“Racist” the New “N-word”

Let me make two points clear: The Nazi’s murder of the Jews during World War II was wrong and slavery in this country was wrong. (I understand that saying that WILL NOT protect me from bigoted liberals calling me “racist” in an attempt to shame and bully me into silence.)

There is a reason I mention those two occurrences together. These two genuinely shameful events have come and gone. Both were eradicated by the blood of noble soldiers. Yet both are still being used by immoral liberals to flog the White Race into silence and submission.

Today, Germans who never did anything to a Jew and agree that the Nazis were wrong are ever browbeaten by merciless liberals in an effort to keep them feeling eternally guilty over something they never did. Liberals experimented and refined their verbal bullying on the hapless Germans. Once they had it perfected they unleashed it on the United States, replacing Jewish genocide with black slavery. It worked perfectly for decades. Whenever a White person didn’t buckle under to a liberal dictator they would say, “If you don’t do what I want, you’re a racist.” White people even proved they would vote a racist, muslim, communist into the presidency in hopes that their liberal oppressors would show them some mercy. But, Liberals have no mercy.

One of the tactics used by liberals was guilt-tripping whites about the word “nigge_.” They even pretended to have abolished it from the English language and replaced it with the “N-word.” This might seem sincere, righteous and noble…if blacks didn’t use it on themselves constantly. If the word is evil no one should use it, black or white. Think about it. If one race can say something that another race is not allowed to say that makes them a privileged race. That is the very definition of “racist.”

Today white people who never owned or agreed with slavery are constantly called racist by merciless, manipulative liberals. Furthermore blacks who were never slaves have been told they are owed something by the White Race and that any evil thing they do to a white person is deserved. The fact is, if it were not for that communist propaganda machine known as the Main Stream Media blacks & whites would get along fine. But, if blacks & whites get along then liberals have no leverage by which to enslave both races.

Sooner or later a bully overplays his hand until no one is afraid of him anymore. Whatever definition bigoted liberals gave to the word “racist” it now means, “Anyone who will not get on their knees and become subservient to communism.” Thus, brave, righteous conservative blacks are being called “racist” by demented white liberals! Why? Because these blacks refuse to get on their knees to and subjugate themselves to dictatorial liberals. Those are the same people that bound their ancestors in slavery.

Today, while liberals have a heart attack if a white person says “n_gger” (while black rappers wear the word out in their hate-filled rants) they themselves use and overuse “racist” anytime they fear a white person is about to slip their bonds of slavery. It has gotten so ridiculous that one mentally ill liberal accused ranch dressing and cauliflower of being “racist.”

Well, calling a white person “racist” is the same as calling a black person “_igger.” No one should be allowed to do it. The exception? According to the hypocritical liberal standard whites should be allowed to call each other “racist” anytime they wish. If only blacks can use the N-word then only whites can use the R-word.

So how do we stop evil liberal bigots from bullying us with their name-calling? Easy, follow the lead of black people. They call each other “ni_ger” all the time. (Which makes me wonder how offensive it really is to them.) White people! Instead of getting on your knees to blacks people and apologizing for something you’re not guilty of, instead of hanging your head in shame because you even thought the “N-word,” embrace the term!

Remember when stupid Hellary tried to bully conservatives by calling them “deplorable?” Did we cower? Did we apologize? Did we vote her into the presidency to prove we weren’t? No! We embraced the term! Overnight conservatives embraced “Deplorable” and came up with every imaginable spin from it that enraged mindless liberals.

Why not do the same thing with “racist?” Be realistic, under no circumstances can you ever hope to not be accused of being a racists. If you get on your knees to a black person on one street, a BLM thug will still call you “racist” on the next street. There will never be a time in this country when “racist” won’t be the first bludgeon truly racists liberals use to try to shame you into submission. Live with it. Deal with it. Roll with it!

When you see a fellow conservative, black or white, say, “Hey, you ole racist! How you doin’?” Develop “racist” sayings and shirts & whatever, the same way “deplorable” was developed. Don’t fight it, roll with it. Fighting it, defending yourself, explaining the truth will never stop liberal bigots from calling you a racist every chance they have and from using that false charge for beating you, robbing you, burning your car, house or you.

Furthermore, since the term is a derogatory term used against Whites it should be banned from public usage just as “nigg_r” has been. What’s good for one race should be demanded by all others. No one but White people should be permitted to call a White person a racist. Black people can have exclusive ownership of the “N-word” and Whites can have exclusive ownership of the “R-word!” Doesn’t that sound fair?

Of course that will never happen because “racist” is a Liberal’s greatest bully-weapon. If Whites embraced, instead of feared, being called “racist” the only bullet Liberals have in their gun would be lost. They could never allow that to happen. What would life be to a self-righteous liberal if they called someone a racist and the response was, “Yep, I sure am! And I don’t even feel bad about it!” Their reaction would be, “Mommy! Mommy! I called them a racist and they didn’t cower and bow to me! That’s not allowed!”

Am I right or wrong? I don’t know. What I do know is that conservatives are going to be bullied by Liberals with the term “racist” and there is nothing they can do to stop it. So, embrace it!

I hope you racists enjoyed this racist rant by a fellow racist. Tell your racist friends about it. Let your racist family members know they are predestinated to be racists all of their lives and there’s nothing their racist little minds can do about it. Now go eat some racist cauliflower and put some racist ranch dressing on it and think your racist thoughts. You’re doomed to live and die a racist. Get used to it!

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