Letter #91

John Adams on Hurricane Katrina“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. Itis wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”


Looters are those low-life, evil individuals who see a disaster as an opportunity to profit. That being said, the Democratic Party and the News Mafia are looters. Both of these insidious groups of people saw the recent hurricanes as nothing more than an opportunity for them to take advantage of someone else’s suffering to advance their political agenda. When do we get to put them in jail?
What Goes Around…

Wasn’t it amazing that within a few weeks of the United States causing “forced evacuations” of Jews in Gaza we were using the same term to describe U.S. Citizens in New Orleans?

Has our country been taking more vicious hits from nature (ie. GOD!) since we got down on our knees and kissed the feet of murderous Muslims after 9/11?

Are You Pro-abortion?

Did you know that one popular methods of a “safe & legal” abortion used in many abortuaries is to have a woman sit on a toilet and give birth to a living baby and then let it drown in the toilet? You’d better read John Adams’ quote again.

“United We Give”

Many companies force their employees to give to the United Way. If you work for one of these companies you can’t stop the deduction from your paycheck but you can have the money stolen from you diverted to your own church.

Quitters vs Fighters

Quitters: When they’ve reviewed all the evidence they say, “We’ve lost! It’s over! There’s no hope! There’s no sense in trying.”

Fighters: When we’ve reviewed all the evidence we say, “We can make a difference if we try.”

Quitters never lose because quitters never fight. I’d rather lose then never try. What about you?

Support for abortion at its lowest since 1966

51% believe abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter
Only 19% oppose prayer in schools
69% believe religion is the best way to improve morals
74% believe families should be raised with religion
56% think journalists are biased against religion
64% dissatisfied with media’s treatment of religion

Meeting the 7000

Duane Gish

Dr. Duane Gish, 84 years old, recently retired from the Institute For creation research. For decades the name “Gish” struck terror in the heart of evolutionists as Dr. Gish traveled from secular college to secular university campuses and defeated pro-evolutionist scientists. He won over 300 such debates, losing none. He also authored a Chick-like tract called, “have you Been Brainwashed?” which has much irrefutable evidence for Bible-believers. Dr. Gish’s brain won’t be missed as badly as his courage.
There are many Christians with an intellect who lack the courage to stand against the lost world in defense of the Bible.

PETA Murderers******************* Breakthrough! ********************

DayStar Publishing has had five titles accepted by Amazon.com

You can now order An UnderstandableHistory of the Bible, Living With Pain, For His Pleasure, Fight On! and How To Minister To Youth from their website. Feel free to use it. We want them to see “traffic.”

Fight on!

He worked hard and became a multi-millionaire. Then, at 56 years old he lost 40 million dollars. He was dead broke. He became suicidal and checked himself into a sanitarium. He wrote a “Goodbye” letter to his family in preparation for his death. Then one day he got up and heard someone singing and went to see what was going on. He heard the words of “God Will Take Care of You” and fell on his knees and trusted Christ as his Saviour. He got out of the sanitarium and got back into the business. He became a multi-millionaire again and died at the age of 102. We know him as J. C. Penney. Fight on!

Where’s the Big Story

In 1990 New York City saw 2,245 murders. It was a record. It could only get worse. But it didn’t. New Yorkers got tired of sorry democratic “leadership(wrecks)”, like mayors Dinkins and Koch, and “threw da bums out.” In came Rudy Giuliani and the murder rate began to decline. By 1996 the number of murders-per-year was down to 983. Giuliani was replaced by Michel Bloomberg and it has kept dropping. In 2004 murders were down to 570 and are predicted to drop below 500 in 2005.
There are two points to be noted about this decline. First, if this drop in murders had happened during a democratic administration our liberal News Mafia would be heralding it as proof of the need for more Democratic politics. Second, there is a lesson for Christians. In spite of our disdain for all things secular, things don’t always have to continue downhill. Nice to see. Isn’t it?

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