and rescue us or the Godvernment will wage war on us. One way or another, the lifestyle we’ve enjoyed for decades will soon end. What should you do? Well, maybe you should take inventory of just how good your life has been to this point. Here’s some things to think about:

  1. How many steaks have you enjoyed in your life? Some folks never have had one steak in their lives.
  2. How much ice cream have you eaten in your life?
  3. How much have you laughed in your life?
  4. How much time have you spent with good friends in your life?
  5. How much recreational time have you enjoyed in your life?
  6. How much time have you wasted?

Anyone raised in America has lived what would be considered the life of the rich by those living in other countries. Haven’t you done enough? Haven’t you had enough, “days in paradise?”

Forty years ago the lost people in this country thought they were here to enjoy life and the Christians thought they were here to serve the Lord. Today both groups think they’re here to enjoy life. Maybe it’s time you gave what time you have left to serving the Lord so at least you can “go out” serving Him. You’ve lived enough of your life for you. Why not get on your knees and pray, “Lord, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful life. I don’t know how much time I have left here before You return or the government destroys it. Here, I’m forgetting myself and giving You the remaining days I have. Guide me and lead me that You might get some pleasure from my efforts instead of me. You’ve been good to me and given me plenty. I’d like to give something back with the time remaining.”

Sometimes when I’m reading my Bible I look up to speak to Kathy. Then, when I look back down I find that I’ve lost my place. So, I begin reading at the top of the left-hand page. Every time I get just a verse away from where I had stopped, usually the lower right-hand column on the right page, when I remember where I had been. Horrors! What could be worse! I had just read too much Bible! Actually I think, what can be bad about having to reread some of the verses I’d just read? I don’t think I’ll overdose on Scripture.

I think the same thing about nominal Christians starting to live for the Lord now and then Him not returning as soon as they thought. Horror of horrors! What could be worse than thinking you were giving God the last few months of your life only to find that He waited another five years to return?! Think about that. You haven’t done much for the Lord most of your life. Then you decide to serve Him when you figure you’ll be leaving soon. Then He doesn’t come as soon as you thought He would and you end up glorifying Him for years. Is there a downside to that?

I have often been asked, “Did the Prodical Son ever have an inheritance?” Yes! I respond. Think! Imagine the farm was worth $100,000 when their Dad split it between his two sons. One banked it and the other wasted it all. Then he returned home. When he arrived home his Dad was still alive. Let’s say that by the time the father died the farm value had increased to $150,000. Pop dies and the boys split the increased $50,000. The smart son ends up with $75,000 and the repentant son manages to receive $25,000. $25,000 more than he had when he returned home!

As you read this ask yourself, “What have I really done for the Lord? What have I sacrificed for Him? What rewards have I earned in selfless service to Him?” I know this for sure. Your moose head, prize trout, hole-in-one, beautifully decorated home isn’t going to make it to Heaven. Wouldn’t it be awful for all of your life’s efforts to be left behind? Heaven would be a terrible time to realize you had wasted all your health, years, energy, money and efforts on enjoying life but not on enjoying Heaven.

Have you ever invested time, money, effort into something only to find out it was a bust and everything you invested came to naught? That can’t happen serving the Lord. No dollar, minute, or effort is ever wasted that is spent for Him. You can’t say that about your golf clubs, skis, or boat. Serving the Lord is the only investment that you can’t lose on! If you have been serving Him, don’t

go hide in the woods. Just keep serving Him. If you haven’t been serving Him this is a great time to start.

In fact, it may be the last chance in your life to live for Him rather than yourself.


  1. Dennis on April 8, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Amen my Brother

  2. Geoff Dean on January 3, 2022 at 3:32 pm

    Wonderful insights. Biden and the scheming Democrats definitely stole the election. The counting machines were rigged. The News Media were bigots who had only one agenda. To hasten the demise of Trump’s presidency. Bravo to you brother, for speaking out.

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