Letter #128

The Purpose of Our Government

There are very few things that our individual states cannot provide for their citizens. The economy of each will provide jobs, food and all that is needed for its citizens. But there are some things that are simply too big for one lone state to handle. For that reason our wise Founders provided a federal government to do those things. It is the job of the Federal government to provide for a standing army to defend all of the states. California alone could not have defeated the Japanese in WWII. New Jersey could not have defeated the Germans. (Although Texas probably could beat Mexico!) Today, our Federal government is not providing sufficiently for a military that can defend us. That’s called “Dereliction of Duty.”

No state can successfully keep illegal criminals from breaking into their states. The Federal government has that responsibility. This White House, with an illegal in the Oval Office, has stated that it will not attempt to secure our borders. That’s called more

“Dereliction of Duty.”

The government has abdicated its national responsibilities while trying to do what the states can do for themselves. It is not the job of the Federal government to divvy out loans to businesses or to mandate how companies are run.

Our Muslim president has steered our government in the wrong direction while not providing the services it was created to supply. This administration, both the President and Congress, needs to be “fired” in November and replaced with one that will do its duty to the country.

The Lie in My Passport

I had to renew my passport recently. Someone in the government thought it would be nice to fill the blank pages with faint pictures and a pithy quote at the top. One page has the following on it, “We send thanks to all Animal life in the world. They have many things to teach us. We are glad they are still here and we hope it will always be so.” This phony quote is ascribed as follows, “Excerpts from the Thanksgiving Address, Mohawk version.” This is as big a lie as anything Barak Obama ever told!

Murdering Manhood

In the last LFF, I mentioned the abnormal abundance of the color purple (the color associated with homosexuality) showing into news broadcasts, commercials and movies. Now, if you have been watching, you’ve also seen the introduction of an equally abnormal amount of the color pink, traditionally associated with women. It seems the Manipulators of Society have decided the time is ripe to make a huge psychological push to subconsciously push the men of America to be more feminine. Some football coaches have been known to paint the locker room used by the visiting team pink to have a feminizing effect on the rival team. This is what you “friend,” your television, is doing to YOU if you are a man.

Coming Soon to a Highway Near You!

Watch for a brutal, merciless national anti-speeding campaign. It will be coordinated with increased insurance rates for speeders, license suspension and a “Call This Number to Turn in a Speeder.” Of course, there will be unending TV specials showing “Death by Speeding.” Why will they do this? Because they want to
eradicate every last ounce of aggressiveness from our population.

Meeting the 7000

Sonny Fritz

Bro. Sonny Fritz and his wife, Beverly, have been on the mission field of Mexico for 45 years. They have spent most of their lives there. In that time Bro. Sonny has started 30 churches. Their daughters grew up on the field and are pastors’ wives in that country. Some years ago Sister Fritz had a medical problem that required all of her blood to be replaced. It was replaced with Mexican blood. She has stated that her veins flow with the blood of the country God has called her and her husband to. Please pray for the Fritzes as they reach the years of increased medical problems in an increasingly dangerous country. If you would like to help their ministry feel free to send something to them through St. Amant Baptist Church, 10414 Acy Road, St. Amant, LA, 70774.

National Islam Day

Our nation loves to dedicate at least one day a year to its favorite causes. We have a day for every occasion and group, from “Mother-in-law’s Day” to “United Nations Day.” On that day we all try to be thankful for the important contribution the highlighted group has made to society. I think we should celebrate “National Muslim Day.” On that day we could thank the Muslims for the great airplane they buil…ah, oh, no airplane, OK then for the disease they found the cure fo…oh, no cure either, um, well, what about the countries they’ve liberated from tyranny? Oh. None of those either. Well then, how about the great music written by… well, I guess that’s a wash too. What about those great Muslim fighters for Human Rights? Ok. Ok, there must be something they’re good at. Oh! Yeah! I thought of it. Look at how good they are at finding ways to kill innocent people just because they disagree with them! Happy Muslim Day!

Fight On!

During Gulf War II a Marine convoy drove right into an Iraqi ambush. Machine guns, mortars, and rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) hammered the trapped Marines. Lt. Brian Chontosh was commanding the Marine column. Seeing they were cut off and hopelessly outgunned, Lt. Chontosh did the only thing he could do…he attacked! Chontosh ordered his HUMVEE driver to head straight at the Iraqi machine gun nest while his own machine gunner blazed away at it. The enemy machine gun was silenced. Then he told the driver to head for the Iraqi trench. There, Lt Chontosh jumped out, as it has been said, “carrying an M-16, a Beretta and 228 years of Marine Corps pride.” Chontosh ran down the trench line killing Iraqis until his M-16 was empty. He then pulled his Beretta pistol and emptied it on them. Next, he picked up a dead Iraqi’s AK-47 and fired it until it was empty. He grabbed another AK and continued his attack. Then he picked up an enemy RPG and disposed of the final group of Iraqis. Lt. Chontosh single-handedly cleared 200 yards of Iraqi trench line, turned a sure defeat into a victory and saved his men. Fight on!

“I love my Wife, but…”

Wouldn’t you wonder about the sincerity of a man who stated, “I love my Wife, but…I’m embarrassed to be seen with her, I won’t defend her against her critics, I’d rather converse with another woman and I spend no time with her.” Don’t you wonder about the sincerity of a man who states, “I love my Bible, but…”

How Do You Dress?

When I was a kid we had three kinds of clothes we wore:

1. School clothes

2. Play clothes

3. Church clothes

Your play clothes got dirty and torn up and a bit disheveled. You never wore such clothes to school. You had something better for school. But your best clothes were saved for Sunday when you went to church. They were too good for school and you never played in them.
Today Americans have only one kind of clothes; play clothes. No matter where they go all they are interested in is playing. Far be it from them to have a special wardrobe just for God.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel. Prov 27:9

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