The Collapse of Character

Our moral values, our character, are outgrowths of our upbringing. In the early days of this country our government showed the proper respect for the Bible and its positive effect on mankind. Our people went to churches where even the doctrinally unsound still taught a level of moral living and hard work. Although sin and corruption will be found in any society, ours rejected it and it was relegated to dark alleys and closets. Even “bad men” would refrain from using foul language in the presence of a lady and anyone who didn’t work was looked down on. (In other words, America wasn’t “Hell on Wheels.”)

Then we sent our children to college. Not a bad thing of itself. There they learned how to do things better and explored all aspects of numerous subjects. But slowly our college faculties changed; virtuous, moral professors were slowly edged out and replaced with men and women with no morals and of low character. Colleges and universities that had been turning out teachers whose goals were to educate their students began to turn out social activists instead whose goals were to change our society into one never intended by the Founding Fathers. Schools that once produced astute businessmen now turn out truckloads of unscrupulous marketers. Over the years these substandard individuals have succeeded in lowering the morals and eradicating the character of three generations, who now care about no one but themselves. They are loyal to no one and nothing, only themselves.

Here are some examples of the individuals of character that we had and how they have changed:

1. Businessmen vs. Marketers – The first thought of a businessman is to the satisfaction of the customer. He wants to give his customer a good product at a fair price. His word is his guarantee. If a customer is unhappy he will do whatever is necessary to fix the problem, not just to get return business but because he feels his customer should get a good product. His motto is: “The customer is always right.”

A marketer on the other hand only cares about getting people to buy his product so he can make money. He puts his money and efforts into advertising and convincing his customers to buy more of his products. His business goal is finding a way to give his customer less while charging more. (How many times have you made a purchase and said, “They’re giving me less product for more money.”?) It was a marketer that came up with the idea of fifteen types of Coke and eight different “Crest” toothpastes.

Here’s a real-life example. A businessman makes a razor so a man can shave. He makes a blade that will stay sharp as long as possible so his customer will get a good shave for as long as possible. He even puts a lubricating strip on it. The marketer is unhappy that they aren’t selling a larger volume of razor blades. He then takes the same razor and uses cheaper steal so the blade goes dull sooner to promote sales. But, customers still use the razors longer than he wishes. So the marketer puts out TV ads telling his customers, whom he thinks are dumber than a rock, that when the strip turns white it’s time to buy a new blade. He thinks his customers are too stupid to know when they aren’t getting a good shave so he has to train them. If you complain about his product or service he will whine that you are “unreasonable” if you don’t accept his lame excuse. His motto is: “The customer just needs to understand…”

2. Statesman vs. Politician – In the political world, this degradation is found in the differences between what we used to call a “Statesman” and today’s cheap, self-serving politicians. The difference between these two has best been expressed by the statement, “A Statesman is concerned about the next generation while a politician is concerned with the next election.” or “A Statesman bases his decisions on how they will benefit the country, a politician bases his decisions on how they will benefit himself.”

3. Teacher vs. Social Activist – The goal of teachers used to be equipping their students for life with the best education they could give them. The goal of a social activist is to promote a socialist agenda no matter how unsuccessful it has proven to be throughout history. The result of this change is that we are now one of the most illiterate countries in the world but our children graduate believing in the myths of Global Warming, peace at any cost, and the errant notion that homosexuality is normal behavior…yet they don’t know mathematics, history or the proper use of the English language! God curse social activists!

Our country was founded by Statesmen who cared more about the future generations than they did their own safety, let alone political futures. Politicians, on the other hand, have only two goals, get in office and stay in office. That’s why there’s no difference between today’s field of Democrats and Republicans. Both think of nothing but their own interests ahead of the interests of their country. That’s how we got into this mess and that’s why people see no difference between the two parties. Their political philosophies might be different but their political goals are identical.

Unfortunately, the destructive influence of the world’s education system is even more widespread than that. Since most all of us were brought up in the public school system we have all been submerged in this philosophy of selfishness. Just because we know this philosophy is wrong doesn’t mean we’re immune to its effect. Just because we may be saved doesn’t mean we can’t be selfish. Just because we believe the Bible is the Word of God doesn’t mean we have ceased to have the same flesh as the lost world.

What made the United States great was that it was populated by an unselfish people. To be unselfish is not natural. Therefore, to become unselfish we need something supernatural. Only the Bible is supernatural. It was the hard Bible preaching of the early preachers in the Colonies that raised a generation of unselfish citizens. God blessed the allegiance that this country had to Him and His Book because the citizens of this country were different from any others in the world. (That’s why no Muslim country will ever be a free country.) Contrary to the lie you constantly hear from the News Mafia and public education, the goal of the Colonists was not “free enterprise.” (They didn’t come here to start Pizza Hut!) The goal of the Colonists was to exalt the Creator and live to His glory. Colonial preachers emphasized this precept and it altered the goals of every citizen and created the most benevolent country the world has ever seen. This resulted in a people that were kind, moral and virtuous who served and worshipped God while helping the less fortunate around them. A people who were not focused on themselves!

The young people of our youngest generations, through no fault of their own, have been misled by those they have trusted, their teachers, entertainers, and politicians. They have been told they are all “little champions” who “deserve” the “best.” (They, like you & I are all sinners who deserve Hell!) They make no decisions that they are not the center of. They think they deserve love, wealth & happiness and could care less if no one else in the world enjoys these blessings. Their every decision is based on the philosophy of, “What’s in it for me?” No businessmen, no teachers, no Statesmen will ever come from this generation. Just self-loving, self-serving greedy individuals like you will find in any other heathen country.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The Bible makes the best people in the world.” Early Americans had biblical values instilled in them and were “the best people in the world.” Forty years of public school with no prayer, no Bible, and no biblical principles has created several generations of individuals who add nothing to society but suck everything they can out of it. Basically…we’re goners without the Lord.

America is beyond voting our way out of our troubles.

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