October 2022


Since our last letter I’ve preached in: Washington, Tennessee, Montana, Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, New York and Idaho.

The meetings have gone exceptionally well with a very good spirit and some positive decisions made for the Lord. Most were Revival meetings but some were King James Conferences where Christians didn’t just learn why their Bible is perfect but also learned how to defend it from pseudo-experts who don’t believe there’s a perfect Bible anyplace on the planet.

The Summer

The summer started off quite hectically. We jumped off with a 500 mile leg toward Arizona. The new truck handled the trailer well but hammered me good. When we would stop for gas it took me a few minutes before I could even move to get out of the truck. But, as the trip continued I toughened up.

After our meeting in Yuma, AZ we filled the gas tank to the max & headed across the Mohave Desert. The new truck gets 7mpg pulling. But because the trip was one long uphill grade we got only 6mpg. Not enough. We ran out of gas in the desert. We have a hitch receiver on the back of our trailer. I have a small generator & 5 gal. of gas on it but I had lost the key to the cable securing the generator & gas can. BUT! I had bolt cutters & got the gas can poured into our tank. Then I told Kathy, “We now have 30 more miles of range and 50 miles to go. BUT, God graciously got us to a gas station 50 miles away.

On the next trip, because I hadn’t been able to replace the cable lock our generator bounced off the back of the trailer on a little, traffic-jammed two lane road in CA. No way to turn the rig around. But, a guy graciously went back for it and brought it to us.

On the next trip I realized the weight of the generator was folding the back bumper in on itself and had to have a kind brother in a church repair & weld it back into shape. Ah yes! “Like being on vacation all year long!”

Our only option is to replace the whole rig again with a small motor home & with a 1/2 ton truck to tow behind it. The problem is, truck & RV prices being as unreasonable high as they are, we’ve elected to just do what we can to improve the ride of the truck & endure three tough months of driving. Relief doesn’t seem worth the financial debt required to rectify the issue.

Our 50th Anniversary

Usually we head out for a summer of preaching as soon as Institute is over. This year we stopped at the end of July instead of August. Our 50th Anniversary was August 12. All three boys came in with their families. They live thousands of miles apart. We have grandchildren who had never met. We all enjoyed the time together. Then I took Kathy away for a couple of weeks. Now, we’re working on year 51!


The Answer Book #1 is now in it’s 12th reprint. I’m plowing away on the Greek manuscript book and four others, including one I just started. I’ll tell you about it in a future letter.


I have often said that prayer keeps us going. Please continue to pray for us. Whether driving or flying Kathy doesn’t “bounce back” as fast as she used to. Both of us know this has to end some time but we both have, “No Desire to Retire!” When that time comes we’ll know it. Until then, if you would mercifully pray for us we would greatly appreciate it.

God bless you all as you seek to serve Him!

In Christ’s Service,

Samuel C. Gipp


  1. Sandra Carolan on October 9, 2022 at 8:40 am

    I have fond memories of the children & I enjoying the King James Bible conference at Galilean Baptist with pastor Noe. I’m sitting in Sunday school at the Baptist church the Lord has provided now, our dear retired pastor, who is experiencing kidney failure, and now diagnosed with colon cancer is teaching Rev. 10. He was correcting the 6th verse “that there should be time no longer”. His wife is a dear friend of mine. I’d love to be able to direct him to an explanation of that phrase. If you have a link that I could send him, I’d welcome the opportunity for him to consider that it might actually mean exactly what it says. I cannot access emails, and am not tech savvy. If you have written something that addresses this issue-please text a link to me that I can share with them. My phone # 248-721-3299. If it’s too much trouble with your busy schedule, don’t worry. We will all be straightened out soon anyway-when we see Him as He is.
    By the way, our oldest daughter is raising 9 children in Mexico with her husband as missionaries 4+hours south of El Paso.
    Our middle daughter in Kansas is homeschooling also-their 4.
    Our son serves as a firefighter in Detroit. Needs prayer for spiritual renewal and willingness to lead his 2 children in the scriptures and faith in Christ.
    I’m thankful for your part in their foundation in the Word!

  2. George Ramirez Jr. on October 13, 2022 at 10:23 am

    You are a blessing and your wife. No matter the obstacles you both keep going. Your testimony inspires me to do the same. Am a pastor praying to transition our church from the NKJV to the KJV. Do you have any advise? Thanks for your video series On Why The KJV. Pastor George Ramirez

  3. Jack Gramm on October 28, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    Hi Bro Sam,

    I’m a 75 year old single man in Fountain Hills, AZ…a Scottsdale suburb. I stumbled across your YouTube videos a few days ago, and wanted to send along some encouragement. I was fascinated by your series on the KJV, I have never heard some of the things you said in there…and you said them so very well! I’m hoping you will get to this area next year, or even sooner. I hope, Lord willing to get to your presentation in person. I’ll keep checking back on your website for your updated travel schedule.
    I’ve lived here for about 20 years, and maybe 6 or 8 years ago I actually visited Steven Anderson’s church in Tempe. Wow, what a shocker that was…I’ve not been back. I, like you, wish him no evil, but his countenance is negative and is not conducive to a Pastor!
    May God bless you and your family. By the way, congratulations on your 50th!

    Jack Gramm
    Fountain Hills, AZ

  4. PAMELA Piazza Mosgrove on November 13, 2022 at 6:40 am

    I first found your book, Living with Pain at the Rainbow bookstore in Maple Heights, Ohio. I had an automobile accidents months earlier and had developed intense arthritic pain. At the time I was driving distraught and angry with God. I shouted out to God I was angry with him. I was not going to talk to Him. I told God I wasn’t going to pray to Him either. I decided I wasn’t going to read or pray to him either. Some how I got a thought of reading a romance book. Funny because me reading romance books is a hilarious thought. That’s when I saw the Rainbow book store. Rainbows are pretty and I parked my car. Walked into the store and your Living with Pain was caught my eye. I picked up the book and simply opened the book. What I saw in bold type print. “Dear God I don’t want to be a junkie!” I cried because that is really what I struggled with having to take medication for pain and still no relief. Mind you I was there for a romance book. I looked away to my amazement God was right there. I shouted out loud, I’m in a bookstore about God. That was 23yrs ago. I bought your book. Read it, given to others struggling with pain. Thank you because I realized God loves me so much he got my attention from my liking rainbows, His divine promise. Thank you.

  5. joey young on November 29, 2022 at 7:06 am

    Dr Gipp, I just want to simply say “thank you” for encouraging me in your messages to read and study God’s Word more than ever before.
    God bless you.
    Bro Joey Young
    Ila Ga.

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