Letter #126

The Terrorist Attack of 9-11-11

Americans endured yet another evil attack on their country by terrorists on the tenth anniversary of the wicked 9-11-01 attack by loyal Muslims. You saw. Didn’t you? We heard that there were three men the government was hunting because they were going to set off a bomb in New York City on 9-11-11. Reports said two were naturalized citizens and one was from “Blowup-astan” or some similar country. These reports were false. They were issued by our own government and spread by the world’s greatest terrorist network, the News Mafia, in order to restrain what they knew would be a revival of the justifiable wrath of Americans against the Islam. The Muslims’ allies, our Government and the News Mafia, figured if we were scared of an attack we’d be too busy to be angry or patriotic.

How do I know this report was a fraud? Two ways:

1. If the government knew the nationalities of these fictional terrorists then they also knew their names. They also would have had their pictures. Did you hear one report that gave their names and showed their pictures and told people to look out for them? No. Why? Because they didn’t exist!

2. Have you heard anything about these three “terror suspects” since 9-11-11? Wouldn’t the FBI still be looking for them? But, just like the national threat of the “Swine flu” mysteriously ended with the election of the Chicago Gangster, these three “terror suspects” seem to have evaporated after their usefulness was exhausted.

The greatest terrorist organization in the world is the New Media.

Warren Jeffs, Guilty of Not Being a Muslim

Let me make it plain that I am against anyone who molests children and think they should be shot. That includes the child molester, Warren Jeffs. That said, Warren Jeffs was told it was wrong, no matter what his religion taught, to “marry” young girls and use them for his own personal pleasure. While the News Mafia was reeling in mock indignation, they willfully hid the fact that this is exactly what Islam teaches and practices on a scale so huge that it makes Jeffs look like the amateur that he is. One more time the News Mafia covers for their allies, the Muslims while condemning someone else for committing the same crime. Apparently, Warren
Jeffs’ real crime was being white.

More Liberal Hypocrisy

Remember when a Liberal criminal shot a Liberal Senator and both the News Mafia and our Chicago Gangster President found a way to blame Conservatives? In mock indignation our “Criminal if Chief” called for “more civility” and less hatred in dialog. But now, as his voters are rioting in the streets, the Kenyan is silent. Truth be known he is waiting to see if there’s a chance his Communist supporters of the “Occupy Hell” movement have a chance of overthrowing our form of government and making him “President for Life.”

Hymns for Contemporary Churches

1. Sweet Hour of Coffee
2. Brethren, We Have Met to …Share
3. How Great I Am!
4. I Hate the Old, Old Story
5. Victory in Aerobics
6. I’ve Got a Mansion…Right Here!
7. I’d Rather Have the Theater
8. Perverted Grace

Meeting the 7000

Bro. Derek Griffiths

Bro. Griffiths is not a pastor, or even a preacher. He lives in Poole, England. When he got saved in 1988 he was happily married and father of a son. Derek got saved and immediately dedicated his life to living for the Lord. His wife rejected Christ and left him. Bro. Derek didn’t get bitter or quit on God. Today he is active in church and is the kind of blessing any pastor would thank God for.

Watch for the Voting Fraud

During the “election” of our first Muslim President, we watched Democrats with van loads of homeless winos whom they registered and then transported to the voting places on the same day because they knew they would not show up on Election Day no matter how much wine they were promised. Their accomplices in the News Industry covered for their fellow Democrats by claiming there was “always” early voting.

Watch the criminal Democrats take this to a new level in 2012. Don’t be surprised to see school buses transporting high school students from their classrooms to polling places to cast Obama votes. Nothing is beneath the Democrats.

Achievers vs Partiers

1. An Achiever impresses you with what he has accomplished. A Partier impresses you with some stupid thing he did while he was drunk.

2. An Achiever can show you something he built. A Partier can show you something he destroyed.

3. An Achiever wants to fix his failures. A Partier thinks his failures are his successes!

4. People benefit from the life of an Achiever. A Partier sponges off the lives of other people.

5. People are genuinely interested in the life of an Achiever. A Partier has a Facebook page to convince himself people actually care about anything he does.

6. An Achiever quietly accomplishes many things. A Partier loudly accomplishes nothing.

7. An Achiever blames himself for his failures. A Partier blames someone else for his failures.

8. An Achiever can accomplish things working alone. A Partier can do nothing without an audience.
Which are you?

Microsoft Defined

I have never been a “Bill Gates basher” but due to the consistently inferior products of Microsoft, I find myself hoping that someday the company will file for Chapter 11. I finally figured out how a company can be so successful in selling such lame products. It’s their marketing department! Microsoft is a third-rate software company with a first-rate marketing department. They’ve swung deals that force computer buyers to accept their software with every new PC. That is a tribute to savvy marketing. If they could only equal that achievement with a first-rate operating system we wouldn’t see “Not Responding” in our sleep.

Fight On!

In the early 1780’s large flatboats carrying settlers down the Ohio River to Kentucky were desperately attacked by Indians. Men and animals fell to Indian bullets as women and children lay terrified behind the unwieldy vessel’s shallow gunwales. Several times Indians closed with the vessels in their canoes and were beaten back in vicious hand-to-hand combat. Finally, the attack was beaten back and as the crafts drifted downstream, the captain directed their attention to the wounded and dying. After things had quieted down, an eleven-year-old boy approached the captain and asked, “Captain, will you see what you can do for my head?” Upon examination, the captain found a spent bullet had lodged under the skin of the young boy’s forehead. Once this was treated the boy asked, “Now, Captain, will you look at my arm?” The Captain was shocked to find the boy’s elbow had been broken by another shot. While tending to the boy’s needs, the Captain asked, “Why didn’t you sing out?” Solemnly the boy replied, “You ordered us to lie down and make no noise, and there was noise enough without mine.” Fight on!

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