Letter #88

Reaction Test!

While in Iowa on his re-election campaign, Pres. Bush met with a couple whose son had been killed in Iraq. They talked for 20 minutes. During that time the wife mentioned that they prayed for him every day. He thanked them and suggested the three of them pray right then…and they did! They prayed and the President of the United States closed in prayer.

It is known throughout the White House that President Bush starts his day with a staff Bible study and reads his Bible every day.

While the President was bestowing an award on a man in the Oval Office, he asked the man if there was anything else he could do for him. Sheepishly, the man confided that he had a son who was very ill and could the President remember him in prayer, “Let’s take care of that right now.” said the Pres. He dismissed his Secret Servicemen and he put his arm around the man and prayed for his son. (Note: Bill Clinton had turned the White House into a whore house. This President has turned it into a “White House of Prayer!”

I didn’t report the above stories to impress you with our President. I did it so you would react to it. How did you react? The typical, griping, America-hating Bible believer would probably say, “Yeah, and what Bible does he read? Bet it ain’t a King James.” or, “What good are his prayers, they aren’t getting through anyway.” If that was your reaction I feel sorry for you because you are so committed to losing.

Blacks Cheated Again

Over 1,500 black churches were duped out of nearly $9,000,000. They were sold a scam that promised them $500,000 per church. Instead, they got nothing. Who did this? The KKK? The Republicans? No. Another black “reverend.”Georgia “reverend” Abraham Kennard has been arrested for the crime.

When will someone rescue the Black people of this country from the self-serving “reverends” that con and mislead them? Rev. Martin Luther King taught blacks to hate whites while he bedded their wives. (That’s what he was doing the morning he was shot. The News Industry won’t report it.) “Rev.” Ralph Abernathy, “Rev.” Jesse Jackson, “Rev.” Al Sharpton and now “Rev.” Kennard.

Does Planned Parenthood Hate Blacks?

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood promoted Black sterilization and birth control. Why? Said she, “The procreation of this group should be stopped.”

Maybe that’s why more than 78% of Planned Parenthood abortuaries are in minority neighborhoods.

Abortion Worse Than “Lynchings”

From 1882 to 1960, 3,445 Blacks were lynched. Since 1973 12,000,000 black babies have been murdered by abortion. 1,500 black babies are murdered by abortionists every day!

Hey, you Blacks! Democrats promote abortion. Liberals promote abortion. The News Mafia promotes abortion. Then these groups promote murdering 1,500 black babies a day. And you vote for these people?

America is “Christian” not “Multi-cultural”Meeting the 7000

Selfless Black Preachers

The main thing wrong with most Black preachers is that they turn their services into a charismatic carnival or an NAACP meeting. But I have heard some straight-shooting, honest Black preachers who would guide their people right if the News Mafia would recognize them instead of their “Bought Preachers,” Jackson, Sharpton and Co. No one is more ostracized than a Black preacher who chooses right instead of self. Pray for them.

Are Blacks Bigots?

Blacks are one of the largest groups who disapprove of homosexual marriage. Is it because they’re bigots? Nope. They’ve simply got good sense!

Prisoner Abuse?

Communist North Korea has used prisoners to test poison gas. Some of their victims writhed and wallowed in their own blood for up to an hour before dying. Our News Media never mentions these horrible acts because our News Industry never attacks communism.

Thank You, General!

Marine Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis recently said of America’s Muslim enemies, “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for 5 years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a h___of a lot of fun to shoot them.”
The baby-killers in the News Mafia hate this man. Don’t agree with the general, support him! E-mail the Pentagon or the Marines Corps to voice your support

Fight On!

A small convoy of about 30 Army reservists in Iraq in 2004 was attacked by over 200 Muslims. They held their own for 2 hours at which time they were in danger of running out of ammunition. A call for help brought a pair of AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. One was piloted by Chief Warrant Officer Chuck Fortenberry. CWO Fortenberry, a born-again Christian, and 19 year Army veteran had passed on the opportunity to leave the Army rather than deploy to Iraq. His father said he did it because “He felt he could save lives.”

CWO Fortenberry roared in on the Muslim terrorists while his gunner CWO Shane Colton blasted away at their positions. The sleek helicopter made pass after pass then suddenly a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile tore into the ship’s tail. Helicopters do not glide. Fortenberry had a few seconds for an emergency landing. But he spied a group of Iraqis and, rather than seek safety, turned into them while Colton hammered away to relieve the ground troops. After the pass the helicopter simply quit flying and plummeted to earth and exploded.

CWO Fortenberry’s selflessness had achieved exactly what he had wanted. He had saved lives – at the expense of his own. Fight on!

290 Million Hostages

There are about 292 million people in the United States. A tiny fraction of that number, about 2 million, are Muslims. In fact, there are fewer Muslims in this country than there are members of the National Rifle Association. Hmm? Yet the oppressive, intolerant News Industry continually intimidates the 290 million non-Muslims into “not offending” these people whose goal is a “Muslim America,” thus holding 290 million hostages to benefit their Muslim allies. What do you think would happen if 290 million people rose up against their oppressors? I’m talking about the News Industry.

No Scripture!

You have no Scripture that says you don’t have to be nice to people! So then, why aren’t you?

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