The “Guilt Model”

The world is filled with people who desire to force their will on those around them. Define them however you wish they are, very simply, dictators. They are annoying to be around, real problems when above you at work and down-right deadly when running a country. So dangerous are they that our wise Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution to thwart these very people.

When running a government these people use the power of the law to force their will on others. History is chock full of examples, Adolph Hitler & Joseph Stalin being the two most prominent. But King George can’t be ignored either. Governmental dictators use police forces and corrupt armies to force people to obey them. That is why Obama is running anyone with character out of the military & filling it with perverts & foreigners who will willingly shoot Americans when he finally gives the order.

When these people are running a business they use the power invested in a business hierarchy to force those under them to “obey or else.”

But when such people desire to force their will on others and have no police forces, armies or paychecks with which to punctuate their power, they can only rely on good (bad), old bullying. They command their victim to obey and then beat them up if they don’t. But bullying isn’t always physical. Browbeating & intimidation often produce the same result. Because they have no access to guns or paychecks to force us to obey them, bullying is the foremost tactic employed by the dictators running the News Media. Like all bullies, they use “name-calling” to cajole us into obeying. Disagree with the liberals who have kidnapped our “free press” and you are a: “racist,” “bigot,”, “homophobe,” or whatever vile title is needed to crush your resistance to their desires.

One of the things that consistently catches Conservatives in general, and Christians, in particular, off guard, is that we cannot bring ourselves to believe that these people are smarter than us. If not smarter then better at pulling underhanded tricks than we are. The election of a Muslim, Communist, Kenyan is illustrative of just how much power the News Mafia wields over the psyche of the vast majority of Americans. And it’s all Adolph Hitler’s fault!
Let me first make several things clear:

1. I believe the Jews were & are still God’s chosen people. (If you don’t believe that save your breath & my time and don’t contact me to “straighten me out.”

2. I believe the Holocaust did indeed take place.

3. I believe Adolph Hitler was an evil man who, directly or indirectly, caused the deaths of 25,000,000 people due to World War II.

4. I believe that the German people alive at that time were, in essence, complicit in the murder of the Jews during the Holocaust. (Pro. 29:12)

Following the war, there were War Crimes trials. (Anyone ever notice there were no such trials after Korea & Vietnam? The News Mafia never demands a reckoning of its fellow communists.) The guilt of the Nazis & national guilt of the Germans was trumpeted around the world leaving an entire nation weighted down with a cloak of shame they, in a sense, deserved.

Now, fast-forward seventy years into the future. Several generations of Germans have been raised up that do not hold the views of the Nazis. They acknowledge the travesty of the Holocaust. They are, in every way innocent of the crimes of their fathers & the Nazis. But, to this day, Germans, (men in particular( are continually brow-beat (read that bullied) into feeling guilty about something they had no part in. This decade’s long bullying has taken any resistance to the World demands out of them. (Did you know that 31% of American POWs in Japanese hands died but only 4% held by the Germans did? But the Japanese are never condemned because the News Mafia is too busy making them “victims” of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. More guilt for Americans!)

But Germany is “small potatoes” compared to the “big dog,” the United States. How can the world’s bullies subjugate a nation of over 300 million people? Simple, use the model that worked on a smaller scale in Germany, guilt-trip the Americans into submitting. But, the Americans never persecuted the Jews! Easy, simply replace “Jews” with “Blacks” and it’s a piece of cake. Was slavery wrong? Sure. Were blacks mistreated? Yes… One hundred and forty years ago! The U.S. has had multiple generations born, raised and even died that had no connection to slavery. My own family came to this country in 1907, more than forty years after the end of the Civil War, yet the bullies demand that I feel guilty for something my family had no part in. Oh. I see. I should feel guilty just because I’m white! Um, isn’t that called “racism?”

Today Americans have surrendered their manhood to the Liberals who manipulate all public venues. White people were bullied into voting for Obama or be called “Racist!” by…by…liberal racists! Just listen to Pelosi, Ried, or any Demo-rat who sees that they’re not winning an argument. They immediately start the name calling with cries of “racist.” It not “playing the Race Card,” it’s pulling the “Race Whip” and beating the white slaves into submission like any dictator does. It worked on the Germans, it will work on the Americans. There are no crueler racist, crueler bullies, crueler dictators than liberals.

Today, if somehow an American sidesteps the “slavery” guilt-trip, (like their family arrived here in 1907) then the media dictators simply remove “blacks” from the “guilt-trip bludgeon” and insert, “Indians, women, homosexuals” or whatever is required to force “Whitey” to feel ashamed! It is amazing the men of the genre that marched across this country and took on all odds to build the greatest nation the world has ever known are, today, afraid of even saying something that might offend someone lest the News Mafia bullies work them over in public. We are a nation full of gutless “republicans” who will vote against what we know is right hoping to get the TV news guy to not rip on us. When a nation has become that superficial, that spineless, it’s doomed.

Is there hope for America? Of course. First, Americans need to repent and turn back to the Lord, get back to church and the Bible. (Of course, if all the churches they attend are really just contemporary theaters disguised as churches, it’s useless.) Second, Americans would have to turn off their TVs in the homes and in their minds and resolve to do right even though the News Mafia is going to be screaming dirty names at them. Since today young males tremble more at the thought of losing “friends” & “followers” on the Internet than displeasing God, I think we’re pretty well cooked.

Why don’t you do an inventory of your values to see how many are there from fear of what the bullies will do to you if you didn’t embrace them? Probably none. Right?

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