Letter #98

Think You’re Ready For It?

I think we all realize that if America doesn’t repent it will be judged by God. If you’re one of those arrogant self-righteous Bible believers who think judgement can’t happen soon enough to please you then you need to go somewhere alone and ask yourself if you’re ready for the following. Are you ready:

  1. To eat members of your family? Israel did it when judged of God
  2. To see your wife and daughters raped regularly? That’s what judgement brought to Israel.
  3. To watch your children mercilessly slaughtered? Ditto.
  4. To see your sons impressed into slave labor and never see them again?
  5. To become a refugee who never sees home, family or friends again?
  6. To never experience a peaceful night’s sleep again in your life?
  7. To never play golf, go on a picnic, enjoy a sports event or a quiet day alone?
  8. To cry like you’ve never cried and be afraid like you’ve never been afraid before?

If you said “Yes.” to any of the above you’re either a liar or high on something. What? Say it will happen but not to you because you’ve “kept the faith”? Listen, some very good people who believe the Book and are doing more for the Lord than you are lost everything during hurricane Katrina. You are a proud fool if you think you won’t experience the results ofGod’sjudgement on America. You say you can take it? Then reread the above questions, get on your knees and tell God, “Yes.” to every one of them. Fool!

How the Lottery REALLY Hurt Us

The spirit of the lottery is basically this, “Tomorrow I’m going to be rich!” In other words, without the years of hard work that madmen like Ford, Edison and even Bill Gates rich we can all share that same wealthiness overnight by winning the lottery.

That “dreams come true, tomorrow”spirit has now permeated our national psyche. That includes Christians. The program “American Idol” has young people dreaming that “Tomorrow I’m going to be a star.”

Americas Funniest Home Videos has made people think, “I’ll send in my faked ‘spontaneous’ video and be on TV and get $10,000 tomorrow.”

The belief that they will score on overnight capricious wealth & fame has Americans ignoring reality as being not important since it is going to change “tomorrow when I win!”

Americans used to work hard and then go home and watch TVfor an escape from reality. Today, the fairyland world of TV has become reality and it is a reality that is viewed as unreal and irrelevant.

The “Religion of Peace” from Hell

A Muslim woman trusted Christ and began going to a Bible-believing church. Then suddenly she stopped. Her pastor visited her and asked what was wrong.She told him that her sister had asked why she no longer kept Muslim holidays. She explained that she had trusted Christ and followed Him now. The nextday her brother-in-law came by and told her that if she didn’t go back to the mosque he would kill her! That didn’t happen in Iraq or Iran or anywhere in the Middle East. It happened in Connecticut! With the importation of Muslim paganism, our country has imported murder, hatred and religious slavery.

Meeting the 7000

Dr. Edgar Feghaly

Brother Feghaly has a ministry that directly engages in the conversion of Muslims in the Middle East. He has missions in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon. His mission runsa Christian radio station in Iraq. He has hazarded his life numerous times and the Lord has graciously protected him.

Typical Environmental Mess-up

We all know now that the Great Yellowstone Fire was far worse than it should have been because religious environmentalists hadn’t allowed dead wood to be cut from the forest. The result was a wildfire fueled by deadwood environmental shrines.

Here’s another environmental pipedream that didn’t work. In 1972 religious environmentalists dumped 2,000,000 old tire casings over a 34 acre portion of the ocean floor off Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (YOU would rot in prison for dumping one tire!) Then they happily skipped home knowing they had just created a “natural” (?) reef for all the little fishies to live in. But the “little fishies”, not being mentally ill environmentalists, avoided the tires completely. Then the tides and currents pushed the tires all over and they started destroying coral. (Oh God! Not the coral!) Now, the government, which environmentalists badmouth, and the U.S. Navy, which environmentalists hate, are going to have to clean up their mess. They say it will take years and years and millions of dollars. Do you think the environmental polluters will have to pay the bill for their irresponsibility?

Exercises That Will Build Character

Everyone knows that the smoker who says, “I can stop anytime I want to.” can’t.He doesn’t have the character to. He simply can’t say, “No.” tohis body. Here are some exercises that will help you build character. You willlaugh and think I’m not being serious because “anybody can do these.” Good,then do them.

  1. Get out of bed the instant your alarm goes off. Never hit the “snooze” button.
  2. Wash your car and keep it clean.
  3. Read your Bible everyday and don’t ever miss.
  4. Withhold a negative comment about someone when you have the opportunity to make it.
  5. Don’t allow yourself to be a conduit for bad news.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You can “do these anytime I want to.” Sure, you and every smoker.

Fight On!

In August of 1944, the 2nd battalion of the 30th U.S. Army Division was entrenched on Hill317 calling in artillery strikes on German troops to their east. The Germans intended to wipe the hill clean. They surrounded the hill and for five days subjected it to never-ending assaults. They cut off American troops, ran low on food, ammunition, and medical supplies but refused to surrender.

Early on the fifth day a German tank clamored up the hill and fired two rounds into the beleaguered American lines. Then the tank commander called out in perfect English, “Surrender or die!” One GI threw down his weapon and ran to the tank and climbed aboard. No one else moved. The tank then turned around and left with its one foolish prisoner. Amazingly, later that day American forces broke through the Germans and relieved the tired but happy Americans. One foolish GI had given up too soon! Fighton!


The original name for Lake Erie was “Lake of the Erighs.” The Erighswere a strong and noble Indian tribe that inhabited its banks. But this small tribe was attacked and mercilessly eradicated. Every man, woman, and child was hunted down and murdered until all that survives today is the name “Erie” to even hint that they ever existed. This is called “genocide.”

Who committed this horrible act of genocide? Not the French. Not the Dutch. Not the English. In fact, it was committed by their fellow Indian “brothers,” the Iroquois. Hey! Maybe Indians are as “evil” as white men!

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