The Man Who Changed History, for the Worse

Few people have done something that has altered the course of history. Most of those who have done so immediately stand out. They were men like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Adolph Hitler. Some of these men can be described as good and some bad, but they can all be labeled by the modern term, “Alpha Males.” Men who just naturally stand out and take control of events around them. If someone was going to alter the course of history such a man would be the natural candidate. Which is why the man I refer to is so unique. He flies “under the radar” of those scanning for chest-beating Alpha Males. His name is Harry Truman, the very man who dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan. (A rather “Alpha Male” action.)

First, let me explain about the Bomb. If you scan the last hundred years of world history you will find one strain that runs throughout, none of the world’s “Movers & Shakers” have ever tried to defeat Communism. Keep this in mind and it will explain the actions of men who have shown no mercy on Germans and Japanese but never really acted decisively against Communism in the East or West.

The Japanese were not Communists. That made them perfect candidates for the “no-nonsense” use of the Bomb. Mix in the accurate estimate of the death of more than a million people that an invasion of Japan would have resulted in and using the Bomb not only made sense, but the goals and aspirations of the Communist Party would suffer absolutely no damage. In fact, it would so devastate Japan that, after being dropped on Japan on August 6, 1945, the USSR was able to invade the northern Japanese islands with impunity the very next day. (If the goal of a war is to gain land the Communists won WWII, hands-down. They gained those Japanese islands, Eastern Europe and ultimately, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.)

The Germans were Nationalists, not Communists. That made them perfect candidates for the “no-nonsense” use of fire-bombs on German civilians. (Where was the fear of “Collateral Damage?”) Few people know that more people died in the fire-bombing of Hamburg than either Hiroshima or Nagasaki. But, the Germans weren’t Communists so it didn’t matter. The pro-Communist News Media would cover for any actions taken against non-Communists. (They still do!)

It’s 1946, the war was over and the USSR had come out as the heartless aggressor it was. What would a true “Alpha Male” do under such circumstances? What would a Reagan do? He would have admitted that the USSR was America’s enemy, that Communism was a threat to western civilization and then listened to two of his best generals, Patton & MacArthur, both of which stated that fact as loudly as they could. Patton would have rearmed the Germans, turned them around and marched on Moscow from the west and MacArthur would have driven across Asia from the east…and both Russia & China would be free today and full of Walmarts!

Think about how many lives would have been saved by such an action. Think of how many people in this world would have experienced the blessedness of freedom. Think of the free course the Gospel would have had in all the countries that Communism closed the doors on.

But what happened instead? Because Truman, a liberal Democrat, would not stand against Communism the nations of Europe banned together and NATO was formed. If there had been no USSR the world would never know what the term, “Cold War” meant. Cuba wouldn’t have become Communist. Both the Korean or Vietnam wars would never have been fought. Think about how many people would not have died because of that!

But, although Truman “had the nerve” to drop the atomic bomb on the Japanese he never tried to win in Korea, ultimately leading to a divided nation. He even fired Gen. MacArthur for wanting to defeat Communism. Just like pro-Communist Democrats today, Truman could play “hardball” against anyone who wanted to defeat Communism, but he never turned the full military force of the USA loose on the scourge

That set the precedent for presidents that followed him, Democrat or Republican. The unspoken rule was: “Never do anything that will destroy Communism.”

So, when Britain, France & Israel invaded the Suez in 1956 Republican president Eisenhower stepped in and stopped it. But he did nothing to help the Hungarians the very same year when they tried to leave the USSR. Why? “Never do anything that will destroy Communism.”

When Communist Castro took power in Cuba President Kennedy pretended to agree with the Cuban refugees but scuttled the Bay of Pigs invasion by not supplying the Independent Cuban forces with air cover against Castro’s planes. Why? “Never do anything that will destroy Communism.”

When Czechoslovakia tried to break free of the USSR in 1968 and Russian tanks invaded the country than Democratic President Johnson just sat by and watched. Why? “Never do anything that will destroy Communism.”

And we all know about Vietnam. Through Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon no president ever tried to win that war. Over 56,000 Americans paid with their lives. Why? “Never do anything that will destroy Communism.”

Then, along came a non-politician, Ronald Reagan and he put in action the events that would lead to the fall of the Soviet Union. Since Reagan, we haven’t had one president who had the courage to actually act like Communism was our enemy.

Now we have another non-politician president. Will president Trump stand against Communism? Where would he fight it? In our public schools and college classrooms? In the News Media? In the leaders of both of our political parties?
Will he? I don’t know. All I know is that, because an unassuming little man from Missouri refused to take on Communism when it was at its weakest, millions of people have died. How many will more die if Trump follows the path most of our presidents have taken since Truman?

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