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The 7th & final “What’s the Big Deal About the KJV?” video has been made and posted at bigdealkjv.com. Below those seven there is an 8th one that directly addresses James White’s claim that God either couldn’t or didn’t care to preserve His words like He promised He would. The simplest reduction of the “Perfect Bible Controversy” is this: we say “God had enough power to inspire the Bible perfect in the Originals and was powerful enough to preserve it to this day. Basically, at that point, James White comes running out of his basement yelling, “No, He didn’t! No, He didn’t!” Which side do YOU want to align yourself with? Since our very first video White thought he had to put a refutation online to “save” viewers from believing God actually did what He said He would do, preserved His words. Other than sending him a King James study book that would appeal to his level I never even watched his videos since it would only waste my time. But, with the conclusion of the series, I sat down and refuted his “God hostile” position. Every time someone says there is no perfect Bible on earth they call God a liar. Again, which side do you want to be standing with at the Judgement Seat of Christ?

In June we launched a YouTube channel where all of these videos can be viewed. The address is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-Asg1xgM2Ddsk4N48bbQQ/about . All eight of the “Big Deal KJV” videos are posted there: the seven instructional videos and the James White rebuttal. You are free to view, link, download and show these videos in your defense of God’s ability to preserve His words.
Also, there is a wolf by the name of Steven Anderson in Arizona who works for a man by the name of Paul Wittenberger who has been infiltrating our churches via the Internet and claiming that:

1. Christians are going through the first 3 1⁄2 years of the Tribulation and

2. God has abandoned Israel and replaced them with us.

Friends, the name of my ministry if “A Friend to Churches” and that is more than just a name. I cannot tell you how many churches I’ve arrived at to hear from the pastor that one of his people got messed up watching a Steven Anderson video on the Internet. If you heard about the same wolf attacking numerous flocks of sheep what would you do? I simply cannot sit by and watch our people being led off by a wolf. Unfortunately, our people are far more susceptible to Anderson then someone like James White for two reasons:

1. He claims to believe the King James Bible. As soon as our people hear a guy believes the King James Bible they automatically trust anything he says.
2. Wittenberger, the brains behind the outfit, makes high-quality videos. Americans relate the quality of the video to the quality of the message so how could it be wrong?

I spoke with Anderson by phone a few years ago and he confessed that he got his Bible messed up when he was 12 years old and has simply failed to outgrow his youthful ignorance. (He is very proud. He probably doesn’t think he ever had any “youthful ignorance.”) In fact, if you view any of his antics you will see two distinct Steven Andersons:

1. The 12-year-old Steven Anderson that throws tantrums at his pulpit, cusses from his pulpit and throws his Bible around like an angry 12 child throws a toy. These usually show up when watching him preaching in his church. He even preached a message instructing his men in the proper way to go to the bathroom. If you are a man and actually need such instruction you should be allowed to use silverware when you eat!
The videos of him preaching in his church are crude and about as lame as his teaching.

2. The “video” Steven Anderson. This is the one who doesn’t say anything but what Wittenberger tells him to. He follows Wittenberger’s scripts and comes across almost mature.
For this reason, there is also a video on the YouTube channel that deals with Anderson. It is done a format he can relate to and again his false teaching is devastated by the Bible. He was so hard hit that he couldn’t wait for his Boss to write him a script and made a very amateurish video bewailing it. There will be more video dealing with Anderson as long as he is a threat to our churches. Do not contact me to tell me how I should deal with him. He’s a wolf and I know what to do with a wolf. Remember: There’s always someone doing NOTHING who knows how someone who is doing SOMETHING is doing it wrong. Join the battle, don’t criticize it.
Anderson is very anti-Semitic and even wore a T-shirt in Dearborn, Michigan that displayed the Palestinian flag above the words “Free Palestine.”

Anderson so hates Israel that he claims the Holocaust didn’t happen. Now here is an interesting turn. He made a video entitled “Marching to Zion.” In this video, he plays a 20-second segment from a message I preached refuting his mid-Trib Rapture theory. I use this soundbite to try to say I do not believe Jesus is the Messiah. At one point it even comes off that I don’t believe Jesus is Christ! I don’t even have to defend this point. Just listen to any of the sermons I’ve preached in the last 45 years and count the times I refer to, “Jesus Christ.” Anderson does this because he cannot refute the Scripture in the video.

But by making “Marching to Zion” Anderson shot himself in the foot. He has faced a firestorm of criticism from people over his hatred for Israel and God’s people, the Jews. In an attempt at damage control, he made a video called “The Holocaust Hoax.” His hatred for Israel is just barely contained in it. But the most interesting thing is the video itself. It isn’t a Paul Wittenberger script-job. The camera work is lame, Anderson often addresses the wrong camera, he has to look down and read his notes and he often looks at someone off camera like a wounded puppy. The simple facts are that if his Boss, Wittenberger isn’t there to “hold his hand” the real Steven Anderson shows up and it isn’t pretty.

Also, the channel has some sermons posted. Those will increase with time. I also plan on making some dedicated videos for the channel. Unfortunately, because we are traveling to a different location and sometimes even a different country every week I will have to make them via computer-mounted camera. I am hoping the will be “short & painless” but we’ll see

In the first two weeks of operation, the channel had over 5,400 views and over 170 subscribers. Considering that I don’t even completely understand what that means I think it’s pretty good!.
It is my sincere hope that the videos posted will be useful to God’s people to strengthen them in their battle with this world and their walk for Christ.


  1. Myra Severance on March 16, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    Dear Sam, I’ve listened to your videos about the KJV many times & I also have several sets of “Valiant for the Truth” along with several of your books. Love your way of explaining things! I’m trying to find one of your teaching videos where you spoke about “translations” & “revisions” but I can’t remember which video it was. Our Pastor is doing a series on the KJV & last evening it was about 7 Years, 7 Languages & 7 Revisions; I’m thinking you had covered this & had a problem with reference to 7 years etc.. Can you direct me? Am I not remembering correctly? Thanks so much.


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