Letter #96

Ford Backs Perversion

A few years ago Ford Motor Company declared that sex perverts (homosexuals & Lesbians) employed by them who lived together would received the same benefits as normal married couples. (They didn’t grant the same benefits to heterosexual couples living together.) They also gave their employee/perverts a special lounge all their own. (Probably because the normal employees didn’t want them around.) Plus, for every Land Rover they sell, Ford donates $1,000 to the cause of corrupting the rest of the country with this perversion.

Ford Losing Money

Ford makes the #1 selling pickup truck and the most popular SUV as well as the $150,000 Ford GT. They are selling the tremendously successful Mustang faster than they can be built. Yet Ford is losing money faster than Bill Clinton can lie. Their bonds are “junk” status and are in a near panic sell-off. (Where are those “big money” homosexuals when they need them?”) Do you suppose there’s a connection?

Wal-Mart Backs Perversion

Wal-Mart Inc. is joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to help force normal employees to submit to the perverted lifestyle of a small group of mean-spirited, obnoxious perverts. They don’t need the money since Wal-Mart would do fine if every pervert quit shopping there. It’s a typical “sweetheart deal” attempting to make sexual perversion normal and acceptable.

Wal-Mart Losing Money

Wal-Mart Inc. reported a financial loss for the first quarter earnings for 2006. That’s the first time in ten years! Hmmm? Do you suppose there’s a connection?

Montana Independence!

Montana rejected the homosexual lobby’s pressure to include homosexuals in their “Hate Crime” law.

Homosexuality Is A Mental Disorder

The only thing homosexuals hate more than straight people is straight people who used to be homosexual. Dr. Jeffery Satinover, author of Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth states, “Anyone who actually reads the studies examining the association between homosexuality and psychological disturbance will find a very strong association.” So then, why do judges rule in favor of these sex perverts? “The mental health organizations….influence judges’ understanding before they become judges so that when a man or woman becomes a judge he is, for all purposes, an ignoramus with respect to homosexuality, full to the brim with sentimental platitudes.” World, Feb. 19, 2005

Where’s Your “Fallujah?”Meeting the 7000

A 7year old boy recently came forward at an invitation and said, “I want the fire of God in my life.” (!) Maybe he’s already got it! What about you? What do you want?

Murder Being Investigated

An abortuary in Florida is being investigated for murder. Apparently, a baby assigned to die was delivered alive, then placed in a sealed plastic bag, an action that killed (murdered) it. The “Murder-for-Hire” establishments forced to surrender its license to kill.

Another abortuary allowed one of its janitors to perform a “safe & legal” abortion. Nothing like professionalism in the killing business!

There’s Help!

Christians need no help to entertain visions of defeat. We’ve made losing a doctrine. But not all Christians are whining “do-nothings” who use the Bible to hide their cowardice. In the last 25 years, numerous legal groups have formed that will help anyone who is tired of being bullied by Liberals and has the guts to fight. (It’s the latter which is scarce among Christians.)Following is a short list of those who are willing to defend our rights even if we aren’t.

  1. American Center for Law & Justice
  2. The Rutherford Institute
  3. Christian Law Association
  4. Liberty Counsel
  5. Alliance Defense Fund
  6. Pacific Justice Institute
  7. Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
  8. American Family Association Center for Law & Policy

(Check the internet to connect with these organizations.)

Fard-head Resigns

Louis Farrakhan has resigned as head of the Nation of Islam, a black-“Muslim” group.(Which real Muslims won’t even acknowledge exists!) The group was originally founded by Wallace D. Fard. They may have originally been known as “Fardites” or possibly “Farders.” Now that Farrahkan has resigned the group will choose a new “Fard-head.”

Fight On!

J.T. Lyons, a missionary pilot with Baptist Mid-Missions in Liberia, in the late ’60s, had just coasted his bright red Piper Super Cub to a stop in the town of Yila. A wild bull nearby saw the red airplane and charged toward it. Missionary Lyons was not about to have the Lord’s property damaged by a rampaging bull. Fearlessly he leaped from the pilot’s seat, rushed between the airplane and the animal and raised his fists, prepared to defend his plane barehanded. The bull stopped, pawed the ground and lowered his head for the final charge. The fearless Baptist Missionary, determination blazing in his eyes, stood his ground. The two antagonists stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then the buffaloed bull snorted, turned and walked off. Fight on!

An Affair of the Heart

Is it any wonder that the News Mafia is so enraptured with Islam? They both have so much in common:

  • They both hate America
  • They both love murder and bloodshed
  • They both hate the freedom of speech
  • They both love class warfare
  • They both hate the Jews
  • They both love anything that hurts America
  • They both hate the Bible
  • They both think sex is “Heaven”
  • They both hate God
  • They both love to cause trouble

“Guiltless” Brownies

Ladies! My wife makes brownies using applesauce in place of cooking oil. No fat & they stay moist!

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