Letter #99

The Canadians Are Praying!

I had a phone call that was a real blessing the other day. A friend who pastors a church up in Canada called. He had just gotten the last Essay. He said he and his church would be fasting & praying for America on April 25. This isn’t even their country. What a blessing!
Again, here’s what I’m recommending you do on April 25.

  1. Fast – Do it however you wish. But deny yourself for a day.
  2. Pray – Ask the Lord to pardon and send revival to our country.
  3. Repent – Surely you know of something that isn’t right in y,our life!

In the Bible it always turned God’s head & heart when a nation orindividual humbled themself and repented. I believe it’s the only hopeAmerica has.

The Media’s Corruption Realized

At one time this nation had; a “National Sport Hero,” his namewas Babe Ruth, it had a “National Humorist,” his name was WillRogers; it had a “National Evangelist,” his name was Billy Sunday.Now, through the constant barrage of filth-laden news reports we have a “NationalWhore,” Anna Nicole Smith. There is not one virtuous thing that can besaid about this slut. Yet even some of you reading this will be angry withme for saying anything negative about your pet goddess. If she wasn’ta whore then please define what a whore is!

In a wicked, desperate effort to defend this immoral pig some of you will say, “Well,she was a concerned mother.” Baloney! She had two illegitimate children.The vile lifestyle she lived saw to it that her son never lived to be 21! Andthere’s a video of this slut high on drugs when she was 8 months pregnant.Yeah, right! “Concerned mother!” The best chance her daughter hasof growing up normal is that her mother died.

Don’t write me for my “lackof compassion.” It wasn’t “compassion” thatwas felt for her. Men desired her body and women desired her fame. Repent andget right with God for allowing your emotions to be controlled by the immoralNews Mafia!

Listen! You can place your sympathies on the side of right or wrong but not both. If you are mad at me and find a desire to defend our “NationalWhore” you have consciously chosen the side of wrong and immorality.Who trained you to defend wickedness? You need to repent. Not me!

The Benefits of Morality

During this media circus about our “National Whore,” have you wonderedwhy those hypocritical News Mafia “preachers” haven’t donea story extolling the practical value of morality? Think about how this wholeaffair would not exist if Anna Nicole Smith had been moral and gotten marriedand lived morally.

  1. We would know who the father of her child was…her husband!
  2. We would know who had jurisdiction over her body…her husband!
  3. We would know where she wanted buried…where her husband said!

Of course, if she was moral we would never have heard of her. Look at the good women in your church. The News Mafia hates those women. But they love their slut.

Don’t fake spirituality and say, “Well, I was concerned about hersoul.” Liar. It wasn’t her “soul” you stared at whilewatch your television god.

Meeting the 7000

Bro. Mike McClary

After the world has totally destroyed a man’s life, it is men like Bro.Mike McClary who puts them back together. But, Bro. McClary’s ministrydoes more than just rescue them from Hell. He takes men in for a year and teachesthem a trade. They learn to work on cars, remodel houses and such. At the endof the year he tries to place them in an apartment with a job. If you wouldlike to help Bro. McClary’s ministry he can be reached at Good SamaritanMinistries, 2307 Hull St., Richmond, VA, 23224. Or call 804-231-9995, or 804-363-4831.

Who Do You Love?

You defend who you love. No matter what you say your actions speak the truth. I love my wife. Say something negative about her and I’ll take her side against you. I love the Lord and defend Him against his critics. I lovethe Bible and defend it.

Who do you love? Do you find yourself defending Anna Nicole Smith against her critics? Do you defend homosexuals? Do yo defend Muslims? Don’t pretendthat you’re “more godly & more gracious” than their critics.You are simply defending who you love. Face it. Deal with it. (But don’tpretend you love God.)

Mistreatment of POW’s

Because the Japanese considered themselves racially superior to Caucasians, they mercilessly brutalized their prisoners. In a camp of English and Australian POWs, they underfed and overworked men until they died. Many were beaten with ropes or pieces of bamboo. Once they fell they were kicked in the ribs, stomach or groin. If lying face down a Japanese soldier would jump up and down on the back of their knees. If lying on their side, they would stand on the side of their head and grind and twist the prisoner’s face intothe gravel. Some were simply beaten to death to please the sadistic guards.

Oneguard beat a group of men using a pick handle like a baseball bat. He forcedthe group to lift a rail from the railroad as high as possible and wailed onthe defenseless men while they tried to comply.

Two points are to be taken here. One: our enemies running the News Media condemn American soldiers as thoughthey were indiscriminate killers but have no condemnation for these ruthlesskillers. Maybe it’s because the Japanese were torturingCaucasians, the same race the News Media hates.

Point two: at their worst, slaveowners weren’t this cruel and sadisticto blacks. Yet Americans are corporately shackled with the guilt of slaveryby the same News Media that is evilly silent about the actions of the Japanese.

Fight On!

The final air strike of the Pacific’s Marianas’ campaign of WorldWar II had to launch late in the day. This meant that the battle weary flyerswould be returning to their aircraft carriers in the dark. The pilots, lowon fuel, would have to somehow locate their mother ships in the inky Pacificdarkness while those same ships cruised on in blackout conditions. This was to prevent becoming the target of a prowling Japanese submarine.

As the wanderingpilots chattered on in the blackness, unable to find their ships and contemplatingthe hopelessness of surviving a nighttime ditching in the rough Pacific water,Vice Admiral, Marc A. Mitsher, made a benevolent but dangerous decision. Heordered all of the aircraft carriers to turn on their lights. Before the bewilderedpilots eyes the pitch blackness came alive in light. Suddenly ships appearedwhere only blackness had been. Star shells fired from destroyers attractedmany flyer’s attention. Searchlightsguided them to the carriers. And there were those beautiful red lights markingthe flight decks. There were even individual sailors shining flashlights intothe night. Anything to help the helpless flyers come home.
And home they came! Plane after plane roared out of the darkness to be snatchedfrom the air and then be quickly pushed aside and parked. The pilots wouldnever forget how they weren’t forgotten by the fleet. Together they would all Fight on!

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