The Murder of America Via the U. S. Auto Industry

The most successful murder is one you make look like natural causes. That was the tactic used to murder the U. S. Auto Industry and by that death, the United States of America. Today good Americans think they want non-American cars and hate everything about their automotive ancestry. How was this murder successfully also carried out on the entire nation? How were Americans brainwashed into thinking they wanted to be Europeans?

Americans have always been two things: rich and free. Even in our colonial days, this country was richer and freer than her mother country. During the War for Independence, British commanders would win a battle but couldn’t get their troops to chase down and finish off the American rebels. Why? Because those troops were so astonished at the symbols of wealth in the average American home they stopped chasing and started looting. Yes, even before there was a “United States” the people living here were rich and free, not because of “free enterprise” or free speech, but because the Colonists gave their effort to God and He blessed them.

Another attribute Americans enjoyed was that America was big! You can fit ten or twelve European nations into Texas. So when the fledgling U. S. Auto Industry was just getting started it aimed its cars at a people who were rich, free (moral) and had a lot of ground to cover. Those cars were big, powerful, and in an American tradition, simple to build and repair.

World War II was the defining moment for both the U.S. and European auto industries. Flush with saving the world from not one, but two brutal enemies, celebratory Americans wanted their cars to look like the instruments of their success, the airplane. They wanted them to have fins, and pointy noses and sweeping lines and power…lots of power. These cars fit America. They belonged in America.

No one would expect a pink 1959 Cadillac from the people in Europe who had just murdered 6 million Jews; and the nation that raped its way across China and the Pacific did not deserve a flamboyant ‘59 Chevy. In those tiny, cramped nations they built tiny, cramped cars that were too complicated for the average man to fix. By 1970 you could buy a Chevrolet with all the power options of a Cadillac and carry a Toyota or Mercedes in the truck for a spare.

For some strange reason, there have always been people, right here in the United States, that hated the freedom and wealth Americans enjoyed. These people have always gravitated to positions of influence where they could use their power to chip away at the nation they hated. Eventually, they took over both the auto corporations and the American automotive press. Americans had fins, whitewalls, and hamburgers and enjoyed the innocence that came with their spiritual purity. All this would have to change. Higher education and Hollywood set about destroying the purity while the automotive press and the Europhile auto executives attacked the Auto Industry.

The defining moment in the death to the American car came in the wake of the sham oil crisis resulting from the 1973 “Oil Embargo” by Mideast Muslim nations. Critics of the U.S. Auto industry repeat, “The U.S. Auto Industry could never build a profitable small car.” like it was a religious mantra. They never add the other half of the statement, “Germany and Japan could never build an inexpensive big car.” After World War II the U.S. Auto Industry left the rest of the world in its wake. The “Oil Embargo” was invented to give them the chance to catch up. The automotive press began railing on America’s flamboyance. They chided the U.S. Auto Industry for building “big, rear wheel drive V8 cars.” They browbeat the American public into demanding front wheel drive four cylinder cars with no evil whitewall tires. They told them they didn’t want that big American “family” sedan where you could sit six people because the shifter was on the steering column. No, “you want a European ‘sport’ sedan to fit your new Hollywood morals and lifestyle.”

We were taught to hate our cars, our interstate highways, and our fast food. While the automotive press lauded every step down in the size of American cars they praised European and Japanese cars for their every increasing…size! While they demanded we build sideways four-cylinder front-drives they never said a critical word about BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Audi or any other foreign manufacturer who build rear-drive V8s, V10s, and V12s. The traitors running the U.S Auto Industry were more than happy to abandon big American family sedans that cost a few thousand dollars and replace them with small, hi-tech “Euro” sports sedans that no one knew how to repair and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“John Doe” was replaced by Hollywood with “Joe Sixpack” and his car wasn’t an Impala or Crown Vic or Fury. It was an LS or SEL or VEX or DUM. Where “John” wanted a big, inexpensive, comfortable six-passenger American family sedan, “Joe” had been taught that he wanted a small, expensive, rough-riding European sports sedan. “Joe” never ceased to flagellate himself for ever having wanted that big, chromed, fin-studded “dinosaur.”

The traitorous Automotive press systematically assassinated every American automotive icon. Because big family sedans were the envy of the world they were trashed out of existence. The luxury market was stripped from Cadillac and bestowed upon Mercedes Benz. The SUV market was dominated by the Ford Explorer so the SUV was criticized as too big and irresponsible. The minivan market invented and dominated by Chrysler, had to go. One little phrase did the trick, “Soccer Mom.” Men fled the market and magazines like Motor Trend, run by out-of-touch spoiled rich kids, kept proclaiming the Honda the best minivan even while people bought more Chryslers than any other brand. Now the attack is on the last two bastions of American supremacy: trucks and Pony Cars. Motor trend loves humiliating the Americans by placing a Hyundai with the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevy Camaro as an “equal” and stacking the deck to let the Korean “outperform” the arrogant Americans while within a few years YOU will believe that foreign trucks are better than any American truck. (I don’t care about Motor Trend’s 2011 “Truck of the Year.” I said, “in a few years!” Your programmed thinking isn’t complete on trucks like it is on cars. Remember when you thought American cars were better than foreign cars? What happened to that thought?)

Now, the assassination of the American Auto Industry (and America) is about complete. In the 1930s Albert Sloan, then head of General Motors said, “As GM goes, so goes the nation.” (Oh yeah! The America- hating Auto Motive Press loves ripping on that statement!) Today GM is bankrupt. Today the United States is bankrupt. Last year GM sold more cars in China than it did in the US. GM is basically “owned” by China. Sound familiar? But the saddest fact is that you, reading this essay, claim to “love” the United States yet you criticize it in every way you are taught to by the press. You criticize the size of “big” American cars, fast food, interstate highways and whatever else your TV instructs you to all the while thinking you “love” America just because you can wave a flag. Put the flag away, pick up your remote and enjoy the rest of the game…while it lasts. ‘Cause when it’s over, it’s really going to be OVER!

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