Letter #90

Who’s “Fair Share”

In 2002 the top 50% of income earners paid 96.5% of individual income tax. The lower 50 % paid the remaining 3.5%. Do you call that fair? Liberals ransack the incomes of those who work and then gripe that any tax cut “helps only the rich.” That’s because “the rich” are paying to run this country! The “poor” can’t benefit from a tax cut because they already benefit from not paying taxes!

We’ve Got the Power!

The gazillion dollar corporation, Microsoft, was backing a proposed Washington state bill that would have banned “discrimination” against sex perverts (homosexuals). But one brave black pastor, Ken Hutchenson of the Antioch Bible Church, threatened a nationwide boycott and Microsoft dropped its support! The bill lost. Due to pressure from the intolerant, pro-queer lobby, Microsoft has since redeclared its support of the bill but the bill has already been defeated.

All we have to do to win is be willing to have God’s enemies be mad at us.

Voting With Their Wallets

Americans have sent a terrifying message to the Liberals who are holding hostage our free press. Last year’s newspaper sales were down across the country. That really hit USA Today, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal hard.

What you don’t realize about yourself is that you are the average American. That’s not bad. What that means is, when the News Mafia makes you mad it makes most of the rest of the country mad as well. Which means you are not an oddball. If we would “vote with our wallets,” the liberals wouldn’t like it but we would cut off the finances to continue their liberal, anti-American activities.

Ladies Help Us!

We are in the age of the tyranny of the phrase, “You’ve offended me.” We are constantly oppressed and bullied by Liberals about how we shouldn’t “offend” homosexuals, Muslims, Orientals, Indians and just about everyone else. It’s time we took advantage of this wimpy, European, One-world spirit. But, ladies, men won’t have the guts to do this so we are asking you to step up and take the lead. The next time you hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain get offended and indignantly walked to them and tell them how their “hurtful, disrespectful” speech has offended you and demand they stop it…just like a liberal would do if someone said something ugly about that murderer-god, Allah.

Support your “right” to be offended!

An Idea for the Pastor

I was recently in a church where the men of the church take one Saturday a month to teach the young boys/men of the church a trade. They teach them carpentry, plumbing, etc. Then they take the students to help do work on the home of a widow or someone needing help.

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Ken Hutchenson

I simply could not ignore this brave, black pastor. This one man heard about Microsoft’s support of an anti-social, anti-Christian and anti-American bill and, rather than gripe about it, as so many white folks do, he put it all on the line and decided to do something.

Government FOR the People, OF the Liberals and BY the Judges

After the people of California voted not to allow same-sex marriages, another rotted corpse of a Federal judge overthrew the will of the people. San Francisco Federal Judge Richard Kramer instead forced one man’s opinion of marriage on the over 35 million citizens of that state.

When will Americans get fed up with judicial tyranny and take the initiative and impeach tyrannical liberal judges for forcing their totalitarian ways on this nation? America is a republic, not a dictatorship!

Why “Earth?”

Recently astronomers have discovered a tenth planet. It is ten times larger than Pluto but several billion miles farther away. As yet the new neighbor is still unnamed. I predict it will be named after some pagan god, or goddess. (Gaia?) As I pondered this naming process I thought about how man has named the other planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc. Man has named all of the planets in our solar system after pagan deities. Then it hit me! The only planet in our solar system that isn’t named after a pagan deity is earth. Why? Because God named it, not man! God named it in the very first verse of the Bible. In fact, the names “sun” and “moon” are also mandated by Scripture. The “moons” of other planets have names. Ours is simply the God-ordained “moon.” Other stars in the universe have names but ours is simply “sun.” (Why not “Ra?”) The very astronomers who wish to disprove creation are slaves to it! That mean-spirited heathen who hate the Bible quote it every time they say, “sun,” “moon,” “earth” or “star.” I love it!

What more proof do you need that God created the universe?

Liberal Admission

Knowing their arguments for evolution are anemic and transparently wrong, anti-creation Liberals did what Liberals always do to try to stop Creationists from winning in Kansas’ recent debate about teaching Intelligent Design, they tried bullying and intimidation. Liberals gain power via their follow Liberals who have taken over our “free press.” Their fellow workers cajole and pressure opponents into not fighting. Here’s a verbatim admission of this tactic given by a tyrannic liberal educator from Kansas as to how they planned on keeping their evolutionary religion the state religion of Kansas and prevent the teaching of Intelligent Design. Liz (short for lizard?) Craig, of the Kansas Citizens for Science, wrote “My strategy at this point is the same as it was in 1999. Notify the national and local media about what’s going on and portray them in the harshest light possible as political opportunists, evangelical activists, ignoramuses, breakers of the rules, unprincipled bullies etc. We can sure make them look like asses as they do what they do.”

There it is. From the vile lips of a liberal. That admission that they do not engage in reasonable, courteous, public debate on an issue. Instead they use the intolerant Liberals occupation troops who have taken control of the free press to bludgeon and bully their opponents.

Fight On!

During a Civil War naval engagement, the United States gunboat, Valley City, was hit and a fire ignited near the powder magazine. Seaman John Davis, the quarter gunner on the vessel, saw an open barrel of gunpowder with sparks and embers falling nearer and nearer to it. An explosion was imminent. But no explosion came. The fast thinking Davis ran over and sat on the open top of the barrel. Sparks and burning cinder rained down on Davis as he stubbornly remained in place. Finally, the fire was extinguished and Davis, severely burned, was taken away and cared for. His quick thinking and self-determination had saved the ship. Seaman Davis was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Fight on!

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