“Observations on the Attack” by Dr. Sam Gip

It is at times of disaster that one’s true character displays itself. Following is an observation of the actions of certain individuals and groups and an evaluation of their performance.

President George W. Bush – While rescue efforts were still ongoing,, President Bush immediately called for a National day of Prayer and Mourning. This is a momentous decision. President Bush wanted the focus of this country to be on God, not man. Yes, the service had its ecumenical trash, but the focus was still correct. Billy Graham did a fair job at directing Americans to repent. It is to be noted that the spiritual leader of this country at this time of crisis was a Baptist.

In spite of the disrespect he has received from the News Industry, President Bush has proven to be both a competent and inspirational leader. His classic line of this period will be, “We are a peaceful nation, but fierce when stirred to anger.”

Evaluation: Excellent

The Americans – While Arabs stand in the streets screaming in panic during an emergency, Americans calmly jumped right into the rescue work. Hours after the tragedy there was word of a blood shortage. Mere hours later word came that so many people came to give blood that they didn’t have enough workers to take it all.

Americans are the most marvelous, selfless people in the world. As you listen to rescue workers, there is no hysteria. Just American determination to see the job through.

If in any way at all you have said, “Well, America had it coming.”, please shoot yourself.

Evaluation: Good, exemplary. Resolve will be needed to carry this through to the end.

News Industry – “Shamelessly Partisan” would best describe their actions. The News Industry long ago abandoned any pretense of being objective or honest. Even when liberals in Congress set aside political differences with President Bush, the News Industry has been incapable of such action. Whenever President Bush made a public statement they attempted to undercut it. Rather than reporting that Bush “encouraged” people they used questioning adjectives; Bush “tried” to encourage… Always inferring failure on the President’s part. ABC’s Peter Jennings was especially shameful.

Polls showed that 80% of Americans thought Bush was handling the crisis properly. 12% were undecided and only 8% felt he was not handling it correctly. That 8% is the News Industry.

This was a tremendous opportunity for the News Industry to help instill patriotism in Americans by playing patriotic music. But this terrorist organization hates the thought of Americans being patriotic. This is the same group that, when the Soviet Union dissolved they played the Soviet Union’s national anthem in mourning. They felt no desire to repeat the honor for their fellow Americans.

Also, they consistently issued false and erroneous reports about the tragedy. While they are quick to expose and criticize any mistakes other businesses make, they excuse their gaffs and demand our grace.

Evaluation: This is still the greatest enemy America has. Their actions have bordered on treason.

Fox News – The actions of Fox News have so stood in contrast to those of the liberal wing of the News Industry that they deem separate comment. Fox’s entire approach to news has an element that is foreign to the rest of the industry, fairness. They say, “We report. You decide.” They took a much more positive approach to the tragedy. They even called their coverage “America Unites”, an emphasis on the positive. They refused to join the treasonists in belittling our president.

Evaluation: Fox bears watching. Their news coverage is refreshing. Abandon CNN.

New York Police and Firefighters – Words cannot praise them enough for their selflessness and bravery. (Although we can be sure that all such emergency workers would do the same.) Over 300 died while selflessly trying to save others. Never has professionalism and humanity been so evident.

Evaluation: We owe them all our respect.

Iron Workers – We saw these barrel-chested, hard hat wearing men show up just hours after the disaster. They jumped into the rescue work like a pack of blood-hungry bulldogs. They were fearless and determined.

Evaluation: They were great. They were a symbol of the everyday American adding their strength to the rescue effort.

Muslims – While their allies in the News Industry have done all they can to suppress America’s good and proper anger against our nation’s enemies by guilt tripping them about “prejudice” against “innocent” Muslims, the Muslims themselves have proven otherwise. In New York City Muslims were seen dancing in the streets about the success of the attack on the World Trade Center. Are we to believe that these were militants or radicals? I don’t think so.

Evaluation: These people are not just foreign to our country but to our way of life. When Arabs arrive here, and they are welcome, they are to leave their heathen religion in their home country, trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour like our Founding Fathers expected them to, and become Americans.

Bedroom Bill Clinton – Our national shame made his presence known anywhere he thought he could get his picture on national television. With all U.S. airports closed and Clinton in Australia, he mysteriously popped up in New York City. He knew he could get national attention. Is he planning another run for the presidency? It’s not out of the question.

After the service at the National Cathedral all of the former presidents greeted people then quickly left. Not pig Bill. He stood around out front as long as possible to stay in front of TV cameras.

Evaluation: Shameful. Usual, but shameful.

Atheist – Left out in the cold again. At a time of crisis nobody seeks help from an atheist. Furthermore, these vermin knew enough to crawl back under their rock and not complain about all of the governmental references to God and prayer.

Evaluation: They are a religion of “no hope” and are irrelevant to today’s society.

You – The jury is still out on Bible believing Christians. They so enjoy criticizing and condemning every little thing about our country while feigning patriotism that they probably don’t know what to do now. We are scared to death of being called compromisers if we in anyway show love and support for the greatest country in the world. A country that was founded on the very Bible we shoot our mouths off about believing.

Now is the time to “stir up some dust” for what is right. Why not be a problem to those who hate our country?Write ABC and demand an apology from Peter Jennings. Call school boards demanding the Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms again. Further demand that school functions be opened with prayer. Be outspoken against anyone outspoken against God or America. Invite folks to church while they’re tender.

Evaluation: Vote’s still out. But on Election Day, November 2004 God will let us know how we did. He will either return George Bush to office or give us who we’ve earned by our inaction.

Well, are you going to get active for God or practice for the “Remote Olympics”?

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