The Last Straw?

Never in the history of our country has it been in such peril. There are so many threats lined up against it that is seems one of them has to succeed in destroying it. Many of these threats show the wisdom of the wicked as opposed to the selfish shallowness of Christians. What do I mean? The wicked are willing to not see the fruit of their labors in their lifetime. Christians are just the opposite, they won’t try anything that they, themselves will not benefit from in their lifetime. Many wicked plans that are just now bearing fruit were set in motion 40 years ago by wicked people who aren’t even here to see the fruits of their labors. Following are a few, but certainly not all, of the wicked plans set in motion around 40 years ago.

Religion demeaned – Movies and News broadcasts began over-emphasizing the feats of sports figures & movie stars & teachers while “exposing” the flaws of ministers. Religion was set out of sight in movies & education so that it was not considered to be relevant by young people. This helped with:

New living standards – The “American Dream” was toted as nothing more than gathering as many toys and having as much pleasure as possible. Money/fame/pleasure rather than morals & righteousness were instilled as important to our youth. Children of the ’60s slid while the ’70s and ’80s were worse. Today our young people believe life is only for their greatest pleasure they can attain now even at the expense of their future health & well being.

Greed has been instilled as normal and good and, with no input from the Bible, greed has run wild. Where our generation believed that if we worked hard someday we would have some of the finer things of life, today’s generation says, “What?! You want me to wait for what I want? Don’t you know that next week I’m going to make it big on ‘American Idol’ or win the lottery? I’m not interested in working and waiting.” Life is all about money, fun & sex.

The destruction of education – About 40 years ago God was kicked out of our schools. Then the teaching of fundamental academics was exchanged for pie-in-the-sky socialism. Now you have a better chance of being raped, murdered or molested in our schools than that of getting a valid education. But these kids were told every day that they are “champions” and should have good self-esteem, have been made future victims of any society that conquers us.

Opened borders – In the ’60s & ’70s while we had our attention directed to the “evil” Soviet Union, the Communists running the Immigration & Naturalization Service shut off European immigration into this country and kicked the doors open to Hindus, Muslims and any non-white culture so they could force the lie that “America was founded to be multi-cultural” into being the truth. Now our nation is dirtier with diseases no one can explain.

Anti-industrial rules – From logging to oil; from the auto industry to the steel industry; government regulations stopped all new factories from being built while making the present ones too expensive to operate. NAFTA drove the final nail in our economy. While this was happening liberal liars lulled us to sleep with the soothing words that America would be better as a “service oriented” economy (i.e. Star Bucks and lawn care). Now manufacturing is just about gone. If we engage in a world war we won’t have the industrial base, or skilled laborers, to build our own weapons.

Environmental dictators have passed regulations nationwide to stop all building. No new refineries or power plants have been built in…40 years! Before you cry, “We need to build refineries and nuclear power plants!” stop and think. If you heard one was going to be built within 20 miles of your home you would be right out there picketing with the environmental Nazis to stop it. What we really mean is, “We need to build refineries and nuclear power plants…somewhere other than near my house!” Trust me, they will never be built.

Floating dollar – Years ago we visited a gold mine in California that had been closed in 1956. I figured there had to be some gold left when they turned off the pumps and let the mine fill with water so I asked our guide how much gold was still in the mine. He said, “Eighty percent.” I was shocked! I asked why they closed down a gold mine that still had 80 percent of its gold still untouched. He said, “President Franklin Delano Roosevelt set the price of gold at $35 an ounce. By 1956 it cost $48 an ounce to mine it. So they shut it down.”

Then in 1969 President Richard Nixon took our dollar off the gold standard and “let it float” (or sink) on the world market.

Today our dollar is worthless. Missionaries have lost half the value of their support because of the devaluation of the dollar. The object of all this was to make another currency other than the dollar the world currency. We now know this currency as the Euro. Mark my words! The day the world goes to the Euro instead of the US dollar as the currency of international trade, the U.S. will be a third world nation in a year.

Neither of these presidents lived to see their wickedness bare fruit but they died knowing it would someday.

Destruction of the auto industry – Although I mentioned the auto industry earlier it bears a separate segment. Our auto industry was the backbone of our economy and the envy of the world. Around 40 years ago it was shackled with phony environmental standards and malicious mileage standards. Remember the phony gas crisis of the ’70s? It wasn’t done to make millions for oil company executives. It was done to stop the U.S. auto industry in its tracks and let the Japanese and Germans catch up. Meanwhile Motor Trend and the other car magazines went on an anti-American campaign they still haven’t stopped. In the ’70s I remember them belittling American cars for having V8s & rear wheel drive. The Big Three was mocked for not building a front wheel drive four banger and scolded for making cars bigger every year. Today every major competitor to American cars has rear wheel drive and V8s or V10s or V12s, yet there is never a critical word from our automotive press. Instead Motor Trend & Co. are criticizing the American car makers for not having V8s & rear wheel drive.

Now, every year the Japanese cars get bigger & bigger and less fuel efficient. Again there is never a critical word from the traitors in our automotive press.

Also, the traitors running our automotive press have so belittled American cars that most of you are convinced they are junk. (Tell a lie long enough and…)

The Deification of the News Media – Television is now the god of America. No, Americans don’t worship it but they get their moral judgements and edicts from it. The hypocritical News journalists have become the preachers of this false god. They hound, embarrass and destroy anyone who violates their “Commandments.” So, even though Americans believe homosexuals are perverted, they are afraid to say so because they don’t want to incur the wrath of “god.”

Some years ago John McCain was involved in the Savings & Loan scandal. Thousands of people lost their life savings. But! John McCain was (and is) a Liberal so the News Mafia covered for him and didn’t press the issue. They did this because they knew McCain would someday be a candidate for president and didn’t want to destroy a fellow liberal. Now, we have two liberals running for president; one a Democrat and the other a Republican. With the anointing of the rank liberal, John McCain, the Republican Party has basically thumbed their nose at Christians. They are always so sure that Christians will vote “for the lesser of two evils” that they have taken our votes for granted. I have gotten several letters from the gutless Republican Party written in a hand-wringing tone hoping I won’t “abandon” or “desert the party.” I wrote back that the party had deserted me.

This year I intend to “throw my vote away” and vote for Bob Barr. Don’t worry, for every Conservative who doesn’t vote for McCain five Democrats will.

In the next four years we may see one of the above circumstances bring the end to our country. When it happens you will be too busy trying to find food and stay alive to be smug about it!

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