Letter #89

What Man Can’t Do

Did you notice? In one year’s time, the News Mafia has lost its entire first string. Dan Rather is gone. Tom Brokaw is gone. Ted Kopple is gone. And Peter Jennings has cancer. Are we to pretend this is a coincidence? If you’re one of those “there is no hope!,” America-hating Bible believers, you have to say just that. Otherwise, you might have to admit that God doesn’t hold your erroneous opinion and still thinks America is worth fighting for. If you’re one of those, “We can make a difference” Bible believers, you should be encouraged enough to shout…and then get even busier fighting for the country God is fighting for.

A Fitting Tribute

In the Black Hills near Custer, South Dakota, a monument to the Indian chief, Crazy Horse, is being sculpted from a mountain. This monument was commissioned by the Indians in 1947. It is intended to show the greatness of the Indians. It is being done by white men. The white men that the Indians asked to do it in 1947. Apparently, the Indians recognized that anything beyond the beaded belt was over their heads so they turned to a white man, Korczak Ziolkowski, to do the work. Ziolkowski, an American of Polish extraction, (I’m not surprised, the Poles are a lot smarter than they get credit for) began the work in 1948. The work isn’t finished yet because the project tends to stay perpetually short of cash. Wouldn’t you think that some those Indians who have gotten wealthy through that proud Indian tradition of casino gambling would care enough about the project to pay for the work? Nope. So now, a white man is carving a tribute to Indian greatness because the Indians couldn’t! While asking white visitors to pay for it!

If you’re white you may want to go there and admire the work of an entire family (Ziolkowski has since passed on and his family continues the work) of great white sculptors. While there you can visit the Cultural Center and hear how absolutely rotten you are while looking at a lot of really nice beaded belts.

If you’re an Indian you may want to go and see what a marvelous sculpture white men are capable of while cursing them because your air conditioner isn’t working right. You can then go into the Cultural Center, the point at the beaded belts and say, “I can do that!”

If you’re black, forget the whole thing. Go buy a beaded belt while cursing white people. You’ll be a winner all the way around!

All Whites Are Bad, All Blacks Are Good

The News Industry screamed for “free & fair” elections when Rhodesia was being run by “evil” Whites. Then their slave, Robert Mugabe, was installed in a “free & fair” election…and there hasn’t been one since! This black tyrant has turned a country that used to export food into a food importing police state that has been compared to North Korea. (That’s the kind of country that the News Mafia wants here.) 3,500,000 people, one-fourth of the population, have fled the country. News Media-approved Dictator Mugabe has run his political opposition out of the country and closed down opposition newspapers. In the last 3-4 years his police thugs have murdered 450 – 500 people, raped 2,000 and ejected 10,000 from their homes. The land of 4,500 white farmers has been stolen. It now produces nothing. These farms used to employ 300,000, mostly black, workers. Now there are 300,000 more unemployed blacks…and the News Media remain silent because the black dictator they put into power is the criminal doing all of this.

Meeting the 7000

Heather Swensen

If you were to meet 22 years old, Heather Swensen, her blue eyes would look at you through brown contact lenses. Her light brown hair having long been dyed jet black. Is she in hiding? Sort of running from the law? No, just trying to keep from being killed by either Maoist rebels or the Nepalese Army in Nepal where she is doing mission work. And the danger is not in her head.

Forced to flee when King Gyanendra declared martial law, she was spirited to India in an ambulance across a bridge that was destroyed soon afterward. A later ambulance was a blowup, killing several. Then, walking covered but unaccompanied in Pakistan, she was abducted three times in one day’s time. Not because she was recognized as an American, (that would have gotten her killed) but because she was a female traveling alone in a male-dominated Muslim society. Her first escape came when a nearby friend came to her rescue. Later she was grabbed on a side street and escaped by punching her captor in the face. Then, seemingly safe, she was strong-armed into a waiting van. Rather than panic, she carefully watched for a chance to escape and found it. When the van was forced to stop at a railroad crossing, she threw the door open and bolted.

And now, she calmly waits in India for an opportunity to return to her work in Nepal.

Martin Luther and the Military

In a booklet entitled, Whether A Soldier Too Can Be Saved, Martin Luther defended Christian military service. Since God established government (Rom. 13) Luther said the Christian soldier should go “forward in joy” against his nation’s enemies. He should say, “It is not I that smite, stab, and slay, but God and my prince, for my hand and my body are now their servants.” He admonished that before God soldiers are humble and repentant but before their enemies they should, “smite them with a confident and untroubled spirit.”

Mistreatment of POW’s

Because the Japanese considered themselves racially superior to Caucasians, they mercilessly brutalized their prisoners. In one camp of English and Australian POWs, they underfed and overworked men until they dropped. Then they would be whipped with rope or pieces of bamboo. Once they fell they were kicked in the ribs, stomach or groin. If lying face down a Japanese soldier would jump up and down on the back of their knees. If lying on their side, they would stand on the side of their head and grind and twist the prisoner’s face into the gravel. Some were simply beaten to death to please the sadistic guards.

One guard beat a group of men using a pick handle like a baseball bat. He forced the group to lift a rail from the railroad as high as possible and wailed on the defenseless men while they tried to comply.

Two points are to be taken here. One: our enemies running the News Media condemn American soldiers as though they were indiscriminate killers but have no condemnation for these ruthless killers. Maybe it’s because the Japanese were torturing Caucasians, the same race the News Media hates.

Point two: at their worst, slave owners weren’t this cruel and sadistic to blacks. Yet Americans are corporately shackled with the guilt of slavery by the same News Media that is evilly silent about the actions of the Japanese. The News Mafia will defend anyone who attacks America!

Fight On!

During World War II the SS were the “politically correct” Nazis. Like their compatriots in today’s news media, or on our college campuses, they mercilessly forced their will on those they considered “lessers.” For the SS it was the Jews. They murdered over 6 million Jews in the concentration camps they administered. Almost 4 million of those helpless victims died in Auschwitz. But even those gaunt, hopeless Jews in Auschwitz found a way to fight back even as they awaited the ovens.
The SS had a fondness for black pullover sweaters. They demanded that the Jewish women prisoners knit them for them. Their demand was happily met. The Jewesses made sure that every sweater was delivered on time, complete with typhus-infected lice. The SS never figured out why some of their numbers died of the disease. Fight on!

So, what are YOU doing for the Lord?

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