Letter #134

Mouth-breather Alert! Mouth-breather Alert!

You can safely start calling the movie star, Matt Damon, Matt “Dumb One.” Like most of Hollywood’s elitist royalty “Dumb One” lives in a pampered, make-believe world that is totally out of touch with the real one. Thus, all movie stars want to espouse a “cause” so they can convince themselves that there is actually a reason for them to exist other than partying and making millions of dollars pretending to be something they aren’t.

In a vain attempt to convince himself, and you, that there is a value to his existence, “Dumb One” has espoused his own personal cause and has the standard “Star’s Boycott” to go along with it to strike terror into his newly declared villain. “Dumb One’s” cause is “Clean Water.” So who can be against “Clean Water?” But of course, like all causes, the real goal of this one is to make Americans feel guilty because they have clean water. Anyway, to “protest” for his cause, the “I wish I really was Jason Bourne” idiot is boycotting… toilets! Yep, Dumb One says he has sworn off the use of flush toilets because most of the world doesn’t have clean water. (Make sense to you? If it does you need to see a doctor!) So now we can expect to see Dumb One and his followers squatting behind bushes which will somehow, in their twisted thinking, magically produce clean water for the rest of the world. (What will this genius do at an airport gate or on an airplane? Grin & bear it, Hero!) This shows why, the only intelligent things Dumb One can say have to be written down in a script and memorized! It also explains why Liberals think guns are dangerous. It’s because they think real people are as stupid as they are! We need to bring back the word “retard” because without it there is no accurate way to describe these people. (Oop! Did I insult your “idol?)

Liberals Love Death

Liberals spend their days gazing at their righteous selves in a mirror and marveling at how morally superior they are to the average citizens. Yet, somehow, for all their “superiority” they always come down on the side of death. Watch your stupid National Geographic special or read anything a liberal writes about nature and you’ll find them always defending anything that kills. They defend: wolves, sharks, mountain lions, alligators and abortionists, and anyone who kills white people. Although they may try to convince you they “care” about the lives of others, they are always found rooting for the killers.

Citizens Can’t Win

IF you are one of those TV intoxicated Americans who believe that somehow the rise in guns sales is going to magically remove that Muslim from the White House and return America to being a politically conservative country, it is time to return to reality. If the Kenyan decides to wage a shooting war on Americans in addition to the spiritual one he is presently waging, no gun in the hand of an average citizen is going to thwart him. The issue will be decided by two groups, Law Enforcement Officers and our military. If they side with the big BO against freedom and our Constitution we are doomed.

The intended purpose the Founding Fathers had for our Constitution was to protect us from “wanna be” tyrants like Barak Hussein Obama, Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi. Without knowing who they would be or when they would show up, our Founders put legal handcuffs on any who would make us slaves through this wonderful, uninspired document. Thus, these power-hungry animals are always found trying to usurp that document. If the two groups sworn to defend it join them, your AR-15 isn’t going to carry the day!

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

Meeting the 7000

James Kim (Kim Chin-kyung)

James Kim is a Christian who holds both U.S. and South Korean citizenship plus honorary citizenship in North Korea and China. In 1992 he founded the Yanbian University of Science & Technology in northeast China. In 1998 he was arrested in North Korea while taking supplies to an orphanage there, accused of spying and sentenced to death. Miraculously he was soon released and given free reign in North Korea. In 2001 he founded the Pyongyang University of Science & Technology in Pyongyang, North Korea. Classes are taught only in English. The University is training tomorrow’s North Korean leaders.

Liberals Hate EVERYTHING About America

The Liberals who have taken control of your thinking by taking over Hollywood and programming your values to you truly seethe with hatred for EVERYTHING about this country. They even find you’re having pure memories of your youth unbearable. Thus, they have been waging an ongoing campaign against your very childhood memories. Here’s how some of their attacks have appeared:
1. Oz – All kids of our generation loved the pureness of The Wizard of Oz. Thus, your TV had to produce a program called “OZ” which was about a vile prison where men had sex in the showers.
2. Oz – If the first one didn’t get you Hollywood is releasing a version of The Wizard of Oz that purports to give the witch’s side of the story in which we discover she is the “Good Guy” and the Wizard is the real villain.
3. M&Ms – These little pieces of chocolate “melt in your mouth, not in your hand.” They are the
favorites of millions. So, some immoral, vile scumbag rapper had to call himself Eminem so he defiled your memories.
4. Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Millions of 1950-60s children grew up to the wonder and lightness of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Now there is a TV series called, “Grimm” which is grim. It’s vile, dehumanizing and perverted. Just the kind of “family entertainment” Hollywood believes in. (Didn’t satanic Johnny Depp play in a Hollywood degradation of Alice In Wonderland?)
5. Once Upon a Time… – And how many of the innocent fairy tales began with the words, “Once upon a time…” Now there is yet another TV series dedicated to blood, gore and satanism that goes by that title.

It must be a terribly demented mind that feels compelled to eradicate even the sweet, innocent childhood memories of it’s opposition. I wonder how long before there will be a new TV series dedicated to homosexuality entitled: “And they all lived happily ever after.”?

Fight On!

In August of 1903, South African game ranger, Harry Wolhuter, was returning from a patrol. Wolhuter, on horseback, had gotten well ahead of his three African reserve police who were on foot leading the supply animals. Suddenly Wolhuter saw the form of two male lions just ten feet away. As one sprang, Wolhuter’s horse reared, dropping him and ran off with a lion in pursuit. The second lion bit into Wolhuter’s right shoulder and started to drag him off to feast on him. While being dragged along, Wolhuter reached behind his back with his free arm and retrieved his sheath knife from his right hip. He drove the knife twice into the beast’s chest. The lion dropped him and roared in agony. Wolhuter slashed the animal’s throat. The beast lost interest in its contrary dinner and staggered into the bush where it was later found dead. Wolhuter was later rescued and recovered from his injuries. Fight on!

The Old Media

The best description of the News Media is to call it the “Old Media.” Like the other dinosaurs, its time has come and gone. It is rigid and unbending in calcified Liberalism. It has so turned to literary stone that it is impossible for it to report anything without filtering it through a “How can we use this to advance our agenda?” filter. Having gone beyond “reporting with prejudice” it is simply unable to issue any report that does not, in some way, advance a liberal cause. It can no longer be reformed. It must be left behind in the past.

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