Letter #132

A Serious Question

Does Obama even know an honest person? His Attorney General sold guns to Mexican gangsters (“Birds of a feather?”) and lied to Congress about it. His Sec. of the Treasury cheated (YES! That’s what the IRS would call it if it was you or me.) His UN Secretary lied about the Benghazi murders. His newly appointed head of the CIA just resigned in shame. The four star general that was the head of Africa Command has been demoted for misusing taxpayer money on extravagant travel. The military head of Afghanistan is being investigated about sexual misconduct. I repeat a serious question: Does Obama even know an honest person? All of the people he moves with, both before & after being installed in the White House are radicals, crooks, or racists. Does Obama even know an honest person?

Once Again, Another Whore Walks

Since the News Mafia has pushed Christianity aside and appointed itself as America’s voice for morality, it over-and-over illustrates its unworthiness of that position. Never mind covering up the multitude of Liberal sex scandals; Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, the homosexual sex ring in Barney Frank’s basement. No, forget those glaring coverups. The Bible instructs us to equally condemn both parties in such cases. But our nation’s newest “preachers” only use sexual sins to destroy their enemies, not to stop immorality itself. As in the case of Tiger Woods, the former governor of New York and a former Air Force general, General Petraeus has to resign while his whore (If you are offended by this Bible word then throw your Bible away and get down on your knees in front of your TV and ask your real god what word it wants you to use. Then put it right beside “gay” in your TV approved vocabulary.) gets interviewed. (How long before she publishes a “tell all” book?) Nope, I’m not defending Petraeus. I’m condemning the whore as well as the whore monger.

Fight On!

When 5,000 Canadian soldiers were sent on a fruitless raid on the German port of Dieppe on August 19, 1942, they sailed into a maelstrom of enemy fire and hardened gun positions. That day the brave Canadians lost almost 1,000 killed and had 2,000 more taken prisoner. Among the Canadian troopers was an Honorary Captain in the Canadian Chaplain Service, 38-year-old John Foote, assigned to the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. The young Presbyterian minister prayed with scores of wounded and dying men. Between these times Foote tirelessly carried wounded men back through the bullet-churned surf to boats waiting to take them back to England. He is credited with personally saving the lives of at least 30 men. With the remaining men embarked, Foote was given a seat on a departing landing craft, headed, thankfully, to safety. Suddenly Foote leaped back into the water and started toward the beach. “It seemed to me the men ashore would need me far more in captivity than any of those going home,” he would later explain. He spent the rest of the war ministering in captivity to the men he loved, having chosen their needs over his own freedom. He was later awarded the Victoria Cross. Fight on!

Deception vs Seduction

“Deception” is when someone takes unfair advantage of you and you curse them for it. “Seduction” is when someone takes unfair advantage of you and you thank them for it! America has been seduced!

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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