The Murdering of “America”

I have often reminded you that the matra of One-worlders is: “A strong America is a detriment to a one world government. “There cannot be two superpowers. As long as America is strong it is in competition with the United Nations. It can act independent of that organization. They cannot allow this. Thus the destruction of the United States as a world power is the number one goal of all one-worlders. That destruction is being carried out on many fronts.

1. Environmentalism – The first thing you need to realize is that environmentalists do not care about saving the environment. Oh, to hear them wail and whine about “Mother Earth” you would think they were sincere, and some of the poor deceived souls are. But at the heart of the environmental movement is the destruction of America by :

Stopping productivity
Financially crippling industry
Terrorizing the citizenry into submission
Misdirecting the efforts of both industry and private citizens
How do I know environmentalists don’t care about the environment? At the end of the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein set fire to countless oil wells and dumped raw crude oil into the Persian Gulf. To an honest environmentalist this would be akin to Hitler’s murder of the Jews. Yet, to this day, no one in the environmental movement has anything bad to say about Hussein. Why? Because he’s not an American. These people can only muster hatred for America because their goal never has been protecting the environment. It has always been the destruction of America.
These mentally ill people want to eliminate dishwashers, air conditioning, private ownership of cars and every other American comfort they can. They are driven by blind hatred and need to be put away.

2. The Metric System – No one in this country voted that we go metric. We are told it is necessary for international trade. Then how did we become the most powerful nation on earth without the metric system. The goal behind going metric is simple. “Make Americans quit thinking like Americans.” Meters & kilometers are not “American.” If they can make us think in that way, we will lose our American identity. Recently you may have noticed some magazines going to a larger size. This is a metric format. Book publishers have instructed authors to use “meters” instead of “yards”and “kilometers” instead of “miles.” This will force Americans to think internationally instead of “American.” (Have you ever wondered what kind of hatred would motivate this attempt at genocide?)

3. The “Energy Crisis” – There is no energy crisis. America has more oil beneath Alaska than Saudi Arabia. The reason liberals in Congress don’t want it drilled is two-fold.

Create a phony “Oil Crisis” to artificially raise gas prices and drive Americans into small (world) cars, rather than those big sedans we like.
By making us artificially dependent on Arab oil we will be forced as a nation to bow down to Muslims and go soft on our support for Israel. You’re seeing that everyday and the News Industry is leading the charge.
I can safely predict that there will never be an answer to our “energy crisis” because it doesn’t exist in the first place. It will always be simply a tool used to disassemble the country you love.

4. Racism – “Racism” will never be eliminated. Why? Because it is the greatest single tool the News Industry has to forever drive a wedge into American society and sow hatred. If racism ever ceased to exist, then the News Industry would lose its chief weapon against its sworn enemy, America.

Some years ago during a “Black Pride” parade, a man in the parade was shot by a bystander. The News Industry “flashed” this “breaking story”, obviously the work of some demented White-supremist. Then they found out it was one Black man shooting another Black man over a woman. The story DIED instantly.

Now, through the “magic” of News Industry promoted racism, I, whose family only came here in 1901 and never owned a slave, owe some Black guy from Jamaica, who came here last week and never was a slave, “reparations.” If that makes sense to you it’s because you’ve over-dosed on CNN!

5. Artificially changed demographics – Ever see a Muslim or Hindu temple in America? How did it happen? Did a handful of Muslims come here and win that many converts? No, they were imported wholesale! Look! It is not racist or bigoted to report historical facts. The facts about our nation is that it was founded by white Europeans. It was not founded to be a “multi-cultural” society. In 1854 The House Judiciary Committee of the United States declared “Had the people during the revolution had any suspicion of an attempt to war against Christianity, that revolution would have been strangled in its cradle…At the time of the adoption of the constitution and its amendments the universal sentiment was that Christianity should be encouraged…That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their decedents.”
The greatest statement Patrick Henry ever said was, “it cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Now these statements record historical facts, not racial bigotry! Anyone who is against these sentiments is against the nation our Founding Fathers birthed.

Some 25 years ago, liberals, in charge of immigration, realized that by throttling back White European immigration and opening wide the doors to Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, they could artificially change the demographics of America. Then the News Industry would help by repeating over and over to its brainless listeners, “America was founded to be multi-cultural.”, “Soon Spanish will be the main language of the United States.”,

“To resist is to be an evil racist.”

What I’ve told you is true. It is actually happening as you read this. Liberals hate the country that was founded here in 1787 with a deep rooted hatred that is difficult to comprehend. They can see no good in America other than to finance the United Nations’ goal of world domination.

What can we do about it? I don’t even know. It is definitely bigger than us. Do we kill people and blow up buildings? No. Muslims do that, not Christians. Do we plan to “overthrow” our government? No. That is wrong. And if it were successful, a worse government would replace this one. You could resist. You could refuse to allow your thinking to be guided by your TV set. When you watch some tv special and feel guilt-tripped or fearful you could actually stop and think and say, “They just put this thought in my head. I refuse to entertain this thought any longer.”

Other than that we can pray daily for God’s mercy (I didn’t say “blessing”) on America. It is still the greatest nation on earth and, even with a bunch of God-hating liberals in Congress and the courts, it is doing more for the Lord’s work than any other. That’s got to count for something!

Try thinking without a remote in your hand! Refuse to be intimidated by liberals.

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