Stop the Bullying

We make statues to honor noble and virtuous people. Liberals live in homes with statues of themselves in every room. They do this because they can think of no one nobler or more virtuous than…themselves. They talk about caring for the poor. They talk about hating war. They talk about disliking “hate speech.” They talk, talk, talk about noble causes which they are more than willing to force others to support. One of the latest “causes” to which they are paying a great deal of lip service is the great evil of “bullying.” Now, please understand, this act is one that seems to greatly grieve people who think murdering unborn babies is a profitable business.

Everyone knows what bullies are and what they do. They pick on anyone they don’t like and push them around. They enjoy humiliating them. It may be some insignificant reason that they dislike them. But, because they’re stronger and mean and vicious they just force those they hate to do whatever they tell them to. It gives them a feeling of power, and they are intoxicated by power.

The newest, self-inflating cause of Liberals is to eradicate mankind of this evil of bullying. It would seem at first that they are driven by both virtue and morality. But alas, this is not the case. You see, the one thing Liberals hate more than anything else is competition. That’s why they hate Capitalism. That is why they hate bullying. They hate anyone competing with them.

The Liberals who have kidnaped our “Free Press” are the very worst of bullies imaginable. Where some bullies only beat up those they wish to oppress the bullies who run the News Mafia will kill anyone who resists their will. If you want to see this bullying in action just review what happened when the jury in the Rodney King trial didn’t do what the News Mafia wanted them to. They sparked riots in which three people were killed and then published the names of the jurors in hopes of getting someone to kill them.

Our Liberal bullies tell us what words we can and cannot say. Obey or be punished! If the bullies hate Christmas then they demand that no one else keep Christmas. They hate God so they bully the school into throwing out the Bible and ceasing public prayer. They hate free enterprise so they bully companies into keeping anti-pollution standards so high that it financially breaks the company. Slowly but surely, while pretending to be the chief adversary of bullying, the true bullies running the News Mafia have been bullying us into obeying their every whim.

Most Christians are critical of television, Hollywood, and the New Media because in our circles that is what’s “politically correct.” Yet, strangely these same Christians allow themselves to be bullied into using the terms their bullying TVs tell them to use. They claim to accept the Bible as their sole authority and that their only desire is to please God. Yet, the fact is that they are more afraid to offend their television sets than they are God. They let their bullies, their oppressors, decide their wardrobe, their vocabulary and their goals for life.

The only way to stop a bully is to punch him! What we need to do is to quit bending our knees to the bullies and start standing for what is right.

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