Religious Environmentalists Are Mentally Ill

From years of studying environmentalists I have come to the conclusion that they are both religion based and mentally ill. This makes for a dangerous combination.

Their religion: Their druid-like religious disposition is evident by their non environment benefitting arguments. They want roads and dams destroyed because the environment needs to be, “returned to pristine condition”. This is a religious conviction rather than a scientific fact. They show no mercy when hearing about an animal killing a human because they worship the animal and feel that their actions have offered it a sacrifice. They see the earth as an object to be served and venerated rather than a well designed ball of dirt. They claim that cutting a tree is murder because the tree is alive yet never carry this argument over to the lettuce in their salad.

When environmentalists speak of such things as; “Mother Earth”, “Gaia” and “harmonic convergence” they are invoking religious ideals. Their fascination with crystals is also religion based. And, of course, their association with witchcraft is further testimony of religious rather than scientific roots.

The self-righteous satisfaction they derive from being the self appointed “guardians” of nature is typical of any other religious fanatic who bases his righteousness on his works. Thus, every time an environmentalists forces us to obey his desires he is “shoving his religion down our throats.” When the government forces us to obey environmental laws it is violating the “separation of church and state” by forcing us to worship according to the dictates of a state sanctioned religion.

Their mental illness: The mental illness of environmentalism manifests itself is three forms; Paranoid, Delusional and Criminal insanities.

1. Paranoid insanity – This is the mildest form of the mental illness of environmentalism. Religious environmentalists live in a state of paranoia. They fear that they will ingest some “horrible chemical” in their food so they demand “organic” foods. They fear that cars are going to destroy the air (It’s cleaner than ever!) so they do all they can to eliminate the private ownership of cars while they righteously ride their bikes. These people think that you can hurt dirt by walking on it. (Step off the path at a national park and you’ll meet one.) They are mentally ill. They are not dangerous but their anti-social behavior creates problems for all who come in contact with them.

The paranoids want stricter and stricter environmental laws to force people to protect the earth. Higher gas prices, forced recycling, federally protected trees are just some of the pet projects of these tortured minds.

2. Delusional insanity – This form of the mental illness that afflicts environmentalists is somewhat more severe than simple paranoia. The delusionalists see the earth as sacred and feels it is their divine calling to defend it. Where the paranoids see chemicals, cars and companies as the villain, the delusionalists simplifies it to all mankind. They see mankind as a blight on the earth. They feel that nothing man does to protect the environment can help. They are actually closet “humanity haters” and are always glad to hear when a wild animal has killed a human. Some famous delusionalists have stated that they felt the small pox virus had a right to exist! (Yet, being ideologically dishonest liberals, they never carry this philosophy over to the AIDS virus.) They have actually longed for some virus to eliminate the human race so that the earth will no longer be “afflicted” by it.
This form of the mental illness of environmentalism is a warning sign of the last, most dangerous from.

3. Criminal insanity – Environmentalists immerse themselves in the “horror” of human caused “damage” to the earth and the “rightness” of their cause. Once their unstable minds have been subjected to the constant preaching of the environmental “gospel” they lose touch with reality and seek only to hurt and destroy. Some have been known to release cattle and sabotage farm equipment. Others criminally destroy the clothing of someone wearing fur regardless of their constitutional right to wear it. Some have “spiked” trees so that a logger’s chainsaw will hit the spike and hopefully kill him. These people are evil, merciless and dangerous.

What should be done?

There are a number of ways to help those afflicted with the environmental illness which can help them to successfully overcome their sickness.
Indirect methods – We can deal with environmentalists without directly interfering with their lives by resisting their attempts to force their will on us as individuals. By resisting their “orders” to recycle, refrain from driving, curtail use of natural resources and such we free ourselves from their mental oppression. The mental illness of environmentalism causes those afflicted by it to become “power mad”. The more you submit to an environmentalist the more unreasonable their demands become. You can deal with an environmentalist through “appeasement” about as well as Lloyd George did when he appeased Hitler and “prevented” World War II. (“Peace in ours times.” the simpleton claimed.) By resisting and even publicly rebuking environmentalists their overt tendencies are suppressed and they can re-enter normal life.

Direct methods – Since religious environmentalism is a mental disease it must be treated like one. Those afflicted by the malady must be gathered into central locations and be treated by counseling, drug therapy, shock treatments or whatever is necessary to restore their sanity and return them to being productive members of society. The state presently administers such treatments to other mentally ill citizen, even against their will, and therefore there is hope for environmentalists.

Legal methods – Once the sick mind of an environmentalist forces him to cross the line to the realm outside the law they are to be dealt with as any other criminal is. These criminal environmentalists are, in fact, terrorists. They seek to achieve their goals by terrorizing the general population by criminal actions. Like any criminal they have no regard for the rights or lives of their victims. Judges, no matter how liberal, owe it to the general public to protect them from criminal environmentalists by sentencing them as they would any rapist or murderer. They can show no leniency or preference in dealing with them. If their minds can be salvaged through mental treatments they can return to society. If not, then the general public is safer with them incarcerated. The population of a nation is not to be held hostage by the mind of a crazy person.

Mentally ill environmentalists working in the news media are to be treated as any other environmentalist. Counseling, drugs, incarceration, whichever turns them back into normal people.

Environmentalists can be saved from themselves. If we have the courage to act!

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