May 2024


I was in such a rush to get the last letter out that I didn’t report on 2023. In 2023 I traveled 38,000 miles. (That’s what my phone said. I don’t know if that includes driving miles.)

Last year I preached 198 times in 124 appointments in: Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Idaho, New York, California, Illinois and, Florida.

Since the first of 2024 I have preached in: Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Idaho, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New York, California, Illinois, Florida and Virginia. I have literally flown coast-to-coast several times last year and this year also.

We have seen the Lord move in the meetings with the Lord winning the prize. We have greatly enjoyed the fellowship we have had with both pastors and church members. The spirit in the meetings has been good and reports of the effect they had on the churches has been very positive. I want to help churches!

New Book

My newest book, The History of Scripture in English is at the printer. You may have heard that there are 200, 300 or 400 Bibles in English. How about over 1,700! This is not a book about the “Bible” translated into English. It is about scripture translated into English. What’s the difference? The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books, inspired and preserved by God. The Bible contains every word God has given to mankind. But, if you translate only one book of the Bible into English, you have not translated the entire Bible into English, you have translated scripture into English.

Many times, when men first began translating scripture into English they only translated Psalms, or Proverbs or Genesis or the Gospels. Thus, this book is a catalog of their efforts, beginning in 700AD, as well as those who later translated the entire Bible into English.

No, this is not a consolidation of lists from the Internet. While over 40 lists have been consulted, I then researched each entry and include information on every one that I could.

Check for availability, or call: 1-800-311-1823

I still have three other books that I am working on. I enjoy writing and absolutely love doing research. I hope to have another book finished by the next letter.

Exciting News!

I have always had a heart for local churches. My ministry is dedicated to being their friend. At Treasure Valley Baptist Bible Institute we have only two goals: to train men who are called to preach for the ministry and to train all others to be the best church member their pastor has. TVBBI was able to step up and help two local churches recently. One, 300 miles away in Washington, had lost its pastor. We sent two men to preach every Sunday in March. Also, in March, we had a Students Bible Conference at this church which TVBBI students conducted. The church literally experienced a revival. The members were revived and encouraged. They have now voted in an interim pastor.

A church an hour away from ours also lost its pastor. We have been sending preaching teams every Sunday to minister to the Saints until they get a new pastor. We love helping churches and the folks in them.

One of this year’s graduates has already been called to pastor a church in Arizona.

Kathy & I

We’re doing well. Age has its effects on us but neither of us have a desire to quit or retire. We both know this could all end overnight so we’re dedicated to keep the hammer down until the Lord changes our circumstances.

Kathy’s left eye is pretty much useless but it doesn’t slow her down or discourage her. She teaches a Ladies Class at the Bible institute which is greatly received and has been very helpful to her students. Some of the ladies finish the class and then enroll again for the next year just because it a blessing to them to take it a second time.

No news on my neck. When people ask me how it is I tell them, “It’s like tearing paper. It can only go one direction. You can’t ‘untear’ it.” It’s a problem but, because of your prayers it hasn’t sidelined me yet.

On April 27 I turned 74.

Never forget, your prayers keep us going! I simply cannot convey the effect your prayers have on our ability to keep going. Kathy and I are so very grateful to all of you who uphold us in your prayers.

Thank you, again!

In Christ’s Service,

Samuel C. Gipp

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