Necessity, Not Legislation

Liberals love to cry “The sky is falling!” concerning the earth’s oil reserves. Their argument seems to almost make sense, “Don’t pump all the oil or we won’t have anymore.” until you choose to use your brain rather than another CNN terror report. It’s like, “Hey Stupid! If we stop drilling now it will be as if we’ve already run out of oil! Duh!” Of course, if we stop drilling oil that will destroy the American economy and put Americans in three cylinder diesel Euro-cars, which is the goal of the Liberals who are holding our “free press” hostage. These liberals whine about how Americans refuse to embrace “almost car” and continue to cling to their SUV “dinosaurs.” In a recent Motor Trend magazine, the Euro-liberal editor even said that Americans should be forced into small cars by high government gas taxes. (I’m sure they don’t let this idiot use any sharp utensils when he eats. Oh course, do you need a fork for quiche?)

Here’s my idea. Lets’ simply pump the earth’s oil reserves dry. That isn’t an irrational, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” right wing, conservative, anti-environmental macho statement. Why?

To stop drilling now is to shackle the world as though the reserves were already gone, so what’s the difference if we have a few more decades of cheap fuel. (Horror of horrors! Cheap fuel!)
It is said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Might I clarify that? “NECESSITY is the mother of invention, NOT legislation.” Once the oil is gone we will have to go to a different fuel source. Whether it’s electric cars, natural gas power, gasahol or whatever, we will then all willingly embrace it because we have no other choice. (It’s called “necessity”) In fact, we may even use an alternate fuel source that has been invented, discovered or perfected during those decades we were enjoying our last binge of cheap oil.
It has to happen. Why? Well, if all you do is watch TV news, read that one world propaganda called a newspaper or listen to our raft of chirping “scientific experts” crying “The sky is falling…let’s all ride bikes.” you probably don’t know about “The Great Truth.” What is “The Great Truth?” Saudi Arabia is running out of oil!!!! That’s correct. Saudi Arabia hasn’t had a major oil field discovery since the 1960s. In the last 17 years 46.5 million barrels of oil have been pumped from Saudi oil fields. Now they are pumping 12,000,000 gallons of water into the ground every day in an attempt to squeeze the last few drops from their dying wells. Yet, every year they inflate the estimate of their “proven reserves.” Why hasn’t your News Media informed you of this?

They hate you and want to keep the truth from you to control you through fear.
They know Americans would demand that we drill in Alaska.
If the USA drills oil in Alaska we won’t need to cow-tow to the Muslims anymore. The News Mafia wants us serving any god but the true God.
The USA would become important to the nations of the world. Maybe they would even start treating us nice!

So, let’s pump every last drop of oil out of this big ball of dirt and then sit back and watch those Americans ride to the rescue with a new energy source. And they’ll probably do it in an SUV!

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