Letter #86

We Won!

The homosexuals and their News Mafia owners decided to stage a financial war against America on October 8. Before that date news stories, slated for Oct. 9, were already written that were going to “prove” the financial power of perverts. But! the financial spending of Christians on that day so blew their phony war away that the embarrassed, and scared, News Industry didn’t say a word about it! They couldn’t find any way to twist the truth to fit their vile agenda so they simply, didn’t report it.
Some faint-hearted Christians may say, “We won, but if the News Media didn’t report our victory it doesn’t matter.” But it does! Why? Because the two most important groups do know our power. The queers and the News Mafia. You can bet they are scared. Not that we won. They are afraid we might realize we won and begin to also realize the awesome clout we have….and use it.

Remember! A chance to lose is also a chance to win. (If we’re willing to fight.) If we meet head-on every attempt the homosexuals make to gain ground we stand a chance at winning that issue.

Or, you can gutlessly microwave some more popcorn, worry about your cholesterol, declare it’s all a lost cause and hide from the war you claim to be fighting for the Lord.

Who Are You Fighting?

Stop and think. Who in the devil’s crowd are you ACTIVELY opposing? I have to laugh at what some “Christian soldiers” define as the “battle.” They go down on the street and preach in an effort to spoil some Fourth of July parade and pretend they’re “standing” against the “devil.” In fact, most Christians’ warfare is waged against their own pastor or fellow Christians. They are brave when it comes to facing, and destroying, their brother in Christ, but absolute cowards at the thought of actually facing the real enemies of God.
Look at your last “battle.” What would be the setback for the devil if you won? You would stop a football parade? You would succeed at harassing tourists? And what would you accomplish other than the satisfaction of knowing you’re just a “Spoiler.”

Why don’t you take on a local Board of Education? (Did you hear your whining excuse?) Why don’t you find something the devil is actually in, set a goal, and then go on the offensive against someone other than your brethren or tourists?

I Was Wrong…

Years ago when I heard they were going to eliminate the draft and go to an all-volunteer force I didn’t believe it would work. I was wrong. Our professional troops have more than proven themselves in several conflicts since then. An all-volunteer force works!
…So Are the Democrats

No one wants our nation weak militarily more than the liberals. And no one has the power to sabotage it like the Democrats in Congress. Seeing that our all-volunteer force has worked too well in defending America, they are now talking about reinstating the draft in hopes of bringing in substandard troops to weaken our military. This isn’t “stupid,” this is treason.
I was wrong because I was ignorant. They are wrong because they are wicked.

Meeting the 7000

One Brave Lady

I was in a meeting recently and a woman approached and thanked me for my “Declaration of Jihad” on godless Muslims. She goes to a state college that is loaded with them. She sent away for Chick tracts on the errors of Islam and told me, “When I see one in the halls, I head straight for them and hand them a Chick tract.” Meanwhile, I imagine the “big, brave” men are busy writing another eulogy for the United States!

Are There No Arab Men?

There are no men in Muslim societies. When our country fought wars in the past at least they fought against men. The Germans, Japanese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese and Cubans (Grenada) would at least meet our soldiers in face-to-face combat. They were wrong but at least they were men. Apparently, there are no men in Arab societies. All they can do is set off bombs, blow up school kids, slink around and kidnap helpless civilians, slit the throat of bound up prisoners and so on. What a tremendous illustration of the inferiority of Allah and Muslim society.

Fight On!

But we’ve got men! On September 11, 2001, Muslim terrorists attacked America. Soon thereafter their compatriots in Afghanistan were scurrying from cave to cave trying to avoid the wrath of the U.S. military under Operation Enduring Freedom. While taking part in that operation on December 16, 2001, Marine Sgt. Christopher Chandler stepped on a landmine near Kandahar. He lost his left leg below the knee from the explosion. Such an injury spells the end of a military career, but Sgt. Chandler, known to his friends as a “can do” type of individual, didn’t want out of the Marines. He fought to remain on active duty and won. But that wasn’t enough for Chandler. He then enrolled in airborne jump school, finishing at the top of his class. On Nov. 10, 2003, less than two years after his injury and the birthday of the Marine Corps, he became the only service member ever to become jump qualified with a prosthetic leg.

Sgt. Chandler took the accomplishment in stride. “I figured I had an advantage. After all, I have one less ankle to break.” Fight on!

Rosie O’Donnell’s 10 Million Dollar Error

Rosie O’Donnell lost 10 million dollars when she backed the perverted Broadway play “Taboo” starring fellow pervert Boy George. An optimistic O’Donnell had predicted it would win a Tony Award for best musical. Instead, it didn’t last 3 months before it flopped, and the “Queen of Mean” was 10 million dollars poorer.
It’s OK to feel good about this.Because of One BRAVE Man

Because one brave man refused to sit by and let Liberals force homosexual marriages on the country, almost 4,000 illegal homosexual marriages have been revoked right in the heart of “Queer Country”, San Francisco. A California man sued and had the illegal marriages nullified by the California Supreme Court in a 7 to 0 vote. One illegal marriage that was overturned was that of the repulsive, Rosie O’Donnell. Yippee!

More Losses for Rosie’s Crowd

New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey had to resign when it became known he was a sex pervert (homosexual). Did you notice there was no uproar from the homosexual lobby? They knew they couldn’t win this one so they remained quiet. McGreevey’s resignation reveals that in spite of News Mafia claims that homosexuality is “accepted” and “normal,” both they and the perverts themselves know that the majority of Americans are against it, they’re simply bullied by the News Mafia into silence. But when they do speak up, good things happen.

What could you achieve legally if you weren’t bullied by the News Mafia?

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