Letter #97

Wal-Mart Caves!

After giving tens-of-thousands of dollars to homosexual causes and hiring a homosexual whose job it is to prefer companies run by homosexuals when buying for Wal-Mart stores, Wal-Mart saw its Christmas sales drop while other retailers increased. Wal-Mart immediately came out with a statement that they will not take stands on controversial issues. Once again the financial power of Christians brought another wayward company to its knees.

I Couldn’t Care Less

Wal-Mart’s discontinued pro-homosexual policy revealed their true desire to help and promote those who would corrupt our society and children. They now rank with the same morally bankrupt groups as Hollywood, public education, Playboy magazine. They are not a friend to our families. Therefore they have gone from the first choice to the last choice when we decide to buy something.We are paying more and it is less convenient (I know! I know! You’re shopping there to be a “good steward” and “all the other companies do the same thing”) but I’m simply glad not to be giving any more of my money than I have to to my enemy.

Meeting the 7000

Andrew Saucier & Paul Garcia
These two Brothers were recently arrested in Nairobi, Kenya after Christ-hating Muslims rioted because they passed Gospel tracts in a public school. (In this country it would be Liberals rioting!) After several court appearances, the Kenyan judge declared that “All religions offend all other religions by saying they are right and the others are wrong. Muslims say Christianity is wrong but the Christians aren’t rioting. Therefore Muslims do not have a ‘right’ to riot just because they don’t like what Christians are doing.” Their “defiance” (2 Sam. 23:9) of Islam “wrought a great victory.” Have you done anything to defy the enemies of Christ?

Fight on!

Deane and Lorraine Lengkeek of Holland, MI., were hiking to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park on August 30, 1991, when a sow bear with two cubs attacked them. The beast charged into Deane and bit him in the shoulder, arm and chest. Before the attack happened, Lorraine, a 62-year-old grandmother with fifteen grandchildren, had been musing over the beauty around her and singing the hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” Now she was watching a mad grizzly bear savaging the man she had spent most of her life with. This would never do! The only weapon Lorraine had was the binoculars she was carrying around her neck. The 5′ 4″, 130 lb. grandmother and wife took the binoculars by the strap and in a defensive rage swung them, smashing them down on the bear’s head. The stunned brute looked up at the fire in the little lady’s eyes and bolted. Fight on!

We Know Whose Side They’re On.

How many newspaper pictures have you seen of the fighting in Iraq that were taken from a photographer who was obviously with the Iraqis? Isn’t it strange that the reporters are always with the folks killing our troops?

CNN even bought a film of an Iraqi sniper killing a US soldier. The News Mafia is on our enemies’ side. Why?

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