Misguided Compassion: Love Gone Astray

We have all heard sermons on soul winning during which we are berated for not crying daily over the lost and then told we are to be broken hearted over the loss of the lowest, scummiest, God hating creatures on the planet. May I say word? BUNK!

We claim to be in an army. Where did you ever see a soldier cry over the death of an enemy soldier whose sworn duty was to kill him? There are people in this world who have given their lives to forward the devil’s case and in the process damn millions of innocent souls to Hell. I have no compassion for them and no regret at their passing. I see it as one less soldier in the devil’s army.

Do you think that U.S. soldiers wept and moaned at news of the deaths of Gen. Erwin Rommel or Ho Chi Minn? Rommel was a truly great soldier but he was on the wrong side! His death was a blessing to the allied cause.

But these fraudulent, over zealous, intimidating promoters of misguided compassion would have you crying over the death of people that hated God and His Book with everything they had. The Lord’s cause benefits from these people going to their just desserts.

Am I off base? Check it out! Did the Lord Jesus Christ waste any of His time trying to win Herod to Himself in their only face-to-face meeting in Luke 23:6-9? No! Where was His “burden for souls”? Did God have compassion on the innocent prison guards of Acts 12:19? Nope! He stood by and let them be killed and go to Hell. Why? They were on the wrong side! Do you find the Apostle Peter or Paul weeping over the fate of Herod in Acts12:20-23? Never! But look at verse 24!

Here’s the major problem with this misguided, possibly well meant, teaching. There is a great ruth to human love. You can love good people or you can love bad people but you cannot train your heart to love both.

What I mean is simply this: These same people who demand that you have to have compassion on sodomites and God-haters have no compassion on their fellow Christians who disagree with them in some way. They will gossip, lie and use all their influence to hurt a fellow Christian who they are mad at or view as a threat while at the same time they are demanding “compassion” for the God-haters. This is not right!

Some of you, in order to prove you are a compassionate person will bemoan the death of God-haters like Jean Dixon, Carl Sagan or Jacque Cousteau yet you will not hesitate to rip the throat out of your pastor or a fellow Christian who has angered you in some way. Why? Because you can’t love them both. If you have chosen to exhibit false compassion for the God-haters you will not be able to find true compassion for those who are on God’s side but disagree with you about something. You can love one or the other but you can’t love them both.

I have placed myself unashamedly on God’s side. If every God-hating atheist died tomorrow I would do back flips and praise God that the job of reaching the lost would now be easier. One of these days I’m going to hear that wicked Drs. Spock and Kevorkian have died to which I will respond with a hardy, “Praise God!” I didn’t say that I have no compassion for the everyday lost common citizen who gets called every name in the Book by some overzealous street preachers. Them I care about. Them I’m trying to win. But I rejoice at the departure of those who deceive them (and you). They made their choice. Oh well!

Yet in all of this “lack of compassion” on my part I will have mercy on YOU if you disagree with me in some area. Their are preachers that I really don’t care for. But they are saved! They are on God’s side! I will not try to hurt or destroy them. (We call this “Grace”. It takes legitimate compassion.) But if I am going to allow myself to love them I cannot find room to also love the devil’s soldiers. Someone has to lose! I vote: the devil’s soldiers.

Check yourself out. How many times have you hesitated to show any animosity for someone who openly works against God & the Bible yet you have not felt the least restriction about saying something that would damage a fellow Christian? You’re the one whose messed up! Not me.

The vile college professors can go to their spiritual home!. Their misguided students I’ll try to win. Every corrupting newspaper reporter can burn! But the guy that his lies deceive is going to get my heart felt efforts to win. Hollywood could sink into Hell today and I would praise God. But you who follow their indoctrination I will try to steer in the right direction. You can’t love both!

Why don’t you unload your pent up animosity on the queers, environmentalists, animal righters, Liberal judges and corp of devil’s helpers, and show some compassion on your pastor, a preacher, a church member or a fellow Christian or just a lost common citizen who needs the truth and not say anything that will hurt them?

Mind you! We don’t hurt people! We don’t go shooting people or blowing them up. But we give them no quarter or mercy in our efforts to win the innocent lost. Let’s lay off our brethren and vocally blast their brethren.

Some of you ought to get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you for the trouble you’ve caused in some church, while all that time you refused to say anything ugly about some movie star or sports figure. Change your ways! Exercise some mercy and compassion where it belongs! On God’s people. The devil’s crowd takes good care of their own. Let’s not help them.

Did I make you mad? Have some compassion on me…or go hug a queer!

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