Letter #95


Those perverts called “homosexual” have lost even more since the last letter. They lost court decisions in Georgia, New York, Kansas and Massachusetts. In the real world Americans consistently reject homosexuality. Unfortunately, rather than use their brains and openly condemn homosexuality as the abomination to both God and man that it is, most Americans (including Christians) are bullied into silence by the homosexual-run News Mafia. Most Christians try to hide their cowardice by trying to claim that the battle for America is already lost. But if Christians were as brave as homosexuals they would be on school boards and city councils stopping attempts by perverts to corrupt our country.

…versus Fantasy

Of course the homosexuals running the News Mafia understand the power of suggestion. They know if they present homosexuality as though it were already victorious most gullible Americans will accept such false reports as fact. Thus, whenever there is another defeat for their perverted co-conspirators, you can count on them to immediately issue some kind of pro-homosexual “news story” that presents homosexuality as though it were accepted behavior. No sooner did the queers lose battles in the four states mentioned above than USA Today ran a “sweetheart” story about “Gay Olympics.”
If you have allowed the News Mafia to neuter you into a cowered puppy, you are an ally of the homosexuals and are encouraging their agenda by your inaction!

The Bird Flu Fear-mongering

The latest terror weapon of the News Mafia, the dreaded “Bird Flu,” has killed only 139 people around the entire world and it took three years to do it! In 2005 the regular flu killed 38,000 people in the United States alone. Face it. You have been more concerned about the Bird Flu (Which seems to kill, of all things, birds!) than the regular flu. Ask yourself why.

We Need a “Pledge of Allegiance”

Our problems with the immigration system might be somewhat alleviated if everyone was required to repeat a “Pledge of Allegiance” to this country. In fact, as I recall, we have one of those! That’s why we have it! If someone desiring to live in this country refuses to pledge their allegiance to it, they should be sent back to where they came from.

Here’s an idea. A non-coward Christian gets on a local school board gets in the face of the seated Liberals and re-institutes our Pledge of Allegiance in public school. Or we can do nothing and just gripe about it since that is what Christians are best at.

Beer BigotryMeeting the 7000

Bro. David Barton

Bro. Barton is the head of Wallbuilders which is probably the best source of material about the Christian founding of this country. Bro. Barton has not yet discovered that God has an absolutely perfect Bible. But other than that Wall Builders is fighting hard against the forces that want your children to be homosexuals. He is doing more than his part to re-educate Americans about their biblical heritage.

Wallbuilders joined with Hobby Lobby this past July 4th and put a full age ad in USA Today that clearly illustrated the part Christianity had in the founding of this nation. If you want to learn more about the history of the United States call 1-817-441-6044.

Shallow Singing

The new “Progressive” movement is developing a generation of Christians who are so shallow that they can’t even sing songs with any “depth” about the Lord. They have to be treated like the children they are and sing kids’ choruses. (Have you thanked your pastor for keeping the hymnals?)

When Murder is Allowed

On June 17, 2004, 34-year-old Chinese Christian, Jiang Zongxiu, was arrested for passing out gospel tracts in Guizhou Province. Police took her to police headquarters and beat her to death. When citizens began to look into it, police cremated the body. As the FBI (Ruby Ridge) and the BATF (Waco) understand completely you can’t do an autopsy on ashes.

These actions came from China, our “permanent favored nation” trade partner. Fortunately for these Communist Chinese murderers, this and other such human right’s violations (remember the Tiananmen Square murders?)are being perpetrated by Orientals. If the leaders of China were white, like Milosevich of Bosnia, they might have to fear U.N. trials. Instead, they enjoy the freedom to commit more murders while netting billions of dollars from U.S. trade.

Fight On!

“Well, I’m sorry for Mary and the babies. I should have liked to live for my country; but if I have to die, I’ll do it as a man and a Christian ought. I hope those who will be born a hundred years after I’m gone will appreciate the price we had to pay to give them a home and a country.” Fighton!

(The prayer of a young Patriot on his way to be hanged, 1781.)

George Liele (17?? – 1828)

George Liele, a black slave from Virginia, went to Jamaica as a missionary. He is remembered as America’s first missionary to a foreign land. When the people in the Baptist church where Liele’s master served as a deacon realized how much Liele loved the Lord and witnessed the slave’s wonderful ability to explain the Scriptures, they ordained him to preach, making him probably the first ordained black preacher in America. Liele’s master freed him from slavery so he could spend all his time preaching the gospel. The former slave preached in Georgia throughout the War for Independence, and in 1779 he and his follower, Andrew Bryan, founded what may have been America’s first black Baptist church, in Savannah. That same year Liele went to Jamaica, hiring himself out as an indentured servant to pay his way. He preached in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, and eventually started Jamaica’s first Baptist church, which grew from four members to 500 members in eight years. Liele organized a missionary society in Jamaica that sent fifty Jamaican missionaries to Africa and about twenty Jamaicans to the United States to minister to African-Americans. George Liele went to Jamaica fifteen years before William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions, sailed from England to India, and thirty-three years before Adoniram Judson, the father of American Missions, sailed from the United States to Burma. (The Evangelical Methodist Vol. 74, #3 , March 1995)

The hymn “Zion’s Hill” refers to “mortal ken” (not “kin”). “Ken” means “sight” or “vision.”

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