Letter #136

The United States, a Nation of Religious Fanatics

The USA is a nation of religious fanatics. That’s right, fewer people regularly attend church now than at any time in our nation’s history and yet Americans are more religious than any time in our history. In an attempt to “fake” the true spirituality they have abandoned by forsaking God, Americans all have some little self- righteous thing they do that makes them think things are OK between them and God. While living like rank heathen they: stand for animal rights, help save the environment, “March for the cure!”, or perform any number of self-righteous actions that they will make them feel good about themselves while they live immorally.

Is the United States a Heathen Nation?

Americans have been deceived into thinking that the United States can’t be a heathen nation because we have a higher social standard than Third World countries. We think that a heathen nation has no electricity, no modern roads, no cutting edge technology and, of course, no churches. The U.S. has all of the above so we can’t be a heathen nation. This misguided standard has allowed the evil ruling powers to slowly instill the practices of heathen into our society. One of the most outstanding things you will notice in heathen nations is that they don’t spank their children. That’s right, spanking children is a trait of civilization! Heathen don’t care enough to make their children do right. They don’t want the hassle that correcting children entails. That is exactly how Americans feel. It isn’t loved for the child that prevents apparent from spanking them, it is the love of self that does it. Ans if Americans do anything they love themselves.

Atheist “Heaven?”

Atheists are an intolerant, insecure, vindictive group of people who have chosen to pretend there is no God to salve their fear-filled conscience and make them feel superior to others. They can’t stand the Christianity they have to endure all around them. John Lennon once wrote a song called, “Imagine” and I thought of that song as I thought of what the perfect place be like for an Atheist. “Imagine” – if there could be a place where there’s no Bible, no churches, no Bible-thumping preacher at the door demanding conversion, no talk of God, no Gospel tracts, no one saying “you can’t do that, it’s wrong.”, no morals, no more fear of your secret sins being exposed. Wow! That would be “Atheist Heaven!” Well, such a place already exists, it called…Hell!

The Truly Abused Minority

There is a minority in our country who have been taken advantage of by all of us, robbed by our government and have no valid way to address their grievances. That group is the U. S. Military. They are sent all over the world to fight our wars and do it without complaint. Now the professional politicians in Congress are reducing their budget and shortchanging these dedicated warriors even more. Our military will soon be weakened to the point that they cannot win the next war. If they cut the giveaways to deadheads they face angry voters. But if they cut defense spending they don’t have a thing to worry about because the military vote never gets counted. Do you really believe in a country as advanced as ours that they simply can’t find a way to tabulate the votes of our military? Don’t kid yourself. Liberals don’t want the military being heard from so they’ll be free to pick our pockets to finance more vote-buying money giveaways.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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