Letter #151

Is He Doing it On Purpose?

It is obvious to see that Roger Goodell is destroying the NFL. I have always believed that General Motors was attacked from without and sabotaged from within. The phony gas crisis of the 1970s was not designed to make oil companies rich. They were already rich. It was done to stop the American auto industry in its tracks and give the foreign car manufacturers a chance to catch up. Meanwhile, if you look at some of the products GM put out in the ‘70s it is plain that no one could have designed them in the belief that anyone would want them.

Roger Goodell could have stopped the ridiculous antics of our “oppressed” millionaire football players before it got out of hand. As soon as Kaepercreep knelt he could have had him suspended and that would be that. But instead, he seemed to encourage it. Why? Why is he so stubborn about NFL players doing something that is absolutely destroying the league?

We all know that Liberals hate football because it’s a uniquely American sport. They have tried for decades to replace it with soccer. Is Roger Goodell intentionally making Americans hate football so they’ll turn to soccer? I wouldn’t put it past him!

Don’t Kid Yourself

There are still a few Conservatives who are opposed to the Liberal agenda but don’t like Trump either. They wouldn’t mind if Trump were somehow removed from office. Their faith is that “President” Pence, would continue with Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” & “Make America Great Again” program. Don’t kid yourself. I do not dislike Pence. Nor do I deny his testimony of salvation. But Pence has one fatal flaw. He, like the rest of those inside the Beltway, is a professional politician. Remember, when he was governor of Indiana the state passed a law against sex perverts and Pence signed it into law. Then, when the News Mafia attacked him he promptly folded up and recanted.

If Pence becomes president he will get an immediate visit from the Republican leadership. They will enter the Oval Office and tell him how it is. Once they emerge Pence will come out talking like Trump and acting like George Bush. The swamp monster will own DC again!

Malpractice is MALPRACTICE!

We all see those billboards and TV commercials where sleazy lawyers offer to sue anyone to make a
buck…for you, of course. Doctors tend to be particularly hard hit. I am advocating for extending the reach of these financial vampires. I think both teachers and politicians should be financially vulnerable for their many cases of malpractice. We are graduating students who can’t add or multiply. They know nothing about our nation’s history. They can’t read or write in cursive. But they certainly are champions of the environmental movement and world socialism! But they can’t become useful members of society because their teachers have sabotaged their education! If that isn’t malpractice nothing is!

Also, our self-serving, power-hungry politicians open our borders to every criminal the world has to offer. Fine. When an illegal murders or rapes someone they should be liable for the crime since they helped set it up. Maybe if there was a consequence to their care-less attitude they might actually think before they place the citizens of our nation in peril with theisr irresponsible actions!

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

Randy Jennings

I first met Randy when he & his wife came to a meeting I was having in the microscopic town of Gove, KS. They had driven all the way from Nebraska to attend. They attended every meeting I had when I preached in Gove over the years. Randy was a “Man’s man.” Macho, rough, tough, but dedicated to the Lord. Then a few years ago his life took some really bad turns that left him without a wife and alienated from his children. On top of that he was involved in a serious car wreck that left him very much like a stroke victim. He now says he’s had a good day if he can stand from his wheelchair for 3 seconds unattended. He has lost everything and is living in a nursing home in a tiny town in Nebraska. Kathy & I made it a point to stop one to see him. In spite of his circumstances he has nothing negative to say about his Saviour. He isn’t discouraged or bitter. He doesn’t even complain about being alone. He is as true to the Lord as he ever was. A lesson for us all! Pray for Randy.

Fight On!

The only name that has come down across the years is Martha. She, her husband, her brother, her sister, her young son and daughter left Wisconsin in the spring of 1849, headed for California. Cholera struck down her husband and sister. As Martha and her brother were burying their dead on July 1, 1849, they were set upon by Indians who killed both her brother and young son. In the confusion, Martha escaped with her five year old daughter. She led her child eastward on the wagon trail they had used going west hoping to run into another wagon train. Once they actually spied one in the distance but saw Indians between them and their objective. Finally, after three days, tired and hungry, they saw wagons and campfires in the distance. They heard music and singing. A west bound wagon train had camped for the night and was celebrating the National Holiday, July 4th. Disheveled and destitute and half starved to death, with her little girl clinging to her dress, Martha and her daughter stumbled into camp. They were fed and clothed and traveled the rest of the way to California with the wagon train, where Martha and her daughter trudged off into the shadows of history. Fight on!

They Hate It!

Liberals hate rape…until it’s perpetrated by Muslims. They hate racism…unless it is non-whites who
are doing it. They hate violence…unless ANTIFA is doing it. They hate voter fraud…unless Democrats are doing it. They hate murder…unless it’s done by an Illegal. Which reveals they really don’t hate these things at all! They just want to be the governor of them. As long as Liberals can decide who is raped, hated, beaten or murdered they have no problem with their vile acts at all. Which truly reveals what criminals Liberals are. Liberals are truly criminals in their minds, which guides their hateful actions. Never vote for one!

Little Known Facts of the Civil War

1. The house that Lee surrendered in was the same house in which war had been declared four years earlier. Its
owner had moved the house from Bull Run to Appomattox to avoid the hostilities.

2. The main speaker at the dedication of the national cemetery at Gettysburg was Edward Everett, not President Lincoln. Everett spoke for over two hours. Lincoln spoke for just over two minutes. And no one even remembers that Everett was there!

3. South Carolina, which was the first state to secede from the Union was also the first state to battle the British at the start of the Revolution.

4. Lincoln’s goal was to preserve the Union not free the slaves. He only made slavery the issue when he saw that England & France were about to join the war on the side of the South. Where they might choose to support Southern independence, he knew they could never lend their support to preserving slavery. So he made his “Emancipation Proclamation” and the rest is history.

5. Monitors built during the Civil War were still being used in 1937.

6. The South lost!

Joshua 23:11 Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, that ye love the LORD your God.

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