September 2014 – Letter #140

Is There Any Hope?

I believe it was Thomas Jefferson that said it should never be profitable to serve in Congress because that would attract the wrong kind of people. Well, it is now very profitable to serve in Congress. Most of those who get elected to serve in Congress first become millionaires there. A “profession” is something you do just to make a living. To make money. Thus, a “professional” politician sees being in office as his source of income not a “public service.” He is only interested in two things: get in office, stay in office. For this reason the first thing a professional politician considers before making a decision isn’t, “What’s right or what’s wrong.” but “How will this hurt my chances of staying in office?” Thus, it is impossible for professional politicians to fix our country because they will never make a “hard” decision. But, by being in office they are keeping out bold men who could fix our country. Cut Congress’s pay in half and the “Pros” will bail and the offices will fill up with bold men like those we had in our first Congress. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen!

Fair Warning

I have never wanted to see God’s judgment fall on my country. Some have been waiting impatiently for 50 years but God just kept being merciful. But I fear our days of mercy may be drawing to a close. Whether or not Obama actually does leave office in ‘16 I believe he has blown enough holes in the bottom of our boat that we most likely can’t recover. Don’t kid yourself into the false security that, “I believe the King James Bible so God will see to it I’m taken care of.” You can’t in debt God to you that easily. If we are in America’s “Jeremiah Days” then Jeremiah is the place to look for a way to secure God’s mercy during the fall of a nation. Remember, Jeremiah’s greatest enemies were the Jews he sought to help. They threatened, beat and imprisoned him. Yet in Jer. 38:7-13 Ebedmelech, a lowly servant, delivered Jeremiah from the miry pit. In Jer. 39:16-18 God promises His protection on him. My take on that is that, if you want God to protect you when the bottom drops out, all the stockpiled food & bullets in the world can’t guarantee it. But, take care of your pastor and maybe God will take care of you. Think I’m just trying to get “Brownie Points” with pastors? Fine, then don’t take care of your pastor, someone else will. You can trust in your freeze-dried pizza!

Accessory After the Fact

If you had absolutely nothing to do with a crime that was committed but then in some way assisted the criminal that did it after it had been committed you would be guilty of the crime as an “Accessory after the Fact.” Thus, as ISIS is crucifying Christians, beheading children and burying people alive for refusing to convert to Islam, the News Media is being careful not to raise any ire against their Muslim allies. The News Media is just as criminal as their heartless partners in crime.
Imagine the reaction of the News Mafia if a conservative politician used the “N” word and compare that to the “silence that can be heard” concerning the inhuman, barbaric, unmerciful acts of these Muslims. The News Media has every bit as much blood on their hands as does ISIS.

But why? Why the silence in the face of such open, shameless, cruel acts? Because the News Mafia hates Christianity in ANY form and will cover for anyone who helps to stamp it out. Don’t look for these lying, self-proclaimed “defenders of our freedoms” to rush to our aid when the murders begin in this hemisphere.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

1. Their cell phones don’t work
2. Their computers don’t work
3. Their iPads don’t work
4. Their cars don’t start
5. Their scanners don’t work
6. Their FAX machines don’t work
7. Their first plan falls through
8. Some of their key players have been taken

Meeting the 7000

Carl Miller

If they made a statue of Carl Miller out of brass the statue wouldn’t be as tough as the real thing! Carl & his wife, Leta, have been missionaries to Scotland for almost 30 years. Few soldiers for the Lord have endured the physical battles Bro. Miller has and kept going. He has: torn the heel pads on both feet, had both knees replaced, had both retinas detach & had silicone implants in his eyes, cancer in his bladder, cancer in his left kidney resulting in the removal of half of it, several hernia surgeries, pneumonia and recently almost died from a blood infection which will take more than a year to recover from. Leta says, “I’m glad I’m not a widow.”

Add to this Leta’s health battles including major back surgery and no one would condemn them for coming home. But they have faithfully served their Lord. Carl Miller is an example of true dedication.

So? What’s bothering you?

Think You’re Prepared?

One of the things most people whose nations were quickly taken over overlooked was that their enemies knew what they were thinking and outmaneuvered them with a pre-emptive strike. I chuckle when I hear the bravado of those who are willing to “die in a hail of bullets” defending freedom. (How do you know they won’t simply pick you up while you’re getting groceries?) Americans need to be prepared for the morning they wake up to find:

On that day anything with a computer chip won’t work. Are you prepared for that day? How will you communicate with each other? What’s the plan when suddenly the electronic world goes dark? What’s the common meeting place and what actions are to be taken automatically? Got an escape route? Got a method of travel that doesn’t require a computer controlled engine?

Fight On!

The name of William “Red” Hill, Sr. is forever linked to the history of Niagra Falls. Hill was a genuine hero by any definition of the word. At the age of nine years old he was awarded a medal for bravery for rescuing a young girl from a burning house. His deeds of heroism in and around the Falls netted him three more medals over the years. He is credited with saving the lives of 28 people associated with Niagra Falls.

Serving in Europe during World War I Hill received two more medals for bravery. But, as a result of being gassed, he was returned to Canada by 1918.

It was in that year that Hill performed one of his most daring rescues at the Falls. A barge carrying two crewmen had broken loose from its tow above the Falls and was quickly swept down river. Within sight of the edge of the Falls, it grounded. Frantic attempts were made to save the men before the barge could be swept over the Falls. Finally, a line was fired and secured to the barge but when a breeches buoy was sent out toward the barge the line tangled. It was dark when Hill rode the buoy out over the treacherous waters and tried to free the cable but to no avail. If the barge shifted while he was out there he would fall and be swept to his death. When daylight came Hill again volunteered to attempt to free the line. At 8 AM he went again. For an hour-and-a-half Hill wrestled with the tangled line. This time he was successful and the men were thankfully brought to shore. Red Hill, Sr. had left his mark on Niagra Falls again. Fight on!

George Washington on Obama & the Supreme Court

“If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way in which the Constitution designates, but let there be no change by usurpation; for though this in one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”

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