The Man Who Destroyed America

Nope. Nope. It is not Barak Hussein Obama. He is definitely the devil-inspired dictator who will put the last nail in our coffin but he is not the man who will have to answer to God for leading the United States to its destruction.

You may think of several other candidates for this infamous title: Franklin Delano Roosevelt because he started the United States on the road to becoming a socialist state. Maybe Hugh Hefner because he is the man who has helped corrupt the morals of our entire nation. Possibly Ted Turner for his outstanding achievement of fooling Americans into trusting an organization bent on their destruction, CNN.

Yep. Everyone one of these “Nation Corrupters” will answer to God for their part in helping destroy the only nation in history that was founded on the Bible and its God. But they did not single handedly cause this nation its greatest, its fatal, injury. That great dishonor goes to none other than the Reverend Billy Graham. That’s right, Billy Graham, the Evangelist. Here is why I make this claim.

Our public schools have done an excellent job of hiding the biblical founding of the United States. John Quincy Adams, our sixth President, said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: that it connected in one dissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity…”

Patrick Henry, American Statesman and Patriot, said “it cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Sadly this biblical founding has been hidden or ignored by two very different groups. One, it has been hidden by the God-haters who have taken control of schools, colleges, Hollywood and our “Free Press.” The other group is self-righteous Christians who somehow perceive hatred for America as godliness (just like the Muslims do!) and drone on for hours about the number thirteen and rebellion. (You’d better check your Bible to see Who’s idea Jeroboam’s rebellion against Solomon was. 1 Kings 11:29-31.)

The fact is that the Founders of this nation didn’t start it to institute the benefits of “Free Enterprise.” Free enterprise was nothing more than a by product of a society built on biblical principles. Thus, the United States is the only nation in history that at its inception chose the God of the Bible. (Israel didn’t “choose” God. He chose them… and they are still God’s chosen people.) So, while every other nation in the world had to be “Christianized” the United States had to be “paganized.” This has been the goal of Hollywood, the News Media and public education for decades. (It seems they have finally succeeded.)

Because of its biblical founding the United States has always had a National Evangelist who guided it spiritually and kept its national heart right with God. The first evangelist to influence the United States did so even before it was formed and was responsible for its birthing as a biblical nation. This man was George Whitfield, the English missionary to the New World. Whitfield is responsible for the first Great Awakening in the 1740s which made the young American see the importance of being right with God. His preaching also helped unify the seriously divided Colonies just in time for the French-Indian War. The first war where, due to Whitfield’s revelations, the Colonies united to defend each other even if they were not directly endangered. The last Evangelist that God anointed over this nation was Billy Sunday. You can say what you want about Sunday’s conversion record, the real effect of his ministry was Prohibition. Sunday’s preaching closed every bar in the country! He preached righteous living. He was a threat to the Theater, Hellywood was no great power yet, and a threat to any immorality, be it social or political.

When Sunday passed off the scene the wicked “Powers that Were” felt they couldn’t survive another God-ordained preacher so they went out and got their own. Thus, Henry Luce and William Randolph Hearst, two Roman Catholic newspaper men, went down South and found a fiery young preacher by the name of Billy Graham and forced his acceptance by the nation via glorious revues in their newspapers. I know! You just said, “But he preaches a good salvation message.” Of course he does. But tell me a second thing he preaches?! This is the man who couldn’t find Communism when he visited the Soviet Union. He hasn’t made one negative statement about homosexuality, environmentalism or pornography. He was as silent as death over Bill Clinton’s immorality and has never made one negative statement about the hate-motivated religion of Islam…but “he preaches a good salvation message.”

Billy Graham refocused American Christianity on soul winning, soul winning, soul winning. Yes, he saw folks saved and churches went out and won souls. But pulpits across America followed his lead and went silent on moral living, holiness, biblical ethics and character. They quit fighting wickedness in society. Thus today we have soul winners who are committing adultery, drinking, viewing online porn, stealing church funds, molesting children and trying to destroy anyone who disagrees with them, but…”they can sure preach a good salvation message.”

Our nation is loose morally, ignorant biblically and damned Divinely, all because the one man the Nation looked to for spiritual guidance remained silent about their sins and taught them that as long as they won souls everything was okay.

According to Ephesians 4:12 the biblical purpose of the Church is to edify the Saints. Teach them the Bible, biblical morals, biblical ethics, biblical values and get them living for God first and themselves second. Thanks to “Bought-off Billy” pastors were convinced that the only purpose of the Church was to get the lost in and win them. Weeeeelll! Guess who picked up on that and took the next logical, horrible step? Rick Warren. Basically Rick Warren said, “Oh, you want to get lost people into your church? Well, I’ll show you how to get lost people into your church.” and then he turned the Church into the very Theater that it had preached against for so many years. That’s why so many soul winning preachers are drawn to his methods even when they know Warren is bad.

Billy Graham will soon die. I believe he is saved but I believe, more than any single man in our national history he will answer for the spiritual destitution America suffers from today. People will be in Heaven because of him, (If you just said, “That’s all that counts.” it shows how thorough this Apostate’s influence has been.) but he will answer for being the shepherd that led his flock into the arms of the butchers. America was his responsibility to care for and he sold out for acceptability.

And who has been “anointed” by the News Mafia to replace him? Not his son, Franklin, because he is too conservative for them. Nope, Billy’s replacement is already anointed, Rick Warren, the man who will take the country its final steps into depravity. A man whose ministry promotes immorality, homosexuality and states that “Fundamentalists” are what’s wrong with America. If Barak Hussein Obama is “The Beast” I wonder if Rick Warren is “The False Prophet?”

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